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Disappearing Waterfront

Public access to Kingston's waterfront is eroding

Here is a compendium of Kingston public waterfront access recently lost, at risk of loss, or in flux.

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Access Lost

Locked gates at Confederation Basin
(since 2006)

The City of Kingston town docks are off-limits to everyone, residents and visitors alike, except for boaters parked there.

Several fenced-off wharves and docks (since 2011)

Denied to everybody by disconnected desk-flying bureaucrats at City Hall, in Ottawa, and elsewhere.

Chains at Fort Henry
(since 2007)

Which keeps visitors off the hill, and away from the water. Go straight to the giftshop. One of the finest water vistas in Canada is not for you. Because we arbitrarily say so.

Diving from the Tett Centre / Morton Street
(since 2011)

Once used by local divers for shore-dives to nearby wrecks, and all-essential proximate parking for gear. This site is now evidently lost forever for shore diving.
DND Trail is closed

Closed trail through the DND-owned woodlands (since 2006 (?))

An interesting natural walking and bike trail that's adjacent or within view of the water over significant distance.
No fishing off the Lasalle Causeway in Kingston

"No Fishing" off the Lasalle Causeway
(since 2007)

A favorite downtown fishing spot is closed by officious desk-flying knobs.

Anchoring prohibited inside Confederation Basin (since 2005 (?))

Though there's plenty of room for moorings, there are none. Furthermore, since about 2005, anchoring isn't permitted behind the breakwall. Boating to Kingston? Tight, noisy docks only.

Diving from the Marine Museum
(since 2007)

Used by local divers for shore-dives to nearby wrecks, and parking. Currently closed for repairs. This now looks like a permanent loss of access for local shore diving.
Token Park on Block D

Block D (since 2007)

With only Token Park remaining.
Kingston Marinas RFP

Token Park ( Block D ) seawalls (2010)

Lost are some 200m of dockable seawall in Confederation Basin. What was built is a tumblestone block finish, the minimum-cost option for Homestead Land Holdings.
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Foreseeable Waterfront Losses

Wellingston Street Extension

Doug Fluhrer Park

The Wellington Street Extension will be like laying Taylor Kidd Blvd through this waterfront park.
Kingston Marinas RFP

City marinas (2009)

Offloading Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to the private sector. Done deal?

Rideau Marina

Rideau Marina, deserted Owned by Homestead Land Holdings, the region's most aggressive property developer. Until recently Rideau Marina was the only remaining marina in Kingston with on-site marine service. Today it lies mostly fallow, abandoned by one of the richest corporations in Eastern Ontario.

Music Marina

Likely to be obliterated by the third-crossing of the Cataraqui River.

Music marina isn't big but it's the only place in North Kingston with access to water for launching or docking.

Probable: fences at Kingston's main wharves

May be coming as part of homeland security measures.
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Waterfront In Flux

The water lots (Since 2006)

Since 2006 it's been known that the Federal Government intends to rid itself of 7.5 km of water lots between Belle Island in the Cataraqui River to Lake Ontario Park in Kingston's west end. A change in ownership of these water lots can potentially mean lots of changes in how these are used, or can be used.

Federal wharves

See Water Lots. Nearby precedents: Rockport, and Horne's.

In Kingston, the Marine Museum's outer wharves?

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Notable Changes in Waterfront Policy

Customs, and passenger vessel security (since 2002)

Fences, crew testing, customs and immigration delays - all of this makes it harder to get to Cape Vincent from Wolfe Island, or to Boldt Castle from Gananoque, which is tough on travelers, vacationers, and the boat lines.
General Wolfe

The General Wolfe Hotel dock

A prime and mostly deserted Wolfe Island dock is "for hotel guests only", with excess capacity even at the height of summer.

Big Sandy Bay beach fees (since 2006)

An $8 per head fee for day-use is now in place.

Confederation Basin docking fees

Started in summer 2007. Pay and display.
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Recent Near Losses

Anglin Bay, MetalCraft Marine, and part of Fluhrer Park

Citizens had to fight like hell to save Fluhrer park, Kingston Marina, and MetalCraft Marine from the LVEC.

Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

Both the federal government and city have provided the Museum with "letters of comfort" supporting the goal of the Marine Museum remaining at the current location permanently. But for a long while, things were looking bleak.

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