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Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

Kingston's Portsmouth Olympic Harbour marina is located in the Portsmouth Village area of Kingston. This facility was built to host the yachting events of the 1976 Olympics. It is owned and operated by the City of Kingston. There are currently 259 slips in operation here.

Currently (2008) Portsmouth Olympic Harbour has 230 seasonal berths and approximately 20 slips for transient boaters.

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

See the POH page on the City of Kingston website, as well as the general City of Kingston municipal marinas page.

2-Ton Crane at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

Hoist capability at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

  • 2-Ton Crane
    This crane is kept in a poor state of repair, and it creaks and pops loudly when lifting a 1.5 ton boat -- I wouldn't recommend using this crane.

    External links:

    See Google Maps view of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.

    Panoramic images of the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
    www.virtualkingston.ca (Attractions section)

    For more information, contact:
    Holly Morrison,
    Acting Supervisor Community Facilities
    Phone (613) 546-4291 Ext. 1221
    Fax (613) 544-4776

    Recent related news

    October 8 2010

    COAST GUARD STATION RELOCATION is still a threat, according to the Fall 2010 Portsmouth Community Newsletter

    There's a whiff of arrogance from the feds here. Anne Milina Park, on the water, is definitely threatened.

    PDCA has been disappointed that the Coast Guard (Department of Fisheries and Oceans-DFO) has shown no interest in discussing the matter with municipal representatives.

    As citizens, we might want to consider working to kaibosh the whole relocation plan.

    Posted October 8 2010
    Category: Parks

    September 7 2010

    HERE'S THE LINK to the City and KEDCO reports asking Council to back CORK's bid for the 2014 International Sailing Federation World Championships.

    It's good to see the City and KEDCO finally pulling together for regattas and sorely-needed regatta-related improvements to our aging (crumbling?) marina infrastructure.

    Also interesting is the 21-page ISAF Guidelines for the 2014 Worlds. Read the whole thing; it involves very significant on-water assets, concessions to ISAF micro-management, and deference to an expensive IOC-style "V.I.P." culture. Almost all of this excess is supposedly on the host committee's tab.

    Do all aspects or European-style sport-federation dictates fly here in North America, specifically here in Kingston? Certainly not.

    These time-sensitive reports go before Council for approval on Tuesday evening. Any delay means Kingston misses deadlines to bid. The last-minute nature of this is almost entirely due to the ISAF, who recently decided to hold the event in 2014, not 2015 as originally expected.

    The 2011 ISAF Worlds are in Perth, Australia in December 2011.

    "Perth 2011 is expected to be three times bigger than the America's Cup Defence."

    See quote.

    Posted September 7 2010
    Category: City Council

    January 26 2010

    BUD GORMELY, past chairman of CORK, is to be inducted into the Kingston District Sports Hall of Fame later this Spring.

    Quoting from the story in last week's Kingston EMC:

    Marsha Gormley was happy to hear that her husband Russell "Bud" Gormley had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. She just wished that he could have been there to enjoy the honour.

    Indeed. This honour is probably 20-years overdue.

    Bud Gormley is remembered as a pioneer of the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston (CORK). During the 1976 Olympic Games, Gormley was known as the unofficial mayor of the Olympic Village at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. He was a key organizer of many other international sailing events in Kingston. Later in his life, Gormley carried out several humanitarian missions in the Dominican Republic.

    Here's more on Bud Gormley.

    Have a look at this sortable list of past HOF inductees. Rowing and sailing combined account for just six of 111 inductees. Baseball accounts for 28.

    Posted January 26 2010
    Category: Racing

    December 3 2009

    HATTERS BAY PARK is still in jeopardy according to the Portmouth Villagers Association.

    You may recall that the Coast Guard wants to shift their base from the west-side to the east-side of POH, clobbering the park, or access to the park, in the process.

    Read more on the issue.

    Posted December 3 2009
    Category: Parks

    October 19 2009

    Charity Shoal

    FISHING FOR ANSWERS OFF KINGSTON'S SHORES in today's Whig, about an ongoing geophysical survey of Charity Shoal, thought to be a meteor impact crater.

    One-mile diameter Charity Shoal is 11-miles due South of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Most of the crater is in Canadian waters.

    Posted October 19 2009
    Category: Lake Ontario

    July 16 2009

    EIGHT DAYS OF HOT CATS IN THE HARBOUR starting Friday as the 39th Hobie 16 North American Championship takes-over.

    The event is hosted by CORK and sailed out of the Portsmouth Olympic Harbor.

    The event starts with three days of racing for the Youth and Women’s Championship followed by five days of racing for the Open Championship.

