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Kingston Yacht Club races keelboats on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some weekend days. Also there's small boat sailing on Wednesdays and Saturday in mid-summer.

Collins Bay Yacht Club races keelboats on Thursday evenings and some weekends.

Radio controlled boats

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Recent related news

June 13 2012

Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2012 MAJOR REGATTA PICTURE is much heavier this year than last.

One World Championship and four North American Championships are booked.

This summer's premier event, the Shark Worlds, is hosted by KYC at the end of August.

Our last Worlds' was the Byte CII Worlds in 2009. So it's been awhile

CORK still lists the Byte CII World Championships in June but that regatta won't happen.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted June 13 2012
Category: Racing

May 3 2011

KINGSTON'S DAVIS FAMILY has recently posted some great regatta results.

Paul Davis the father just won his third Soling World Championship in Chiemsee, Germany.

Son Robert Davis just placed second at the 2011 Laser Atlantic Coast Championships at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Posted May 3 2011
Category: Racing

April 18 2011

Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2011 MAJOR REGATTA PICTURE looks light this year.

No Worlds' and four North American Championships booked so-far.

Our last Worlds' was the Byte CII Worlds in 2009.

Not included in the 2011 tally is the Canadian Lightning Class Pan-Am Trials, July 1-3 hosted by KYC, which is the summer's first and possibly most hotly contested.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted April 18 2011
Category: Racing

December 20 2010

The EVENT IMPACT ANALYSIS for the 1000 Islands Poker Run will be meekly accepted by Kingston's new Council on Tuesday night.

Read the whole thing, and judge for yourself.

It never seems to matter how transparently ridiculous these reports are, they always get forwarded, and are always accepted by Kingston City Council.

Sad thing is, it's far from the worst report on the evening's agenda. That honour could go to the Economic Impact of Kingston Airport which says, brace yourself:

Total gross revenues generated by activities at Kingston Airport during 2009 are estimated to be $49.5 million.

That's a hair under a million dollars a week.

Apparently there's nothing pushover-commissioners Cynthia Beach and Denis Leger won't endorse to Council. The LVEC fiasco held no visible consequences for these two, and it evidently taught them nothing, so today the flow of bull continues unabated.

Posted December 20 2010
Category: City Council

September 7 2010

HERE'S THE LINK to the City and KEDCO reports asking Council to back CORK's bid for the 2014 International Sailing Federation World Championships.

It's good to see the City and KEDCO finally pulling together for regattas and sorely-needed regatta-related improvements to our aging (crumbling?) marina infrastructure.

Also interesting is the 21-page ISAF Guidelines for the 2014 Worlds. Read the whole thing; it involves very significant on-water assets, concessions to ISAF micro-management, and deference to an expensive IOC-style "V.I.P." culture. Almost all of this excess is supposedly on the host committee's tab.

Do all aspects or European-style sport-federation dictates fly here in North America, specifically here in Kingston? Certainly not.

These time-sensitive reports go before Council for approval on Tuesday evening. Any delay means Kingston misses deadlines to bid. The last-minute nature of this is almost entirely due to the ISAF, who recently decided to hold the event in 2014, not 2015 as originally expected.

The 2011 ISAF Worlds are in Perth, Australia in December 2011.

"Perth 2011 is expected to be three times bigger than the America's Cup Defence."

See quote.

Posted September 7 2010
Category: City Council

August 28 2010

GREAT FORTNIGHT for Kingston's Berg Ellmers, 12-years old, who along with Ali Tenhove finished 12th overall in the 96-boat 420-class at CORK (for youth 19-and-under) and finished 10th overall at the 76-boat Optimist Canadian Championships (for youth aged 15-and-under) which just concluded in Hamilton.

Posted August 28 2010
Category: Racing

August 16 2010

CORK International gets underway this week, Monday through Thursday inclusive.

This is the youth portion of CORK, the first of three major CORK events this month. The forecast for the first two days is windy.

Here's how the race areas are split along the waterfront. Click the image below for a larger annotated version.

CORK Race Areas
  • The 420 class is on Course Bravo.
  • Laser, Laser 4.7 and all Byte classes are on Course Golf.
  • Optimist and O'Pen Bic are on courses Mike and Alpha
  • The 29er North Americans, this week's premier event, is on Course Echo.
  • The Laser Radial class is on Course Charlie.
Posted August 16 2010
Category: Racing

August 5 2010

BRACE YOURSELF: Waterfront accessibility appears to take significant importance in the Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the Tett Centre which is on the Cily's Planning Committee agenda for tonight, August 5th.

Unfortunately there is no mention of accessibility for SCUBA diving, given that the Tett Centre property has been used for years to access one of Kingston's best shore dives.

Posted August 5 2010
Category: Diving

July 6 2010


KINGSTONIST on Token Park.

METALCRAFT MARINE just splashed a 69-foot red fireboat equipped with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defenses. It's destined for Jacksonville but you'll be seeing its sea trials here in Kingston Harbour over the next few months.

The rather windy OPTIMIST NORTH AMERICANS, which wrapped last Sunday, was swept by Americans including two brothers, Christopher and Duncan Williford, who finnished top-two in the very strong 196-boat fleet. How strong? The top Canadian was 35th.

PHOTOS from the World Robotic Sailing Championships, which went under-the-radar in Kingston this Spring.

Posted July 6 2010

July 1 2010

GREAT REGATTA so far at the Optimist North American Championships.

