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History of the Kingston area waterfront

Martello Tower, early 1900's.

Fort Henry and Navy Bay, 1909

Kingston Harbour, Factories, and Schooner, 1910

"Kingston Waterfront 1920" Archives Canada photo PA030639

Lasalle Causeway, 1924

City Hall, 1936

Kingston Drydock.
You may recognize this as the present day site of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

How Deadman's Bay Got Its Name

In 1847, during construction of the Martello Tower on Cedar Island - "Cathcart Redoubt", a group of 23 workers were returning home from Cedar Island. A heavy swell caused the overloaded boat to capsize. Two swam to safety. Another four survived by clinging to the overturned boat. But 17 died. As a result of this, Hamilton Cove, between Cedar Island and Point Henry was renamed Deadman's Bay.

The Myles Shoal, off the Kingston Yacht Club, is a local "watermark" for sailors. It got its name from a near tragedy:

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