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A list of the best pages here

Useful for people quickly passing through, or for first-time visitors to get a sense of what's here.

For Kingston residents

Resident's Home Page
A whole page of suggestions
Sand and rocky beaches in the region.
Places where boats live.
Bays and Points
Some of our natural features.
Back and forth.
Where locals should go more often. At least once.
Because it's not all great.
Disappearing Waterfront
Recent screw-ups, and some in the making.

For Kingston visitors

Highway Traveler's Home Page
Economic and mostly quick waterfront-related diversions.
The Cruiser's Home Page
Useful if you are arriving by boat
An overview of our waterfront parks.
Where locals should go more often. At least once.
Always fun to ride.
Where to dock.
Lots of these.
Getting there.

For regatta competitors

Regatta Competitor's Home Page
Central square.
List of major regattas in Kingston
The racing history.


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