See over 3,000 photos by Geoff Webster and David Hein. Wow.

Posted July 1 2010
Category: Racing

June 24 2010

STALE SEWAGE BYPASS LOG, three months out of date, on the Utilities Kingston website.

See also our archive of sewer bypass news items. Utilities Kingston is a disgrace when it comes to reporting and disclosure.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: The environment

May 13 2010

Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2010 REGATTA PICTURE looks good again this year.

No world championships this year, but seven North American Championships.

Here's how 2010 shapes-up compared to previous years.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted May 13 2010
Category: Racing

March 4 2010

Paul Rushton

PAUL RUSHTON, perennial CORK volunteer and good friend of the waterfront, has passed away.

The memorial reception will be held on Saturday, March 6 from 5-7 pm at James Reid on Counter Blvd.

Posted March 4 2010
Category: Obituary

January 26 2010

BUD GORMELY, past chairman of CORK, is to be inducted into the Kingston District Sports Hall of Fame later this Spring.

Quoting from the story in last week's Kingston EMC:

Marsha Gormley was happy to hear that her husband Russell "Bud" Gormley had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. She just wished that he could have been there to enjoy the honour.

Indeed. This honour is probably 20-years overdue.

Bud Gormley is remembered as a pioneer of the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston (CORK). During the 1976 Olympic Games, Gormley was known as the unofficial mayor of the Olympic Village at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. He was a key organizer of many other international sailing events in Kingston. Later in his life, Gormley carried out several humanitarian missions in the Dominican Republic.

Here's more on Bud Gormley.

Have a look at this sortable list of past HOF inductees. Rowing and sailing combined account for just six of 111 inductees. Baseball accounts for 28.

Posted January 26 2010
Category: Racing

January 14 2010


Here is the status of online marketing efforts by several prominent waterfront-related organizations for the summer of 2010.

That's pathetic, no?

For the most part, 2010 dates should be posted within two weeks of the end of the 2009 boating season.

It's long-past the point of anybody caring about your Summer 2009 calendar.

Posted January 14 2010

December 1 2009

SAILBOAT RIDE IN KINGSTON for the Olympic Torch relay on December 15th.

The torchbearer is Olympian and CORK chairman Tim Irwin.

Posted December 1 2009
Category: The region

September 21 2009

PAUL DAVIS of Kingston, sailing with Bill and Joanne Abbott of Sarnia, won the Soling Worlds in Toronto.

It's the second Soling World Championship for a pair from the Abbott family and Paul Davis, the prior one being in 2002.

Posted September 21 2009
Category: Racing

August 28 2009

LIST OF MAJOR REGATTAS IN KINGSTON has just been updated with CORK results from the past week.

This year is notable because it's apparently the first time sailors from Asia have won major regattas here.

Terence Choo from Singapore won the Byte CII Canadians and, just this week Darren Choy, also from Singapore, won the Byte CII Worlds. Actually, Singapore dominated both events, placing four sailors in the top-5 in both events.

Posted August 28 2009
Category: Racing

August 26 2009

GEOFF WEBSTER HAS NOW POSTED 801 CORK PHOTOS, and he's evidently not done. We're barely passed the halfway point.

See photos from the Hobie-16 North Americans (57 shots) in July, and more recently CORK INT (256 shots) and CORK OCR (488 shots and counting), all on Smugmug.com.

Web 2.0, meet CORK.

Posted August 26 2009
Category: Racing

August 20 2009

CORK 2009 PHOTOS are being posted by Geoff Webster. What's great is these can be zoomed to various sizes and the quality of the photos, regardless of size, is amazing.

Day-1 photos are all from the Byte C-II Canadian Championships.

Also, CORK IS STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS. There are many different volunteer jobs available for sailors and non-sailors alike. Get out and have some fun! Contact the CORK office for more information: 613.545.1322 / sail@cork.org / www.cork.org.

Posted August 20 2009
Category: Racing

August 18 2009

Major Kingston Regattas

CORK 2009 gets underway in earnest today.

There's been zero-fuss about this, but this year is CORK's 40th anniversary.

The first four days are all about youth development classes. There's one Canadian Championship at stake, in the Byte CII class.

But starting Sunday August 23rd, the focus shifts to older sailors, with one World Championship, four North American Championships, and one Canadian Championship at stake.

Here's how the whole summer shakes-out compared to past years'. Kinston's never hosted so many North American Championships before.

Posted August 18 2009
Category: Racing

August 5 2009

2009 Cassidys Bay Regatta

229 PHOTOS from last weekend's Cassidys Bay International-14 Regatta.

Did you know... volunteering to help run sailing regattas is a great way to get yourself on-water, or involved shore-side, and it's a ton of fun too.

Posted August 5 2009
Category: Racing

August 4 2009

Posted August 4 2009
Category: Racing

August 4 2009

RESULTS from the 2009 Shark Canadian championships, hosted by KYC, are posted.

Also the K7 List Of Major Regattas In Kingston has been updated.

Posted August 4 2009
Category: Racing

July 27 2009

2009 Hobie 16 North Americans in Kingston

PHOTOS from the 2009 29er Canadian Championships and the 2009 Hobie-16 North Americans have been posted to Flickr.

Here are the 29er Canadian Championship results. Danielle Boyd of Kingston, sailing with Emily Hill, finished third, ending the 10-race regatta with three bullets. Ellie Clark and Rachael Boyd of Kingston finished 8th in the 26-boat fleet.

