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Recent related news

May 26 2011

GOOD VIDEO of Hub Steenbakkers of Collins Bay Marina explaining to CKWS-TV all about wisely using new-style inflatable life jackets.

This was part of a recent event to educate the public about boating and life jacket safety.

Video of Hub Steenbakkers explaining the finer points of inflatable lifejackets
Posted May 26 2011
Category: Safety

May 20 2011

HUB AND MICHELLE STEENBAKKERS at Collins Bay Marina have won the Natural Marine National Environment Award

Posted May 20 2011
Category: The environment

September 7 2010

HERE'S THE LINK to the City and KEDCO reports asking Council to back CORK's bid for the 2014 International Sailing Federation World Championships.

It's good to see the City and KEDCO finally pulling together for regattas and sorely-needed regatta-related improvements to our aging (crumbling?) marina infrastructure.

Also interesting is the 21-page ISAF Guidelines for the 2014 Worlds. Read the whole thing; it involves very significant on-water assets, concessions to ISAF micro-management, and deference to an expensive IOC-style "V.I.P." culture. Almost all of this excess is supposedly on the host committee's tab.

Do all aspects or European-style sport-federation dictates fly here in North America, specifically here in Kingston? Certainly not.

These time-sensitive reports go before Council for approval on Tuesday evening. Any delay means Kingston misses deadlines to bid. The last-minute nature of this is almost entirely due to the ISAF, who recently decided to hold the event in 2014, not 2015 as originally expected.

The 2011 ISAF Worlds are in Perth, Australia in December 2011.

"Perth 2011 is expected to be three times bigger than the America's Cup Defence."

See quote.

Posted September 7 2010
Category: City Council

July 21 2010

COVERAGE of last Saturday's fire at Rideau Marina that destroyed their maintenance shop from The Whig, CKWS-TV News, and MetalCraft Marine.

Posted July 21 2010
Category: Kingston Marina

April 6 2010

COLLINS BAY MARINA reports they started launching boats last Thursday, on April 1st.

That's ten-days earlier than their previous record of April 10th, back in 2006.

Posted April 6 2010
Category: Marinas

January 14 2010


Here is the status of online marketing efforts by several prominent waterfront-related organizations for the summer of 2010.

That's pathetic, no?

For the most part, 2010 dates should be posted within two weeks of the end of the 2009 boating season.

It's long-past the point of anybody caring about your Summer 2009 calendar.

Posted January 14 2010

December 23 2009

BREAKING ICE in Kingston Marina last week so MetalCraft Marine could conduct late-season vessel sea-trials in open water.
Posted December 23 2009
Category: Marinas

December 14 2009

DOCK UPGRADES AT CONFED are expected by springtime.
Posted December 14 2009
Category: Marinas

November 20 2009

The shoreline at Token Park

HERE YOU ARE LOOKING southwest from a vantage upstairs at the Radisson Hotel. Click here for a much larger version of this photo.

What you see in the middle-distance is the tumble-stone breakwall of Confederation Basin. In the right-foreground is part of the 250 meters of new tumble-stone shoreline around Block-D's Token Park.

In the past this 250m of Block-D perimeter was a corrugated metal seawall where boats could tie-up. It was a pretty good place for boat-passenger dropoffs and pickups when the marina's docks were packed in the summertime. It was a fine venue for model-boat racing. It has been said that many late-summer-night skinny-dips took place there in the hours between closing-time and dawn.

This was, in short, usable shoreline which is in very short supply around here. But that was then.

Let history show that, in the Harvey Rosen era, the City of Kingston transformed this once-usable protected shoreline into severe inaccessible shoreline. Which begs the question: why? All this is on calm waters that are amply protected by the massive Confederation Basin breakwall.

This is another waterfront loss in Kingston, one of many that have recently occurred because of the raving lunatics who lead and manage this unfortunate city.

Thanks to Joanna Bull for the photo.

Posted November 20 2009
Category: Block D

November 2 2009

TWO WATERFRONT ITEMS on Tuesday's Council agenda.

  • The city wants to renew a 5-year lease with The Crown for POH land and land underwater. The rental rate is ''20% of the marina's annual gross revenue'', or a payment of $75,848 in 2008.
  • Kingston & the lslands Boat Lines Ltd. will keep the Island Queen, Island Belle, and Island Star at POH this winter on account of the Lasalle Causeway lift-bridge being out-of-commission for repairs for the next several months.

It looks like a sweetheart deal for KBL. The city is applying the same linear-footage charge they use for non-commerical pleasure boats one-tenth the length of these vessels.

