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Disgraceful things on the Kingston waterfront

(See also some less severe disappointments).

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Confederation Basin's locked docks

The Confederation Basin docks are behind a locked gate. It's the only marina in the region that denies people the pleasure of strolling on the town docks.
Every inch of these docks was paid for by the ratepayers of Kingston, the taxpayers of Ontario, and the taxpayers of Canada.
These gates were installed during the Harvey Rosen administration.

Radisson Hotel Kingston Harbourfront

Truly a disgraceful design, particularly the waterfront walkway portion. Currently coloured snot green.

Belle Park's Leaching Landfill

Compare and contrast the City of Kingston's statements with those of outside authorities, and the courts.


PUC Water Treatment Plant -- Soviet epoch construction, 2005

What's the problem? It's a Treatment Plant, not the National Arts Centre.

The problem is it's the waterfront, and the city's primiere park, and not the back-lot behind the Dairy Queen. This is nothing less than the total disreguard for aesthetics. At minimum the brick used should have matched that of the plant itself, or more generally, the colours found on most of Kingston's buildings, and not the bargain-basement bricks we see here. -- Steven Black

Well, total disregard for aesthetics' may be a bit strong. Absolutes are always so troublesome. It could be better, but as waterfront plant and equipment, it probably compares favourably with an oil refinery. Or some grain elevators. Or a coal fired power plant. Or most of the Toronto waterfront.--- Gary MacDonald

Agreed, mostly. I drove past there yesterday and the main plant is limestone-coloured, as are the Queen's residences across the street. That they chose a rather generic brick, as opposed to grey brick, or stone or even faux-stone for these cubes, tells me there was no serious consideration given to aesthetics. Couple that with the prime waterfront location of these things, and this to me suggests a total disreguard for aesthetics. But whatever, I agree, they certainly could have done a much nicer job. -- Steven Black

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Kingston's overflow sewage problems



See also http://www.waterkeeper.ca/lok/index.cfm?DSP=showletter&NewsID=1362

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