Posted July 27 2009
Category: Racing

July 20 2009

HOW MANY COLOURFUL CATS do you think are required to make some people realize that there's a championship competition going on, and so it might be sensible to stay clear?

Below, some wanker in a large cruising sailboat, crossing, blanketing, and eventually splitting a 54-boat Hobie 16 North American Championship fleet a few moments after the start of race 2.

Other than that, the championship is going-off pretty well. Some more wind would be nice. Today (Monday) was saved by the usual Kingston Harbour sea breeze.

Photo: Christina Black
Posted July 20 2009
Category: Racing

July 16 2009

EIGHT DAYS OF HOT CATS IN THE HARBOUR starting Friday as the 39th Hobie 16 North American Championship takes-over.

The event is hosted by CORK and sailed out of the Portsmouth Olympic Harbor.

The event starts with three days of racing for the Youth and Women’s Championship followed by five days of racing for the Open Championship.

Competitors from six countries and eleven US states will take part in the event. The entry list includes five former Olympians and four past Hobie 16 North American Champions. The defending champions from Puerto Rico, Francisco Figueroa and Jolliam Berrios, will be defending their title.

Posted July 16 2009
Category: Racing

June 30 2009

KINGSTON'S ROBERT DAVIS FINISHED 12TH at the Laser North American Championships over the weekend.

(The results page is a mess and you may need to scroll to the table that lists all 10 races scored.)

Posted June 30 2009
Category: Racing

May 17 2009

Wikipedia logo

LEMOINE POINT CONSERVATION AREA now has a Wikipedia page, thanks to the initiative of a user named SoftwareSimian, who created the page yesterday. This is great!

Whenever you Google something, have you noticed that Wikipedia always ranks very high in the list of returned results?

Wikipedia is highly authoritative in the eyes of Google. This means that if a Google search returns a million results, Wikipedia's entry is typically in the top-10, sometimes top-5.

Kingston's Waterfront continues to have a Wikipedia deficit. That needs to change.

If you care about something, document it. That, in and of itself, makes it harder for the clueless among us to mess with it.

Some existing Kingston waterfront-related Wikipedia articles that need work:

These articles exist already, but are sparse, mere shades of what they could be.

Some potential Kingston waterfront-related Wikipedia articles that don't exist yet:

There are currently no Wikipedia articles about any of the following:

  • Big Sandy Bay
  • Cedar Island.
  • Kingston Mills.
  • Kingston Harbour, as opposed to this other Kingston Harbour.
  • Kingston Rowing Club, as opposed to this other Kingston Rowing Club.
  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.
  • Melville Shoal, despite its considerable local lore.
  • Nine Mile Point Lighthouse.
  • Snake Island, the Brother Islands (Eastern_Lake_Ontario), and other cormorant-ravaged landscapes.
  • ... and surely others.
Posted May 17 2009
Category: The region

February 15 2009

The K7 LIST OF MAJOR REGATTAS IN KINGSTON has just received a major functional upgrade.

You can now filter and search the list on any phrase you choose.

Kingston has hosted some 160 major events, defined as national championship or higher, over the past 35-years.

Posted February 15 2009
Category: K7Waterfront

February 12 2009

Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2009 REGATTA PICTURE is firming-up and it looks really good.

This summer sees Kingston host The Byte CII World Championship and seven North American Championships including three from Olympic classes: Hobie 16 (women, youth, and open), Finn, 470, 29er, and 49er class sailboats.

Here's how 2009 shapes-up compared to previous years in the number of prestigious championship events hosted.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted February 12 2009
Category: Racing

January 22 2009

TORONTO 2015 TO UNVEIL PAN AM BID PLAN SHORTLY, according to GamesBids.com.

Kingston is still in-the-hunt for the sailing events, though all the bid chatter continues to emphasize the "Golden Horseshoe" aspect of the bid.

But sailing is specialized-enough, quirky-enough, and sufficiently under-the-radar to be quietly extracted from there, and hosted in undisputedly the best venue: here in Kingston.

Related: This from October 23rd and this from November 10th.

Posted January 22 2009
Category: KEDCO

January 19 2009

KYC WINS THREE TOP AWARDS at the Ontario Sailing awards presented at the Toronto Boatshow on Sunday January 18th.

  • Robert Davis is the Youth Athlete of the Year, for the 2nd year in a row.
  • Sam Crothers wins the Angus (Bud) Roulstone Leadership Award, presented to a certified CYA Instructor/Coach who has shown exceptional leadership in a learn-to-sail or racing program. This is the 2nd year in a row that a KYC-based instructor has won this award.
  • The Kingston Yacht Club wins the Unistrut Central Youth Performance Ranking Trophy, presented to the Club with the Best Results in the 16 & Under Ontario Sailing Provincial Youth Regatta Series.
Canadian Youth Sailing Team

Also the 2009 Canadian Youth Sailing Team has just been named and, of the 26 sailors named, 7 of them -- that's over a quarter of our National Team -- call Kingston Yacht Club either home or their training centre.

These sailors are:

  • Robert Davis, Laser class
  • Tom Ramshaw, Laser class
  • Charlotte Skinner, Laser Radial class
  • Samantha Rea, Laser Radial class
  • Peter and Paul Evhert, 29er Class
  • Danielle Boyd, 29er class
Posted January 19 2009
Category: Racing

January 19 2009

Kingston Official Plan 2008 Documents

THE LATEST OFFICIAL PLAN for the City of Kingston contains much related to waterfront in its 35 PDF documents and hundreds of pages.

