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Online Wind Sensors in the Kingston Area

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Online Wind Sensors around Kingston

Environment Canada / Kingston Airport

The Current Conditions for Kingston from Environment Canada page provides current conditions at the airport. From there you can access pages about past 24-hours conditions (coarse direction and average velocity) in table form, and also a 24 hour trends graphs that show wind velocity but not direction.

The Environment Canada wind sensor is reliable for all wind directions, but note that the Kingston airport is inland somewhat, just outside the prevailing-wind "funnel" that is Kingston harbour, and is less prone to sea breezes than is Kingston Harbour, though occasionally the airport will sense the seabreeze front before the harbour does. Beware that sometimes the airport sees entirely different wind from that felt in Kingston Harbour.

The Environment Canada sensor gives little or no sense of the range of breeze shiftiness.


The iWindsurf.com wind sensor is mounted at the end of the pier of the Kingston Yacht Club, immediately East of McDonald park. The sensor has a clear view of the wind for all cross and onshore conditions from Norhteast through South to West.

The iWindsurf.com website provides the basic wind velocity and direction plot for free, and subscribers get access to a variety of other weater forecasts and services.
BEWARE: This sensor is reliable only for winds from the Southern sector.
BEWARE: This sensor does not report data collected between 8 pm and 6 am.

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Kingston Yacht Club Wind Sensor

The KYC online wind sensor is located atop the crane on the club breakwall which protrudes somewhat into Kingston Harbour. It's display shows the recent history of wind velocity and velocity range, and direction. Take note that this sensor is prone to gaps in responding, so be sure to check the "Last Updated" label to ensure you aren't looking at stale, or in some cases really stale, data.
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