    Competitors from six countries and eleven US states will take part in the event. The entry list includes five former Olympians and four past Hobie 16 North American Champions. The defending champions from Puerto Rico, Francisco Figueroa and Jolliam Berrios, will be defending their title.

    Posted July 16 2009
    Category: Racing

    March 23 2009

    ON TUESDAY'S COUNCIL AGENDA is the City Marinas Sustainable Strategy and Business Plan whose weeks-delayed public release was thoroughly botched last month following its truly bizarre August 2006 inception as a suspiciously narrowly-circulated RFI.

    (Hey, you have to agree: it's a great way to run a railroad.)

    FINALLY, for perhaps the first time in the seemingly endless Harvey Rosen era, Kingston waterfront takes a step that's NOT downright stupid, or ridiculously over-hyped, or shamefully stalled, or dirigiste, or laughably incomplete, or botched, or totally wasted, or commandeered by a raving bo-bo or otherwise seriously retrograde.

    This bucks the unmistakable trend:

    THAT the recommendation for the relocation of the Coast Guard at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour be exempted from the above clauses, and that it be referred back to staff for review and reconsideration in light of the community concerns raised within correspondence and through a delegation to the Committee on behalf of the Portsmouth Villagers Community Association.


    Related: Anne Milina Outlook Point, the waterfront park that stands to be clobbered by said Coast Guard relocation.

    Posted March 23 2009
    Category: Marinas

    March 10 2009


    ANNE MILINA OUTLOOK POINT is the newest and possibly tinyest of Kingston's waterfront parks.

    It sits on the southeastern edge of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour on land formerly controlled by Corrections Canada. It was opened in June 2008.

    The point is also known as Hatters Bay Park

    The recently released consultant's report, titled Kingston Marinas Sustainability and Development Strategy and Business Plan says this about the the Coast Guard building that sits on the Western edge of the POH property.

    Current Coast Guard building inadequate for their needs considering relocation to east side of harbour at Hadders (sic) Bay Park.

    Among the plan's recommendations for POH is number 7:

    Recommendation POH7 : Collaborate with the Coast Guard to develop and implement a plan for relocating and enlarging their land-based facilities and berth, while relocating Hatters Bay Park to current Coast Guard location at southwest corner of site.

    Financial Implications: Minimal or no cost to City of Kingston.

    Timing: Q4 2008- Q2 2009 (sic)

    Understandably, clobbering a beautiful waterfront park and moving it to a concrete-surrounded petrol-station-sign-dominated place in the shadow of tall condo buildings has folks in Portsmouth Village a little disturbed.

    But more to the point, according to the consultant, all this is supposed to happen at minimal or no cost to City of Kingston.

    • Build a new house-sized structure, and running services to it,
    • build a parking lot at the new structure,
    • build substantial new berths for coast guard vessels on the East-side of POH,
    • pave and perpetually clear and maintain the road to the new structure,
    • demolish a smaller but still house-sized structure, and rip-up the extisting Coast Guard area and turn that into a "park".


    It's a really stupid idea on so many levels. Still, it's out-there, floating-around as someone's bright idea for our waterfront.

    Nevermind that there's no other publicly accessible waterfront between there and Breakwater Park, a full 1.2 kilometers to the east, as the crow flies.

    Posted March 10 2009
    Category: Parks

    February 12 2009

    Nautical Archaeology Society

    ANNOUNCEMENT BY SAVE ONTARIO SHIPWRECKS (SOS) that it has formed a partnership with the Nautical Archaeology Society of Portsmouth UK to deliver maritime archaeology education programs developed by the society.

    A committee of instructors has been established. Training will begin in 2009. SOS aims to provide opportunities for training across the province.

    Save Ontario Shipwrecks is a Provincial Heritage Organization dedicated to the study, preservation and promotion of an appreciation of Ontario's marine heritage.

    Posted February 12 2009
    Category: History

    September 19 2008

    Clean Marine

    FIVE-ANCHOR ECO-RATINGS have finally been awarded to both POH and Confed by the Ontario Marina Operators Association's Clean Marine Program.

    The City of Kingston-operated marinas join Collins Bay Marina which received its 5-anchor rating in 2005, one of the first in Ontario to achieve it.

    Other local eco-rated marinas include Kingston Marina, Treasure Island Marina, and Loyalist Cove Marina.

    Local OMOA-member marinas that have no eco-rating at all include Rideau Marina and Blue Woods Marina.

    Posted September 19 2008
    Category: Marinas

    July 30 2008

    Posted July 30 2008
    Category: Marinas

    January 29 2008

    Point Pleasant Water Treatment Plant

    NOTICE FROM THE CITY about the expansion of the Point Pleasant water treatment plant.

    A Public Information Centre will be held at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour Press Lounge from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, January 30, 2008, to allow the public to meet the project team, discuss the study objectives and to receive comments and input.