We're fast approaching the plan's "consultation" period, for what that's worth.

Looking through all the documents for its waterfront-related aspects, there are numerous general mentions of the recreational uses of our waterfront. Considering the vast majority of kingstonians have no meaningful relationship with the waterfront beyond the occasional glimpse, it all rings hollow.

The plan goes nowhere beyond cliches and platitudes as far as recreational waterfront is concerned.

For example, in the hundreds of pages of the plan, the words Swim, Sail, Row or Rowing, SCUBA, or Diving never appear. The word Wreck appears several times, always in reference to wrecking yards.

The word Beach appears just once in reference to Richardson Beach Bathouse but not in the context of swimming, its renovation, or any recreational aspect you might hope-for.

Don't look to the plan for mention of Ramps unless those ramps are for sidewalk accessibility.

The word Fishing appears once, in the context of some policy that would control fish farming -- probably text copied wholesale from some other municipality's plan.

The word Boating is used once, in a non-specific way, in one document titled "Downtown and Harbour Area Special Policy Area".

In that PDF you'll find doozies like this:

Public Access to the Water
10A.4.14. Access to the waterfront will be enhanced wherever possible, particularly at the ends of public rights of way. Publicly accessible docks also form character-defining elements of the Harbour Area and provide informal open space that will be preserved.


Oh, there are good things in the plan. Lots of words about linking waterfront pathways, and acquiring waterfront properties. But everybody knows there will never be much money for that.

You can have a multi-faceted plan that makes everybody, especially its authors and the politicians, feel-good. But in the end, when it comes to implementation, there is only one group in Kingston that ALWAYS hoovers most of the money: Downtown Kingston. This plan ensures that this will continue.

The plan is crystal clear on this: the systematic and grotesque annual subsidies of Downtown Kingston, the land owners there, and those who run the related tourist-trappings, will continue unabated.

Looking for quality of life initiatives for the residents of the rest of amalgamated Kingston, especially addressing our waterfront-related recreational infrastructure deficit? Not in the plan.

Posted January 19 2009
Category: City Council

January 15 2009


Nathan is currently in the midst of a 1000-mile solo-voyage in and around the Bahamas region to qualify for an upcoming single-handed Mini-Transat 6.50 race between France and Brazil.

Posted January 15 2009
Category: Racing

January 8 2009

LASER CLASS RESULTS from the 2008 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta where Kingston's Robert Davis podiumed in six of ten races, including two bullets, finishing second overall and top Canadian in a 39-boat fleet.

Posted January 8 2009
Category: Racing

December 2 2008

GONE ARE THE OLD-STYLE SHOAL MARKERS in Kingston Harbour. This summer, the M.O.T. replaced them with much smaller, and much lower, cylindrical ones.

Beyond arcane trivia, why would this matter?

There are many factors that make Kingston Harbour a great place to race sailboats. The axis of Lake Ontario, the narrowing and gradual funneling of the shorelines towards Kingston, the low-lying landmasses to the south and west, the landscapes inland that help generate thermal winds, these are all good.

New shoal mark in Kingston Harbour
The new Myles Shoal marker

For dinghy-racing sailors, another nice feature of Kingston Harbour is the fortunate positioning of both Myles Shoal and Penitentiary Shoal which, until this summer, were both marked with large green buoys that were easily visible at a mile distance. (See the chart below.)

Myles Shoal lies exactly 1/2 nautical mile off Kingston Yacht Club, almost directly into the teeth of prevailing breezes. Myles Shoal makes a perfect first-target for a group of practice-racing dinghies as they leave shore. The stretch between KYC and Myles Shoal has surely served for many-a-thousand dinghy tunings and warmups over the years.

From there, Penitentiary Shoal lies exactly one nautical mile from Myles Shoal, a perfect practice distance. This leg bears 272 degrees magnetic (ignoring magnetic anomalies), which is typically to the right of prevailing breezes, but this right-offset largely compensates for the left-side bias when racing in Kingston Harbour. The result is usually a tactically balanced upwind practice-leg for a group of racing dinghies. Perfect!

But the new shoal markers are smaller and lower, and can't be seen at a distance of one nautical mile when viewed from low on the water. The markers are in the same positions as always, but there has been a significant downgrade in their recreational utility. There are simply fewer obvious targets to sail-between now. Kingston Harbour lost a dinghy-sailing intangible this summer.

When the M.O.T. decided to swich-out the old shoal markers, it's likely nobody gave the dinghy-sailing aspect any thought whatsoever.

And so it goes: a really special waterfront slowly becomes an ordinary waterfront one step-at-a-time.

Constantly losing intangibles, each one perhaps "no big deal" taken individually, eventually adds-up on aggregate.

Myles Shoal and Penitentiary Shoal
Posted December 2 2008
Category: Navigation

November 10 2008


A NEW FORMAT FOR CORK is announced today.

According to the press release, CORK 2009 will play-out ike this:

  • August 19 - 22: CORK International Event for Youth and Development dinghy classes.
  • August 23 - 27: CORK Olympic Classes Event for high-performance competition in Olympic and invited "development" dinghy classes.
  • August 28 - 30: Offshore and One Design Keelboat and Dinghy Classes for Offshore (PHRF) classes, one design Keelboats, Able Sail, and international dinghy classes.

This is great news on a number of levels.

