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Central square for cruising the waters around Kingston

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You're on a boat in Kingston with family or friends. Where do you go? What's the plan?

In Kingston Harbour central

Confederation Basin

The town docks, right downtown, give access to shopping, eating, and strolling.

Kingston Yacht Club

Kingston's most active harbour on most summer days. Grab a guest dock (call ahead to check if one's open). Bar food,

In Kingston Harbour west

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

A large serviced marina adjacent to the Portsmouth Tavern.

In Kingston Harbour south

The Island Grill

On Wolfe Island, immediately east of the Wolfe Island Ferry dock. Small finger docks and moorings, serving food both indoors and out.


Walkable, cycleable, interesting.

Kingston Harbour south west

North of the Lasalle Causeway

Inland Lakes

The Loughborough Inn

One of Ontario’s luxury resorts located on pristine Loughborough Lake and only minutes from Kingston. Offers exclusive access to a variety of Kingston area attractions, exquisite Ontario hiking trails and some of the best fishing in Ontario.

St Lawrence River

Brown's Bay Inn

In Brown's Bay on Wolfe Island, the Inn possesses a good dock and the best waterfront patio in the region.

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Good anchoring in the Kingston area


This website makes no warranties, expressed or implied, about the suitability of any particular anchorage. You must understand that conditions such as bottom qualities, and bottom-holding ability, can vary significantly from place to place within an anchorage and over time.

Always use common sense, and always keep an alert watch, and be conscious of changing conditions when anchoring anywhere.


South / Southwesterly (prevailing) breeze

South West is Kingston's prevailing wind direction. It can be pretty lumpy on most North shores, especially if it's been blowing a while from that direction.

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Northerly breeze

It blows out of the Northern quadrant roughly 20% of the time in Kingston. Here are decent areas to drop a hook.

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East breeze

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