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Water pollution in the Kingston area

Here is a link to the City of Kingston Sewage Bypass Log and the City of Kingston Sewer overflow Home Page, established in 2006.

According to Pollution Watch, here are the major polluters in the Kingston area.

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Industrial Pollution 2003, "K7" postal code

Source: http://www.pollutionwatch.org/

Search Parameters: Province: Across Canada
Postal Code Start with: K7 Pollution Type: On-site Releases with Combined Air Release Year: 2003
Rank Facility Company Name Total Amount National Ranking Province
1 Kingston Works Alcan Inc. 1,616,980 300 K7L 4Z5
2 Ravensview Wastewater Treatment City of Kingston 614,264 579 K7L 4V1
3 Main Campus Queen's University at Kingston 372,676 859 K7L 3N6
4 Kingston Site DuPont Canada Inc. 248,310 1236 K7L 3Y9
5 Perth Plant OMYA Canada Inc. 173,925 1625 K7H 3E4
6 Tube Production Unit Sandvik Materials Technology 148,535 1818 K7S 3P3
7 Kingston West Water Pollution Control Plant City of Kingston 102,496 2293 K7L 5A5
8 Strathcona Paper Strathcona Paper, division of Roman Corporation Limited 99,013 2344 K7R 3L2
9 Richmond Landfill Waste Management of Canada Corporation 32,810 3791 K7R 3K8
10 Smiths Falls Shorewood Packaging 29,700 3942 K7A 4T6
11 Kingston (Westbrook) Facility Dibblee Construction Ltd. 28,346 4011 K7M 6P9
12 Stanley Mechancis Tools, Smiths Falls Plant Stanley Mechanics Tools 26,070 4134 K7A 4T5
13 Canadian Forces Base/Area Support Unit Kingston Department of National Defence 21,652 4426 K7K 7B4
14 Flakt Coiltech Flakt Coiltech Inc. 10,653 4750 K7A 4T1
15 CFM Specialty Home Products CFM Corporation 10,310 4759 K7V 2S9
16 Julien Street Pemco Inc. 9,158 4795 K7A 4T8
17 Honeywell Nylon Canada Inc. Honeywell Nylon Canada Inc. 7,877 4834 K7S 3P2
18 Hartford Fibres Limited Hartford Fibres Limited 3,876 5003 K7L 4Y8
19 Gananoque Division Collins & Aikman Plastics Ltd. 2,371 5123 K7G 2W7
20 Graphic Controls Canada Ltd Graphic Controls Canada Ltd 257 5597 K7G 2Y7
21 Metasheen Metasheen 216 5620 K7A 5C7
22 Goodyear Canada Inc. Napanee Plant Goodyear Canada Inc. 191 5645 K7R 3P5
23 Kingston Terminal Shell Canada Products 131 5675 K7M 3L9
24 Kingston Facility Bombardier Transportation 11 5872 K7M 6J1
25 Boeing Canada Technology Arnprior Division Boeing 1 5992 K7S 3M1


What's with Kingston and its sewage problems? Frankly, it's embarassing.

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Great lakes Pollution in General

See http://www.pollutionwatch.org/index_lakebasin.jsp

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