    See also What's behind and under these ugly buildings? from April 2007, and the Urban Area Water Supply Master Plan which is a comprehensive overview with many interesting charts and diagrams.

    Posted January 29 2008
    Category: The environment

    November 18 2007


    There are several very interesting attachments to the report. Among them:

    Posted November 18 2007
    Category: Wolfe Is windmills

    September 25 2007

    1976 Olympics Sailing (Yachting) Courses Chart

    A SCAN FROM THE PAST: You are looking at a small-sized scan of the navigation chart created for the 1976 Olympic Sailing events (or Yachting as it was then known).

    Olympic sailing was hosted in Kingston and it remains, 31 years later, the pinnacle of Kingston's impressive regatta history.

    Click to see:

    The chart shows several very interesting things:

    • The sailing events were held way out in Lake Ontario, southwest of Simcoe Island. The racing area was a full 5-miles from P.O.H., and Course Charlie, used for Tornado class catamarans, was another 5-miles beyond that.

    • The racing area was bounded by 52 orange spar buoys.

    • Within the racing area, near its southern edge, there was something called Bedford Tower which isn't there anymore. Whatever it was, there was a 300m exclusion zone around it.

    • Note the detailed bathymetry of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, and the layout of the site for the Olympic event.

    • Also see how, prior to the 1984 expansion of Confederation Basin, Kingston Harbour was dotted with many spar buoys leading to the Lasalle Causeway along Carruthers Shoal. Old-time dinghy sailors will remember these well, as they served as ideal boathandling practice marks.

    Thanks to David Page, KYC archivist, who supplied the chart used to create these digital versions.

    Posted September 25 2007
    Category: History

    March 30 2007

    Posted March 30 2007
    Category: Wolfe Is windmills

    August 16 2006


    Here's a scanned copy of the 11-page City of Kingston Request For Information (RFI) No. CS-AM-2006-02 on the future of Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour that describes itself as

    "Partnering opportunity with the municipality in the provision of capital investment in marina infrastructure and delivery of marinas operations and marketing services"

    Read the whole thing.

    [Updated]: Click here to view the July 25th 2006 City of Kingston website announcement of the matter. Click here to see the interesting and detailed documents submitted to Council to approve this move in late March, 2006.

    Various questions arise from all this:

    • Why hasn't this document been widely circulated? It was advertised once in Kingston This Week. Pick-up only from the Midland St office. It was never publicly posted online by the City. Was a notice of this forwarded to, say, the Ontario Marina Operators Association? Were players from the wider marina industry approached? Why such a short leash?

    • What is the linkage between this RFI and the Request For Proposals, which apparently would soon follow? Why the rush? The RFI packs onerous production requirements into a short time, and reserves all rights to plans and intellectual property conveyed by respondents. The period for questions, for example, has already expired, just three weeks into this.

    • What's in place to protect taxpayers, protect access for boating residents and events, and for equitable treatment for other local waterfront-related interests, both commercial and public?

    • Why does all this appear to not pass a basic stink-test? Last April, for example, the The Kingston Brewing Company was precipitously given the task of running #6 Clarence Street, which is now the marina office, in what was the restaurant nearest to Confederation Basin.
    What next?
    Posted August 16 2006
    Category: City Marinas

    July 25 2006

    The City of Kingston has issued a Request for Information for potential partners to "provide capital investment in marina infrastructure" and to "deliver marinas operations and marketing services" for Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour.

    Posted July 25 2006

    April 10 2006

    Over at Collins Bay Marina they're already launching boats. "This is the earliest we have ever started the season!" says Hub Steenbakkers, owner of Collins Bay Marina. "It is starting off to be a great season!".

    Here are two views from the controllable Collins Bay Marina web cam which you can take for a spin at www.CollinsBayMarina.com/WebCam.html.

    At other locations:

    Posted April 10 2006

    March 21 2006

    At issue before Council tonight, the City of Kingston proposes to rent an office at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour to Clifts Marine Sales of Toronto whose homepage already touts this as a done deal. Note the rent. We're guessing this is the thin edge of the wedge, and it's only a matter of time before they start renting docks and using POH as a major sales centre.

    Posted March 21 2006

    January 31 2006

    Surely we're not the only ones who missed the release of the December 2005 CORK Newsletter. Among the interesting items in the two pages are:

    • The Trillium Foundation has provided over $50,000 towards the purchase of three new race support boats.
    • Marianne Davis is CORK's new general manager.
    • The City of Kingston has received a grant from the Government of Canada to refurbish Portsmouth Olympic Harbour which will include fixing-up the existing ramps, adding new ramps, and refurbishing docks.
    Posted January 31 2006
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