Winter storage fees ought to be a function of area occupied, not just nominal length.

KBL will be storing its three large wedding-cake vessels for about five-months, through April 30th, for the grand-total of, get this, $4,784 plus hydro for the bubblers.

The normal folks paying over $600 in POH winter storage fees for their relatively tiny 30x10-foot sailboats can read that again.

When it comes to selling waterfront short, when is the City of Kingston not a pushover?

Posted November 2 2009

October 4 2009

THREE NOTABLE ITEMS on City Council's agenda for the meeting of October 6 2009.

  1. Read the Recreation & Leisure Services Department 2009-2010 Priorities and observe the degree to which waterfront just isn't on the radar. What's waterfront-related is either stalled, or token.

    Waterfront items include:

    • "Design of the Breakwater beach area (2010)". The Mass Swim, the culmination of public disgust over how our waterfront is marginalized, was held July 22nd 2008.
    • "Window repairs at the Richardson Beach Bath house (2010)". That's routine deferred maintenance, long overdue, masquerading as a listable project serving the illusion of serving the waterfront.
    • "Final approval to the Lake Ontario Park Plan (November 2009)", the proximity of which signals that public outcry (also here) over the way overblown concept plan will be mostly ignored.
    • "Marinas Business Plan (February 2010)" which promises to be an eyeball-roller given all the evident shenanigans (and here) leading to that.
    • "Waterfront Plan (2010)", whatever that is. This is bundled with, and listed after items like "New outdoor rinks construction policy (2010)", "healthy food options (2010)", "Community gardens policy (November 200)", and "Sustainable food strategy (2010)". That's your Harvey-Rosen-era Kingston waterfront, right there.
  2. The City gets, gratis, a narrow-strip of adjacent land to allow widening the waterfront pathway between the West Street launch ramp and Simcoe Street. That's courtesy of Holmstead Land Holdings which, rest assured, will get-that-back in spades later.
  3. The 2006 agreement with the Kingston Brewing Company to operate 6 Clarence Street as a service centre for Confederation Basin Marina boaters is renewed and sweetened through 2012.
Posted October 4 2009
Category: City Council

August 24 2009

Bill Steenbakkers founds Collins bay Marina

BILL STEENBAKKERS, a Kingston waterfront pioneer who passed-away earlier this month, was the subject of a 1972 Kingston Whig-Standard article about the founding of Collins Bay Marina.

Reading the article, evidently Bill Steenbakkers' original vision for the marina remains intact nearly forty years later.

The suceess of Collins Bay Marina was never assured -- it's interesting that there were already two other marinas on the Bay when Collins Bay Marina was built.

Posted August 24 2009
Category: History

August 11 2009

BILL STEENBAKKERS, patriarch of Collins Bay Marina which he founded in 1971, passed away on Sunday. He was 82 years old.

Posted August 11 2009
Category: Obituary

June 4 2009

MARINA WORLD has a really (really) great feature on Kingston's Collins Bay Marina in it's latest issue.


Check-out either just the article or the impressive full-issue (8 MB) online.

Posted June 4 2009
Category: Marinas

May 16 2009

THE SITE PLAN FOR TOKEN PARK goes before the City Planning Committee on Thursday night.


  • No shoreline access. It's tumble-rock shoreline. Like we don't have enough of that.
  • No jetty access. The Confedration Basin breakwall remains a birds-only place.
  • A spot reserved for a marina building which makes no sense at all.

Related: Token Park news archive.

Posted May 16 2009
Category: Block D

May 11 2009

DontRockTheBoat.ca is the website for the annual Don't Rock the Boat Event, this year on May 23rd, at Collins Bay Marina.

Posted May 11 2009
Category: Boating

April 16 2009

COLLINS BAY MARINA is again first in the region to commence serious boat launching operations.

This is just 5-days later than in 2006 which was the earliest-ever launch.

Posted April 16 2009
Category: Working waterfront

April 14 2009

HERE'S THE LINEUP of exhibitors for the Kingston Boat Show this upcoming weekend at the Cataraqui Community Centre.

The number of exhibitors appears down somewhat, but not nearly as much as you might expect.

For comparison, here's last-year's K7 news item about the 2008 show, and the Official 2008 exhibitor's list is still online.

What's different this year? Commercially the show appears nearly as strong as last year. The difference between 2008 and 2009 is almost entirely due to local marinas, clubs and several non-profit organizations who are no-shows this year.