For example, for the first time in many years, there is no overlap between CORK events and the obnoxious 1000 Islands Kingston Poker Run, currently scheduled for August 7-8 2009.

Another plus: better segmenting the events means better cohesion amongst participants. Youth and young sailors together; high-performance sailors together; and keelboat with international-class dinghies all together. This makes planning the all-important social packages more straightforward.

Another plus: dates for the Keelboats and international-class dinghies -- generally older adult sailors -- dovetail with the 2009 Kingston Blues Festival.

Another plus: CORK 2009 spans just 12-days of competition, compared to 18-days for CORK 2008. This will be much easier on the volunteer-base, so better regattas for all-concerned are likely to result.

Any downsides? It's hard to quibble with any of this.

Also booked for 2009 so far: cats!

  • July 17-19 - Hobie 16 Women and Youth North American Championship
  • July 20-24 - Hobie 16 Open North American Championship
Posted November 10 2008
Category: Racing

October 23 2008

THE 2015 TORONTO PAN-AMERICAN GAMES BID, specifically the sailing event, is discussed in Wednesday's Whig.

What The Whig doesn't tell us is the Toronto bid has been highly public for three weeks already.

There's more: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was on-hand in Acapulco, Mexico to launch the bid just prior to Thanksgiving. The Toronto bid is slick; their ducks are aligned. Harvey Rosen wasn't on the trip.

From The Globe and Mail, three weeks ago on October 3rd:

The bid is Toronto-branded, meaning organizers will peddle the Pan Am bid internationally using the country's largest city as a hook. However, Toronto's main events likely will be the opening and closing ceremonies. Sports venues are most likely to go into the region covered by the 905 area code: Vaughan, Markham, Durham, Peel-Halton and the Niagara Region.

Here's the bid home page. There's nothing specific there yet.

But there's definitely a sense that Kingston's on the outside, looking-in at this point.

More to the point: each time Toronto bids for a major games, why is Kingston always the supplicant for the sailing event? It's worth asking: Hey Toronto! what's your problem?

Maybe one reason Toronto seems to come-up short in its games bids is because of Toronto's inability to leverage its proven world-class, world-renowned assets, like Kingston for sailing, for example.

Another way to look at it is: if the Toronto 2015 bid doesn't showcase Kingston for sailing, then perhaps Toronto doesn't deserve to win. Certainly everyone will know, at least as far as sailing is concerned, that it's all about the politics, not the competitors.

What's not in doubt is this: Since 1976 Summer Games, Kingston hasn't been resting on its laurels. Kingston has earned it.

Posted October 23 2008
Category: KEDCO

October 22 2008

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper podcasts

THE LIVING AT THE BARRICADES PODCAST from October 16, 2008 titled Landfills, Leachate and Law is very interesting because it contains a lengthy segment on the Belle Park leaching landfill case, which the City of Kingston fought for eight years all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

That was embarassing for the City of Kingston. Harvey Rosen was Mayor of Kingston through most of the the appeals.

The segment following Kingston's is about the City of Hamilton which pled guilty to similar charges at the first opportunity, wasting no time towards fixing the problem.

Posted October 22 2008
Category: The environment

September 4 2008

GEOFF WEBSTER, official photographer for CORK, has posted 570 photos taken last month at the Contender World Championships here in Kingston.

This is, by far, the largest online collection of photos of a regatta in Kingston.

Geoff has some 80,000+ regatta photographs since 1980 in his archives. Geoff Webster's photos from the Contender Worlds

Posted September 4 2008
Category: Racing

August 4 2008

Laser Worlds 1980

THIS PHOTO from the 1980 Laser Worlds is worth checking out.

Tillerman is running a caption contest for it. Nevermind the captions suggested so far, some of the comments about Kingston and CORK are interesting. When it comes to reputation, infrastructure and attention to details count for a lot.

Click for a larger version.

Trivia: who won the 1980 Laser Worlds in Kingston, and who was the top Canadian? Answer. See also Women's Worlds results.

Posted August 4 2008
Category: Racing

July 8 2008


Posted July 8 2008
Category: Racing

July 3 2008


World Championships
Contender Worlds (CORK August 18 - 23)
North American Championships
29er (CORK August 16 - 20)
470 (CORK August 17 - 20)
Flying Dutchman (CORK August 21 - 24)
Canadian Championships
29er (KYC July 26-27)
Etchells (CORK August 7-10)
Contender (CORK August 16 - 17)
F18 (CORK August 21 - 24)
49er (CORK August 21 - 24)
Albacore (CORK September 19 - 21)

This is somewhat different than the list posted back on February 29th; then the Laser, Laser Radial, and Laser 4.7 North Americans were thought to be coming here, but end-up in San Fransico. Also in the interim, the 49er North Americans turned into the 49er Canadians.

Posted July 3 2008
Category: Racing

June 27 2008


Volunteering at CORK is always special. Many CORK volunteers gladly return year after year. Everyone you'll meet there is a giver.

Posted June 27 2008
Category: Racing

June 11 2008

Here are visitation and service details for Bud Gormley, past chairman of CORK and past commodore of KYC, who passed away June 9th.

Bud Gormley was 72 years-old.

Posted June 11 2008
Category: Obituary

May 12 2008

UPDATE: Here's a photo, courtesy of photographer Geoff Webster, of yesterday's christening of Nathan Baron's boat "number 680" in honour of The Boys and Girls Club of Canada.

