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2011-07- City Priority Matrix

Waterfront Items on the City of Kingston Priority Status Matrix July 2011

Posted for the July 19 2011 Council Meeting, this 86-item priority matrix

Summary: 7 of 86 items concern waterfront and, of those, just three (Richardson Beach, Cataraqui River Trail, and Lake Ontario Park) involve access and recreation. One of the seven items, the Tett Centre, is likely to be a significant accessibility downgrade -- see also here -- despite early noise otherwise.

Since the April 2011 version of this, the only waterfront change is the Richardson Bath House and landscaping work is complete.

of total
Item Completion
15 Study; Lakefront/waterfront Plan 2014
30 Construction; Point Pleasant Water plant expansion Unknown Planning underway. Design in 2011; construction may commence in 2012. Grant consideration.
34 Richardson Beach and the Richardson Beach Bath House Upgrades 2011 Q3 Bath House and landscaping work is complete. Pavilion repairs are to be completed this summer.
43 Feasibility of a Multipurpose Trail on the West Side of the Greater Cataraqui River from the LaSalle Causeway to Kingston Mills Road 2011 Q2
62 Lake Ontario Park Master Plan - implementation 2012 Q4 Start of Construction in Q3 2011. Completion is planned for 2012
66 Business Plan: Marine Museum 2011 Q3 Business Plan is complete. Service Level Agreement underway.
76 Rehabilitation of the J.K. Tett Centre, 370 King Street Ongoing
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