Posted April 14 2009
Category: Working waterfront

April 7 2009

HOLLY MORRISON is apparently the new Acting Supervisor of Kingston's municipal marinas, replacing Ed Leeman.

Posted April 7 2009
Category: Marinas

March 30 2009

GRASPING AT STRAWS for Kingston waterfront promotion.

Posted March 30 2009
Category: Marinas

March 23 2009

ON TUESDAY'S COUNCIL AGENDA is the City Marinas Sustainable Strategy and Business Plan whose weeks-delayed public release was thoroughly botched last month following its truly bizarre August 2006 inception as a suspiciously narrowly-circulated RFI.

(Hey, you have to agree: it's a great way to run a railroad.)

FINALLY, for perhaps the first time in the seemingly endless Harvey Rosen era, Kingston waterfront takes a step that's NOT downright stupid, or ridiculously over-hyped, or shamefully stalled, or dirigiste, or laughably incomplete, or botched, or totally wasted, or commandeered by a raving bo-bo or otherwise seriously retrograde.

This bucks the unmistakable trend:

THAT the recommendation for the relocation of the Coast Guard at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour be exempted from the above clauses, and that it be referred back to staff for review and reconsideration in light of the community concerns raised within correspondence and through a delegation to the Committee on behalf of the Portsmouth Villagers Community Association.


Related: Anne Milina Outlook Point, the waterfront park that stands to be clobbered by said Coast Guard relocation.

Posted March 23 2009
Category: Marinas

March 10 2009


ANNE MILINA OUTLOOK POINT is the newest and possibly tinyest of Kingston's waterfront parks.

It sits on the southeastern edge of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour on land formerly controlled by Corrections Canada. It was opened in June 2008.

The point is also known as Hatters Bay Park

The recently released consultant's report, titled Kingston Marinas Sustainability and Development Strategy and Business Plan says this about the the Coast Guard building that sits on the Western edge of the POH property.

Current Coast Guard building inadequate for their needs considering relocation to east side of harbour at Hadders (sic) Bay Park.

Among the plan's recommendations for POH is number 7:

Recommendation POH7 : Collaborate with the Coast Guard to develop and implement a plan for relocating and enlarging their land-based facilities and berth, while relocating Hatters Bay Park to current Coast Guard location at southwest corner of site.

Financial Implications: Minimal or no cost to City of Kingston.

Timing: Q4 2008- Q2 2009 (sic)

Understandably, clobbering a beautiful waterfront park and moving it to a concrete-surrounded petrol-station-sign-dominated place in the shadow of tall condo buildings has folks in Portsmouth Village a little disturbed.

But more to the point, according to the consultant, all this is supposed to happen at minimal or no cost to City of Kingston.

  • Build a new house-sized structure, and running services to it,
  • build a parking lot at the new structure,
  • build substantial new berths for coast guard vessels on the East-side of POH,
  • pave and perpetually clear and maintain the road to the new structure,
  • demolish a smaller but still house-sized structure, and rip-up the extisting Coast Guard area and turn that into a "park".


It's a really stupid idea on so many levels. Still, it's out-there, floating-around as someone's bright idea for our waterfront.

Nevermind that there's no other publicly accessible waterfront between there and Breakwater Park, a full 1.2 kilometers to the east, as the crow flies.

Posted March 10 2009
Category: Parks

February 25 2009

Update 3:16 PM: Finally a readable version of the City Marina Business Plan (57 pages, 12 Mb PDF) is posted by the web-bozos at the City of Kingston. It's an incomplete posting, lacking appendices.

Update 7:00 PM: Here's the original sloppy version (164 pages, 7 Mb PDF) first posted by the City. At least this one contains the appendices. It's just ridiculous how the public gets waxed by the systematic incompetence of the City of Kingston Communications Department.

The communications bozos at the City of Kingston have posted a sloppily-scanned borderline unreadable City Marina report.

I'm trying to obtain a readable version to post.

The report is dated January 5th. The City Committee meeting is tomorrow night. This smells exactly like the folks we all know running their usual railroad.

The screwing-up of Kingston's Waterfront is apparently continuing unabated. Early public participation and input in waterfront-related processes is clearly not in the cards, and marinas is no exception. Quite the opposite, evidently.

Posted February 25 2009
Category: Marinas

February 24 2009


Contrary to what's printed in The Whig, the "the full consultant's report" is not online. Here's the four-page fluff-intro, which is all the city has released for now.