Here are recent photos of the boat in the shop for its winter re-fit.

The Mini Transat is a single-handed yacht race from La Rochelle France to Salvador Brazil. Current plans have the team soon training in Annapolis and racing in the double-handed race from Annapolis to Bermuda Ocean Race (BOR), which starts June 13th, with Nathan Baron and Greg van Rossem aboard.

Posted May 12 2008
Category: Racing

April 24 2008

A FRESH MAKEOVER for the CORK website.

Posted April 24 2008
Category: Racing

February 29 2008

SILVER for Canada's Oskar Johansson and Kevin Stittle at the Tornado Worlds in New Zeland.

Ahead: Hyeres (April), Medemblik (May), Kiel (June) and Qingdao for the Olympic regatta in August.

Posted February 29 2008
Category: Racing

February 29 2008


KYC is hosting EYC for keelboats in July, and CORK has posted this list of 2008 regattas booked so far:

World Championships
Contender Worlds (August 16 - 23)
North American Championships
Laser (August 16 - 20)
Laser Radial (August 16 - 20)
29er (August 16 - 20)
470 (August 17 - 20)
Flying Dutchman (August 21 - 24)
49er (August 21 - 24)
Canadian Championships
Contender (August 16 - 17)
F18 (August 21 - 24)
Albacore (September 19 - 21)
49er (August 21 - 24)

The last time Kingston hosted so many North American Championships was in 1999.

Is there a city in Canada that hosts more international sporting championships than Kingston?

Posted February 29 2008
Category: Racing

February 26 2008

THE 1000 ISLANDS POKER RUN is currently scheduled for Friday and Saturday August 8-9.

That's just two days, compared to last year's 3-days.

As usual, it overlaps with the CORK PHRF and One-Design Keelboat Regatta, which makes no sense whatsoever.

It is also immediately prior to the CORK Optimist Dinghy Championship, when lots of youth sailors are on the water practicing. For many young sailors and their parents, it's an obnoxious introduction to Kingston's waterfront.

Posted February 26 2008
Category: Poker run

February 1 2008

Contender World Championships 2008 in Kingston

CONTENDER WORLDS 2008 is a new blog about the International Contender Class world championship regatta which will be held here this August.

Their dates are:

  • August 16-17 - Contender Canadians
  • August 18 - Measurement
  • August 19-23 - Contender Worlds

Here are the results for the 2001 Contender Worlds in Kingston which was a 31-boat event won by Arthur Brett of Australia, with the top North American finishing 14th.

Posted February 1 2008
Category: Racing

January 8 2008

THE ORANGE BOWL INTERNATIONAL YOUTH REGATTA RESULTS show Greg Clunies and Robert Davis, both sailing for KYC, finishing 5th and 7th respectively in a 40-boat fleet, with each scoring a bullet in the 9-race series.

Posted January 8 2008
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December 2 2007

Wikipedia logo

Have you noticed how Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, dominates Google search result pages?

For example, consider these Google search results:

  • Google "Kingston, Ontario", and Wikipedia ranks as the first entry after the City of Kingston's website, and ahead of all the websites belonging to Queen's, Fort Henry, CFB Kingston, KEDCO, all the hotels, all real-estate brokers, the Chamber of Commerce, all the other directories, everthing.
  • Googling Queens University returns Wikipedia as the first Canadian non-Queen's entry.
  • Googling Royal Military College: Wikipedia ranks second behind the RMC website.
  • Wolfe Island returns Wikipedia in fifth spot, but still ahead of 312,995 others.

Like it or not, Google considers Wikipedia as authoritative. When someone wants a general overview of something notable, Wikipedia is as good a place as any to start.

It is therefore in our interest to ensure that Wikipedia articles about notable things in our midst exist, are rich and accurate, are properly categorized and linked, and thereafter are watched in perpetuity.

Our waterfront is woefully underrepresented in Wikipedia. That needs to change.

Some existing Kingston waterfront-related Wikipedia articles that need work:

These articles exist already, but are sparse, mere shades of what they could be.

Some potential Kingston waterfront-related Wikipedia articles that don't exist yet:

There are currently no Wikipedia articles about any of the following:

  • Marine Museum of the Great Lakes. That's really bad.
  • The Kingston Yacht Club.
  • Kingston Rowing Club, as opposed to this other Kingston Rowing Club.
  • Two of our local towers: Cathcart Redoubt, and Shoal Tower. Articles on Murney Tower and Fort Frederick tower exist already.
  • Melville Shoal, despite its local lore.
  • Snake Island, the Brother Islands (Eastern_Lake_Ontario), and other cormorant-ravaged landscapes.
  • Nine Mile Point Lighthouse.
  • Big Sandy Bay
  • ... and surely others.

So pick a notable piece of your physical environment and see to documenting it in Wikipedia. It won't cost you a dime, and it will get viewed far more, and be trusted far more, than almost anything else you can do on the web, at any price.

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November 18 2007


There are several very interesting attachments to the report. Among them:

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October 10 2007

NATHAN BARON has been working hard towards his goal of qualifying and sailing in next year's solo Transat 650 race. He's often out in Kingston Harbour practicing, and he recently completed a Toronto Training Run.

He's also documenting his journey with over 120 photos so far in this Flickr photoset.

Nathan plans an "Open Boat" event on October 21st from 1-3pm at KYC where people can come down to see the boat up-close and get a taste of what life aboard a mini is like.

