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Cranes and hoists on the Kingston area waterfront

Here's the inventory of marine-related crane services in the immediate Kingston area.
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Hoisting services at Collins Bay Marina

Collins Bay Marina has impressive hoisting capability on-site
  • On-site mobile 65-ton crane
  • On-site mobile 45-ton crane
  • Mast crane
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Hoisting at Kingston Marina

Kingston Marina's 75-ton crane
  • 75-ton crane
  • Hydraulic trailers
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2-Ton Crane at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

Hoist capability at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

  • 2-Ton Crane
    This crane is kept in a poor state of repair, and it creaks and pops loudly when lifting a 1.5 ton boat -- I wouldn't recommend using this crane.
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    Hoisting capability at Rideau Marina

    25-Ton travel lift at Rideau Marina
    • 25-Ton Travel Lift
    • 10-Ton Fork Lift
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