Posted February 24 2009
Category: Marinas

October 20 2008

Lifting-out Island Belle for bottom cleaning & painting

STILL MORE IMPRESSIVE SIGHTS at Kingston Marina recently as they hoisted-out Island Belle for bottom cleaning and painting.

Thanks again to John Duerkop for these photos.

Posted October 20 2008
Category: Kingston Marina

October 2 2008

Black Angus haul-out

THE BLACK ANGUS was hauled-out for the winter on Tuesday at Kingston Marina. Click the photo to see more.

The Black Angus is the 100-year-old 28-foot wood double-ended clinker fishing boat restored by volunteers at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes and re-launched this August after 7,000 hours of restauration.

Thanks to John Duerkop for the photos.

Posted October 2 2008
Category: History

September 19 2008

Clean Marine

FIVE-ANCHOR ECO-RATINGS have finally been awarded to both POH and Confed by the Ontario Marina Operators Association's Clean Marine Program.

The City of Kingston-operated marinas join Collins Bay Marina which received its 5-anchor rating in 2005, one of the first in Ontario to achieve it.

Other local eco-rated marinas include Kingston Marina, Treasure Island Marina, and Loyalist Cove Marina.

Local OMOA-member marinas that have no eco-rating at all include Rideau Marina and Blue Woods Marina.

Posted September 19 2008
Category: Marinas

July 30 2008

Posted July 30 2008
Category: Marinas

May 25 2008

Don't rock the boat event 2008

LITO OCHOTORENA'S FLICKR PAGE has some good photos of yesterday's annual "Don't Rock the Boat" water safety event at Collins Bay Marina.

On K7's Flickr page you can find a photo of the event's man-overboard demonstration, as well as pictures of last weekend's visit by HMCS Kingston taken by Mike Hill and Geoff Webster.

Posted May 25 2008
Category: Boating

May 3 2008

Confederation Basin Marina B-Dock

AT COUNCIL ON TUESDAY is the recommendation to use Black Bird Holding, LTD of Belleville for replacing B-dock at Confederation Basin.

They beat other bids from Goderich and Peterborough.

Posted May 3 2008
Category: Marinas

April 2 2008

Hub Steenbakkers, CMM


From Boating Industry Canada:

The CMM designation is a professional qualification and certification program assuring marina customers, investors, bankers, insurers and the public that marina properties are professionally managed and run. The award follows his completion of the Advanced Marina Management course, providing training in site planning, marina-development skills, marina-operation techniques, business strategies, risks and liabilities and environmental policies. Hub becomes only the 4th person in Canada and the 212th person in the world to attain this certification since the programs inception in 1992.

Hub owns and operates Collins Bay Marina.

Posted April 2 2008
Category: Marinas

March 26 2008

POSTPONED: The Crew overboard! seminar, originally scheduled for March 28th, is postponed to May 31. The new programme will include on-water practice following the seminar.

Posted March 26 2008
Category: Lectures

March 23 2008

LOP Terms of Reference

LAKE ONTARIO PARK MASTER PLAN - TERMS OF REFERENCE is a 7-page report just released by the City staff for a committee meeting later this week.

The Terms of Reference for the next phase are focused on finding a viable way of putting in place the vision and planning principles agreed to in the visioning exercise. The Phase I Planning Study achieved its goal of reaching a consensus on the future of Lake Ontario Park. Phase 2 of the park redevelopment process has three objectives which are:

  • To develop and recommend a multi-year strategic direction and plan for the revitalization and rejuvenation of the park as a public community facility;
  • To ensure ongoing and inclusive community consultation throughout the development of the plan and the related implementation strategy; and
  • To develop and recommend a long-term financing and budget strategy for the capital construction and operating costs necessary to implement and maintain the recommended development plan.

Totally unlike, say, City marinas.

Posted March 23 2008
Category: Parks

March 19 2008

Kingston Marinas RFP

Request for proposal: MARINA SUSTAINABILITY AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY AND BUSINESS PLAN (29 pages) released by The City of Kingston 9 days ago (March 10th).

But the RFP is still not posted on the City of Kingston Tenders, RFPs and RFIs web page.

Update: The RFP was finally posted sometime after 3:30 PM on March 19th.

When it comes to City Marinas we've seen BS like this before.

Posted March 19 2008
Category: Marinas

March 9 2008

Confederation Basin Marina B-Dock

CITY OF KINGSTON REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL for partial dock replacement of "B" Dock at Confederation Basin Marina.

Interestingly this item apparently doesn't appear in the marinas section of the 2007-08 Municipal Capital Budget.