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September 30 2007

MIKE KALIN OF KINGSTON won the 40-boat Laser class at the 3-day CORK Fall Regatta which wrapped-up today.

Update: With a 10th place overall and top youth finish, Robert Davis of Kingston qualifies to represent Canada at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship, July 10-19th 2008, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Robert finished 14th at this summer's Youth Worlds here in Kingston.

Update: Read CYA head coach Ken Dool's regatta report.

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September 25 2007

1976 Olympics Sailing (Yachting) Courses Chart

A SCAN FROM THE PAST: You are looking at a small-sized scan of the navigation chart created for the 1976 Olympic Sailing events (or Yachting as it was then known).

Olympic sailing was hosted in Kingston and it remains, 31 years later, the pinnacle of Kingston's impressive regatta history.

Click to see:

The chart shows several very interesting things:

  • The sailing events were held way out in Lake Ontario, southwest of Simcoe Island. The racing area was a full 5-miles from P.O.H., and Course Charlie, used for Tornado class catamarans, was another 5-miles beyond that.

  • The racing area was bounded by 52 orange spar buoys.

  • Within the racing area, near its southern edge, there was something called Bedford Tower which isn't there anymore. Whatever it was, there was a 300m exclusion zone around it.

  • Note the detailed bathymetry of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, and the layout of the site for the Olympic event.

  • Also see how, prior to the 1984 expansion of Confederation Basin, Kingston Harbour was dotted with many spar buoys leading to the Lasalle Causeway along Carruthers Shoal. Old-time dinghy sailors will remember these well, as they served as ideal boathandling practice marks.

Thanks to David Page, KYC archivist, who supplied the chart used to create these digital versions.

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September 16 2007

2007 IOM Eastern Championships on the Kingston Ontario Waterfront

THE IOM CLASS EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP REGATTA was hosted by KYC this weekend. It was a 42-race event involving 17 competitors from Ontario, Quebec, and northeast USA.

Due to the concurrent World Championships in France, participant numbers were such that they made just one fleet for all competitors.

Check out this 40-second YouTube video showing the start of race 42.

Make no mistake: radio controlled sailboat racing is serious stuff. See the See Kingston Yacht Club Radio Controlled Racing page for local information and, on a national level, see the The Canadian Radio Yachting Association website.

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August 17 2007

CORK BLOGGING: Here are links to competitors, volunteers, and spectators blogging about CORK. This beats the Kingston Whig Standard, which has had almost zero coverage so far, and the CORK website, which has a "News" link with no recent news to be found there.

Volunteers are so important to Kingston's many waterfront events...
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August 5 2007

Shark 2007 North American Championships held on the Kingston Ontario waterfront


Update: Winners are David O'Sullivan, David Foy, and Jamie Foy of Ottawa's Britannia Yacht Club. Top Kingston boat is Peter VanRossem, Gord Greer, and Peter VanRossem Jr in fourth position. Results here.

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July 25 2007

NATHAN BARON'S MINI TRANSAT SLOOP arrived in Kingston yesterday and was launched at Collins Bay Marina. Lots of photos on Flickr.

Nathan hopes to compete in the 2009 Mini Transat race between France and South America.

July 27 2007 UPDATE: Front-page story in The Whig-Standard.

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July 21 2007

THE FINAL DAY OF RACING AT THE VOLVO YOUTH SAILING ISAF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS saw just one race as planned. Winds were very shifty from the Nortwest that, at times when competitors were on water, gusted to thirty knots and above. Results here.


Boy’s One Person Dinghy: Laser (Pavlos Kontides, Cyprus)
Girl’s One Person Dinghy: Laser Radial (Gabrielle King, AUS)
Boy’s Two Person Dinghy: 29’er (Henrik Sogaard, Soren Kristensen, DEN)
Girl’s Two Person Dinghy: 29’er (Emily Dellenbaugh, Briana Provancha, USA)
Boy’s Windsurfer (Pierre Le Coq, FRA)
Girl’s Windsurfer (Laura Linares, ITA)
Open Multihull: Hobie Cat 16 Race Spinnaker (Richard Glover, Andrew Glover, GBR)

Our List Of Major Regattas In Kingston has been updated with these seven new world champions.

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July 19 2007

Kingston Ontario waterfront wind graph for the IASF Youth Worlds, Day 4 A DAY ON THE LIGHT-SIDE: Here's what iWindsurf.com recorded for wind on Day 4 of the ISAF Volvo Youth Worlds.

If you are in VHF radio range of Kingston Harbour, and are able to listen-in, here are the channels for Volvo Youth Worlds regatta.

  • Orange course (VHF 10): Skiffs and Cats.
  • Blue course (VHF 72): Boards
  • Yellow course (VHF 69): Lasers

Results here.

Highlight of Day 4: A bullet and a 2nd for Isabella Bertold of Canada in Girls Laser Radial who sits in 5th with three more races to sail.

Canada is tied for 13th overall for the Volvo Trophy which, at the top, is a 3-way race betweem Australia, Denmark, and New Zeland. Looking down from there, the UK is 6th and the USA is 7th.

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July 16 2007

YOUTH WORLDS DAY 3 started looking good for lighter crews but, in the end, Kingston Harbour served-up something for everyone.

The first race on Yellow Course (Cats and 29ers) was set at 240 degrees and later settled in the 200-220 degree range.

The Yellow Course committee still didn't place itself according to plans. As a result the reach legs are susceptible to nasty blasts, funneled by the Boat Channel South of Simcoe Island (whose axis is oriented about 230 magnetic) and fans-out, mixing with overland air, upon reaching the harbour.

