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A place for advising Kingston residents about making the most of Kingston's waterfront

You live in Kingston. You're aware of the water, but you don't feel a connection to it. You sense you're missing out.
Surely there must be economical waterfront options for you. Discuss.

Enjoying your waterfront from shore

Kingston's waterfront has a lot to offer, and you don't need access to a boat to be connected to the water.
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Ride the Wolfe Island Ferry

  • See our Wolfe Island Ferry page.
  • The Wolfe Island Ferry is free for cars and pedestrians. You may leave the car in the (free) ferry park lot on the Kingston-side because you can do a lot on foot upon arrival in Marysville.
  • It's about a 20-minute ride each way.
  • It's a great crossing, leaning on the railing on the upper deck.
  • Bring a sweater if it's windy. A hat and sunglasses are a good idea too!
  • See Kingston Harbour, Fort Henry, Cedar Island, the Alexander Henry in the Marine Museum drydock, and others.
  • Come right back, or catch the following ferry back about an hour later.
  • Option: explore Marysville, located right at the (summer) ferry dock, visit its general store, or have an ice cream cone, or stop for a meal at the Island Grill.
  • Option: Wolfe Island Bicycle Routes
  • All told, this is a great way to get on water and see the waterfront.
  • All this (except for food and souvenirs) is free.

Get involved as a volunteer!

Many waterfront upcoming events need volunteers.

Get proactive!

Most of Kingston's oustanding waterfront clubs offer:

Get invited!

The majority of sailors, rowers, and powerboaters got their start because someone took them out on the water. Consider simply asking someone to take you out. It works!

Get involved because it's a Good Thing

The reason Kingston's waterfront is fundamentally ruined is because citizens in the past allowed that to happen.

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