A a six-year Confederation Basin refurbishment program began in 2006.

Posted March 9 2008
Category: Marinas

February 29 2008

A Challenge from Collins Bay Marina

A CHALLENGE FROM COLLINS BAY MARINA in support of the International Water Levels Coalition (IWLC).

The IWLC is a citizens group that acts as a watchdog and advocate on water level issues to the International Joint Commission (IJC) and International St. Lawrence River Board of Control (ISLRBC).

The IWLC mission is tremendously important, but their membership, especially in Canada, is quite small. This year, Collins Bay Marina took steps to help expand that membership and strengthen their voice on our behalf.

The challenge is to other marinas and clubs to urge their members to support the IWLC.

We would like to challenge each marina, association, boating business and yacht club on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario to mount a similar membership drive for the IWLC. Aware citizens, active in making our needs known to government, are the only route we have to protecting our waters, our recreation and our businesses.

Read the challenge and sign-up to become a IWLC member (Cost: $10).

Posted February 29 2008
Category: The environment

January 25 2008


Here's the current home page.

Your tax dollars at work; five-figure dollars worth.

Apparently nothing's changed since last November when this first came to light, then immediately taken offline.

It would be interesting to find out: who is well-served by misleading potential visitors to Kingston?

Note the adult and two kids, in a what appears to be a 15-foot canoe, mid-Harbour at dusk in imminent weather. Seriously, how improbable is that? How wise is that?

International-14 class sailboats haven't actively sailed here for quite some time; all "14" sailboats come here from out-of-town, and they are here maybe one-weekend a year. The boat pictured here is Toronto-based, shown in no-wind, flat-calm conditions, which is insulting, a bit like picturing a slalom skier in a farmer's field.

Underwater here isn't blue, it's green or, if anything, it's dark green. There's blue-water diving, but certainly not anywhere near here.

Adding just one more link-button to that web page looks very expensive. Guess how many files you'd need to touch to add another little box to the left of the canoe.

Is the KEDCO "blue belt" website like other websites KEDCO isn't able to maintain?

Take a guess: what percentage of visitors to Kingston ever get their feet wet in Kingston Harbour? A single-digit percentage? One-in-fifty, perhaps?

Take another guess: what percentage of Kingston residents ever get their feet wet in Kingston Harbour over the course of a typical year?

Do you suppose it might be because of fundamental waterfront inaccessibilities that exist here? Just who is KEDCO trying to kid?

It's one thing to try and lure visitors here, but it's quite another to be overtly dishonest about what we really have to offer.

The movers behind this "blue belt" website, Ross Cameron, Don Curtis, and KEDCO, are the very same folks who thought putting the LVEC on waterfront, expropriating MetalCraft Marine, totally eliminating Kingston Marina, and comandeering part of Fluhrer Park for the LVEC was a fine idea.

Posted January 25 2008
Category: KEDCO

January 19 2008

TOKEN PARK CONCEPT PLANS have finally been posted on the City website.

Download the Phase 1 concepts and the Phase 2 concepts.

Observation: You've got to love how this city does business.

  • It plans a public meeting with no documents posted online beforehand.
  • At the meeting, attendees must queue to have a brief chance to look at diagrams.
  • Then attendees must sit-through the orchestrated sales-pitch.

By not posting plans before the meeting, this assures an unprepared and uninformed audience at the meeting, all the better minimize the chance of derailing pre-conceived development plans.

This is really how our waterfront got so ruined: one step at a time. That's how Block-D got stuffed with tall buildings, and that's how the rest of us ended-up with a token-park.

Token Park Phase I concept Token Park Phase II concept

Here we have a "proposed marina building" with no connection whatsoever to the marina. The foot of the nearest dock, on the west-side of the Radisson Hotel, is 245 m away. The foot of the main docks, on Clarence Street, is over 520m away. That's going to be a great marina building, don't you think? Token Park Marina Building Walk

Here is detail of the juncture between Token Park and the stone breakwater that surrounds Confederation Marina. Note the utter lack of vision: there's plenty of usable space on the stone breakwater. Waterfront cities world-wide that "get it" have piers and breakwalls people can walk on. But in Kingston? Nah! Token Park is really a dog park, a place where the condo owner's pets can "go", nevermind that there's acres of great waterfront space out on the stone breakwall. Token Park Marina Stone Breakwater

Posted January 19 2008
Category: Block D

December 17 2007

APPROVAL OF 2008 CITY MARINA FEES is also on Council's agenda for Tuesday evening. It's on page 38 of the report if the link doesn't bring you directly there.