Wind, IASF Worlks Kingston 2007, day 3

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July 15 2007

AFTER RACING DAY TWO AT THE ISAF YOUTH WORLDS, we can start to say the regatta's eventual winners will have really earned it.

Winds started West and fair but it picked up and backed suddenly around 11:30am and, by first guns at noon it was snorting. It mostly built from there.

Yellow Course was set at 245 degrees, and that never changed. By session's end around 2:30pm, with gusts close to 30 at times and with carnage looming, they called it a day. Another good call.

Results here. Best Canadian after Day 2 is David Hayes of Toronto, currently in a podium position in Boys Windsurfer thanks to a bullet in the last race today.

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July 13 2007

IT WAS AN UNUSUAL DAY WIND-WISE for the Volvo Youth Worlds practice races, which were supposed to happen on three race circles in early afternoon.

A heck of a cell went through just before 9am, and it looked to be a fair day after that. But a sequence cells passed through around mid-day, and the wind built dramatically throughout the afternoon.

It turned into a classic Kingston buster, with the wind sensor at Kingston Yacht Club recording gusts to 40 knots. The competitors were on water for a short while, blasting around, but the practice races never happened. Good call.

Here is the trace of average wind from the Kingston Yacht Club. Anybody know why the pre-9am squall shows distinctively on the iWindsurf.com sensor, but not the Kingston Yacht Club sensor? Both sensors are mounted at the end of the pier of the Kingston Yacht Club. Maybe the squall was so brief there that it doesn't factor when averaged?

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July 6 2007

RESULTS FROM THE 505 Canadians, Kingston's first notable sailing regatta of 2007, are finally up. Winners were Americans Tyler Moore and Jessie Falsone.

More: Kingston's regatta history is updated.

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July 6 2007

GEOFF WEBSTER has been photographing sailing in Kingston, including CORK, for over 25 years.

He's just self-published a booklet of 50 photos, taken from over 80,000+ in his collection, titled SAIL KINGSTON -- Fresh Water Sailing Capital Of The World.

He also has collections of photos from CORKs-past available on DVD, and these may be purchased by contacting Geoff at

Geoff Webster

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July 4 2007

THE PROVINCE PROVIDES $80,000 FOR THE ISAF VOLVO YOUTH WORLDS REGATTA, just two weeks before the start of the event, which is cutting it pretty close.

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May 28 2007

Worth noting: THE KINGSTON DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL is coming up, on Saturday, June 9th, 2007.

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May 20 2007

BYM SAILING & SPORTS: Volvo Youth Worlds another chapter for Kingston sailing history. BYM is based in San Francisco.

Kingston really has an impressive sailing history; it's an international sporting events tradition to match or surpass any other city or town in Canada.

Posted May 20 2007

May 11 2007

The VOLVO YOUTH WORLDS ENTRY SUMMARY shows 227 competitors and 81 coaches from 52 countries. The visiting countries with the largest teams are:

  • Brazil 13
  • Denmark 13
  • France 13
  • Great Britian 13
  • Germany 13
  • Italy 13
  • New Zealand 13
  • Australia 12
  • Singapore 12
  • United States 12
The regatta gets underway July 9th, with actual scorable racing between July 14th and July 20th.
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April 13 2007


Should someone be made to answer for these?

Here's the project that put them there.

Also, click the various images and diagrams for larger versions.

If you read the public documents, there's apparently no reference to the ugly bunkers.

Interesting: Here is how the major pipes connect. Our sewers and our waterfront are inexorably linked.

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February 23 2007

NATHAN BARON IS GOING FOR IT. At KYC on Wednesday evening, February 28th, Nathan Baron will be announcing and speaking about his upcoming campaign for the 2009 Mini Transat, a single-handed race from France to Brazil.

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January 29 2007


The Notice of Race is now online. Expect Section 12 to generate considerable flak from team leaders, coaches and parents.

Which doesn't appear to square with Section 15:

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August 28 2006

TALL SHIP IN TOWN: The dock of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes will be graced by the 179-foot barque Picton Castle between Aug 31st and Sept 4th. The barque will be hosting a cargo sale Friday and Saturday 11-7, and Sunday and Monday 10-6.

Posted August 28 2006

August 19 2006

KYC'S 110 YEARS interesting story yesterday at CKWS-News about the celebration at Kingston Yacht Club marking its 110th anniversary, and the 30th anniversary of hosting the sailing competition of the 1976 Olympic Summer Games.

Posted August 19 2006

August 10 2006

CORK STARTS: Today is the first day of CORK, and it starts with the CORK Offshore event for larger keelboats.

Posted August 10 2006

February 18 2006

Two Kingston-area boats recently sailed in the Olson 30 US Nationals and in the Olson 30 class at the light-air Land's End NOOD regatta in Florida. Both events were hosted by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

Posted February 18 2006

January 31 2006

Surely we're not the only ones who missed the release of the December 2005 CORK Newsletter. Among the interesting items in the two pages are:

  • The Trillium Foundation has provided over $50,000 towards the purchase of three new race support boats.
  • Marianne Davis is CORK's new general manager.
  • The City of Kingston has received a grant from the Government of Canada to refurbish Portsmouth Olympic Harbour which will include fixing-up the existing ramps, adding new ramps, and refurbishing docks.
Posted January 31 2006
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