Posted December 17 2007
Category: Marinas

December 15 2007

$220,000 FOR MARINA REPAIRS IN 2008 in a Whig story today. It's all about who should ultimately pay.

But the city's deputy mayor said Kingston has to accept the fact that it is not a waterfront city.

Deputy Mayor Bill Glover said the city has ignored waterfront development and a full range of services for citizens and boaters to enjoy.

Read the whole thing.

Posted December 15 2007
Category: Marinas

December 4 2007

THE ADMIRAL'S WALK APPLICATION FOR DRAFT PLAN OF SUBDIVISION is included in the documents for this week's City of Kingston Planning Committee meeting.

Therein is a lousy-quality scan of a "concept site plan", shown below; click the image to go to the source document.

The new theme appears to be, "maximum marina". How such a facility might work in practice, given the extremely limited shoreside space, certainly isn't clear.

A notable oddity: the diagram appears dated July 2006, which is surprising since we've not been shown anything remotely resembling this before.

Admiral's Walk Site Plan, December 6 2007


Posted December 4 2007
Category: Elevator Bay

October 26 2007

Firestorm 30

The BMCM CARL BRASHEAR, Newport News' newFirestorm 30 fireboat from MetalCraft Marine, is now in service on the waters of Hampton Roads and Chesapeake Bay.

Recall that this was the vessel that mysteriously sank at the dock overnight at the Leeward Municipal Marina on March 21st, 2007.

Here's the marine surveyor's assessment of what happened that night.

Posted October 26 2007
Category: Working waterfront

October 18 2007

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper 2007 Beach Report

BEACH REPORT 2007 is a 36-page PDF just released by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

Seven of the Kingston-area beaches are covered in the report:

  • Richardson Beach (they call it "Murney Tower")
  • Grass Creek
  • Rotary Park, (incorrectly identified as part of "Collins Bay Marina")
  • Lemoine Beach
  • Arrowhead Beach
  • Crerar Beach
  • Everitt Beach
  • Lake Ontario Park (they call it "Lake Ontario Municipal Beach")

Oddly Big Sandy Bay, one of Lake Ontrario's most beautiful beaches, isn't included.

Kingston Ontario waterfront beach report

Many of the observations arise from the abject neglect by our municipality for our beaches.

That's not the only beach-related thing that's neglected by the City.

On August 24th we were pleased to report that FINALLY WE HAVE AN ONLINE BEACH REPORT.

But our fears were well-founded: as it turns out, that online beach report is just another web page the City is unable to properly maintain. There has been no update in the two months since August 24th when the information was first posted.

Posted October 18 2007
Category: The environment

September 12 2007

BLUE WOODS MARINA IS FOR SALE. Blue Woods is on the north shore of Collins Bay.

Posted September 12 2007
Category: Working waterfront

September 3 2007

Admirals Walk Development on the Kingston, Ontario Waterfront

On the Agenda of the September 6th Planning Committee meeting there's a 62-PAGE ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT DOCUMENT for the Admirals Walk project proposed for Cataraqui Bay (AKA Elevator Bay).

There are several issues therein, including parking which appears inadequate for what's proposed.

There's mention of a possible marina, but they apparently don't know which side of the pier, west or east, any future marina will be placed.

One point is crystal clear: there will be no off-season vessel storage on the site -- there simply isn't space -- which means that any marina there risks being a money-loser.

Note that a marina is clearly shown on The Forrest Group's website and the yachting theme is central to the project's advertising so far. All this apparently doesn't add-up.

There are also questions about what the developer can and cannot do with the water lot.

Read the whole thing.


Posted September 3 2007
Category: City Council

July 25 2007

NATHAN BARON'S MINI TRANSAT SLOOP arrived in Kingston yesterday and was launched at Collins Bay Marina. Lots of photos on Flickr.

Nathan hopes to compete in the 2009 Mini Transat race between France and South America.

July 27 2007 UPDATE: Front-page story in The Whig-Standard.

Posted July 25 2007
Category: Racing

July 23 2007

There are still SOME AVAILABLE SAILING CAMP SPOTS in August at the Kingston Yacht Club Sailing School and at the Collins Bay Yacht Club Sailing School. Pass the word.

Posted July 23 2007
Category: Sailing schools

July 12 2007

THE KINGSTON DISCOVER BOATING EVENT returns to Confederation Basin Marina, Saturday and Sunday July 28th and 29th between 10am and 5pm.

Free boat rides for all who wish to give boating a try.

This event is courtesy of many volunteer boat owners and several of our local marinas: Collins Bay Marina, Ed Huck Marine (of Rockport), Kingston Marina, Treasure Island Marina, River Rat Marine (in Landsdowne, ON) with space and dockage provided by the City of Kingston's Confederation Basin Marina.

Posted July 12 2007

July 6 2007

LAW-ENFORCEMENT THEATRE Wednesday night at Collins Bay Marina as the OPP Marine Unit books a sailor from a group of several yachts from Rochester NY traveling together.

The individual was in small tender, simply going from C-Dock to A-Dock, from one docked yacht to another, while impaired.

Word around the marina is there was no party going on, sleeping boaters on "C" and "A" docks heard nothing unusual, and the guy apparently wasn't lippy with the cops.

There are, of course, two ways to view this.

But there are lessons here:

  • Should you be operating a vessel while impaired? No.
  • Is the Kingston OPP Marine Unit over-zealous? Apparently so. But then again, nobody witnessed the arrest, and few of us can list hauling corpses out of the water among our duties, so it's hard to say.
  • What might this incident cost in American tourism terms? That's incalculable.

    Moreover: How does this story come to find its way onto CKWS-TV News?

You decide. It's all about choices people make, on both sides of the badge.

Posted July 6 2007
Category: Working waterfront

June 30 2007

DAY DOCK CHARGES in effect during July and August at Confederation Basin. It's $3 for the first two hours and $1 per hour after that, for a maximum of $8 per day.

No mention of this yet on the City's Marinas or Flora MacDonald Confederation Basin web pages.

Posted June 30 2007
Category: Marinas

June 13 2007



Marine service on the Kingston Ontario waterfront will benefit from this massive crane for Collins Bay Marina

Posted June 13 2007
Category: Working waterfront

May 13 2007

There are several waterfront items on TUESDAY'S COUNCIL AGENDA:

Under "Delegations", Marianne Davis, Executive Director of the 2007 Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship (July 12-21) will speak to Council.

Under "Reports":

  • Marine Museum Purchase Status Report. See also today's other K7 news item for details because it's a doozie.
  • Front-end financing of the construction of seawall improvements at Block D whereby the costs of repairing and constructing a seawall around the perimeter of Block D adjacent to the City owned lands will be paid by Homestead Land Holdings Limited and LAJJC Inc. and reimbursed by the City no later than December 31, 2008.
  • License agreement renewal with Frontenac Condominium Corporation No. 20 for the seawall in Kingston Marina.

Previously (March 20, 2007): List of waterfront items in the 2007-08 municipal capital budget

Posted May 13 2007
Category: City Council

April 20 2007

COLLINS BAY MARINA is again the first local marina in spring launch operations.

Posted April 20 2007
Category: Marinas

April 10 2007


This year there's still ice in Collins Bay.

Click for the latest web cam photos from Collins Bay Marina.

We need more waterfront web cams like this.

Posted April 10 2007
Category: The environment

March 20 2007

There are WATERFRONT ITEMS IN THE 2007-08 MUNICIPAL CAPITAL BUDGET which should be approved tonight.

  • Under Culture and Rec
    • $30,000 for a Beaches Study
    • $30,000 for Beaches Imprementation
    • $50,000 for Cycling and Pathways Implementation
    • $30,000 for the Lake Ontario Park Master Plan
  • Under Marinas
    • $80,000 for Confederation Basin-Power upgrade on E and F docks. E-F docks are on your immediate right, jutting towards the Ramada, as you walk onto the main dock.
    • $50,000 for POH Break Wall floating extenston
    • $40,000 for POH Accessibility Upgrades
    • $30,000 for POH, for the facings of D and E docks. D and E docks are the two closest to the grassy playground area.
    • $10,000 POH launch ramp upgrades
    • $40,000 for Confederation Basin-Marinas Business Case Study (?!)
  • Under Planning and Development
    • $75,000 for a Waterfront Strategy
  • Under Properties
    • $105,000 for various at the Marine Museum (roof, chimney)
Posted March 20 2007
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January 17 2007

More info about the operations of the CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY OFFICE IN KINGSTON has been added to our topic on Customs.

It's interesting that Treasure Island Marina, which is just 6 NM East of downtown Kingston, and all points further East are under the jurisdiction of the much larger Landsdowne (Thousand Islands Bridge) CBSA office, which is about 30 NM from downtown Kingston.

Posted January 17 2007
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November 19 2006

A CATARAQUI RIVER SHORELINE DEVELOPMENT, this time its brownfield sweetner, is on the short agenda of the final council meeting. Here's the report.

This land is adjacent to Music Marina, and very close to the landing of the so-called "third crossing".

It looks like there is some shoreline infilling involved in the diagrams here.

Posted November 19 2006
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August 16 2006


Here's a scanned copy of the 11-page City of Kingston Request For Information (RFI) No. CS-AM-2006-02 on the future of Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour that describes itself as

"Partnering opportunity with the municipality in the provision of capital investment in marina infrastructure and delivery of marinas operations and marketing services"

Read the whole thing.

[Updated]: Click here to view the July 25th 2006 City of Kingston website announcement of the matter. Click here to see the interesting and detailed documents submitted to Council to approve this move in late March, 2006.

Various questions arise from all this:

  • Why hasn't this document been widely circulated? It was advertised once in Kingston This Week. Pick-up only from the Midland St office. It was never publicly posted online by the City. Was a notice of this forwarded to, say, the Ontario Marina Operators Association? Were players from the wider marina industry approached? Why such a short leash?

  • What is the linkage between this RFI and the Request For Proposals, which apparently would soon follow? Why the rush? The RFI packs onerous production requirements into a short time, and reserves all rights to plans and intellectual property conveyed by respondents. The period for questions, for example, has already expired, just three weeks into this.

  • What's in place to protect taxpayers, protect access for boating residents and events, and for equitable treatment for other local waterfront-related interests, both commercial and public?

  • Why does all this appear to not pass a basic stink-test? Last April, for example, the The Kingston Brewing Company was precipitously given the task of running #6 Clarence Street, which is now the marina office, in what was the restaurant nearest to Confederation Basin.
What next?
Posted August 16 2006
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July 31 2006

This 112-foot Westport luxury yacht recently spent a few hours at Collins Bay Marina. Next stop: Confederation Basin

Posted July 31 2006

July 25 2006

The City of Kingston has issued a Request for Information for potential partners to "provide capital investment in marina infrastructure" and to "deliver marinas operations and marketing services" for Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.

Posted July 25 2006

April 10 2006

Over at Collins Bay Marina they're already launching boats. "This is the earliest we have ever started the season!" says Hub Steenbakkers, owner of Collins Bay Marina. "It is starting off to be a great season!".

Here are two views from the controllable Collins Bay Marina web cam which you can take for a spin at www.CollinsBayMarina.com/WebCam.html.

At other locations:

Posted April 10 2006

April 8 2006

Both the Kingston Yacht Club and Collins Bay Yacht Club have updated their racing and social schedules for the coming months.

Posted April 8 2006

March 28 2006

Over at Rideau Marina the South boathouse is being torn down. It's being removed because it covers some deeper-water slips that many boaters hesitate to rent because they are under cover. Very soon those slips will be wide-open.

Posted March 28 2006
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March 28 2006

Today The Whig Standard reports that the City is studying improving and expanding our municipal marinas, possibly establishing a partnership with the private sector.

Posted March 28 2006

March 17 2006

Posted March 17 2006

January 19 2006

The Collins Bay Yacht Club has posted its preliminary 2006 events calendar.

Posted January 19 2006

December 7 2005

Busy week at Kingston Marina

Kingston Marina used two cranes to haul out this 60ft. tug yesterday for a Transport Canada inspection. This boat is due back in the water ASAP with the job of breaking ice for Brockville harbour.

Kingston Marina reports having more boats for winter storage, and more boats for in-water winter storage, than ever before. This picture show's the Anglin Bay harbour full of boats that are too big to be hauled out. Theyare using agitators to keep the ice away. The largest vessel being stored is the Canadian Empress at 108 ft.

Posted December 7 2005

December 1 2005

CKWS-TV reports that Collins Bay Marina has achieved the Ontario Marina Operators Association's highest honours for environmental best practices.

Collins Bay Marina has other environmentally-related feathers itn its cap:

  • Receipt of the OMOA's Robert Eaton Environmental Award “for excellence in environmental practices within the marine industry”.
  • Presentation with the DuPont Canada Annual Ecology Award from the Cataraqui Conservation Foundation.
  • Seminal work with the OMOA executive in establishing the Clean Marine Program that is now in place across the province.
  • Education of boaters and the provision of incentives for participation in environmentally responsible measures and programs.
  • The provision of specialized equipment and implementation of appropriate containment procedures to enable their boaters to work safely with potentially hazardous materials in the course of doing maintenance on their boats.
Posted December 1 2005

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