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GCRT Segment Rowing Club To Belle Park

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Trail segments:
Causeway To Rowing Club - Kingston Rowing Club To Belle Park - Belle Park To Apartments - Apartments To Aboriginal Site - Aborignal Site To 401 - 401 To Kingston Mills

Gravel Berm along waterfront in Tannery with Belle Park in the distance
Rowing Club dock and city's sewage pumping plant. Note fence currently blocking access to waterfront.
Looking North to Belle Park. Near possible location of bridge from Tannery to Belle Park.
Old railway line to Belle Park parallel to Rideau St.
Tannery Lands

Segment Description

Proposed trail will proceed north along the waterfront in front of the sewage pumping plant to the Tannery property.

Plan A: Trail proceeds along the gravel berm by the water. From the north edge of the berm, a bridge will be built crossing over to Belle Park and the existing trails there.

Plan B: If it is not possible to go through the Tannery property, it will be necessary to backtrack west along River Street away from the water to the old railway line parallel to Rideau St. Then the trail would proceed north along the old railway track to Belle Park.

Plan C: If the old railway is not accesssible due to construction of the proposed Wellington St Extension, then the proposed trail would have to continue west along River St to Rideau St, north on Rideau St to Montreal St, then north on Montreal St to the official entrance to Belle Park.

Exciting Features

The old Tannery property is extraordinarily beautiful - almost like a jungle.
The path along the old berm is amazing too - so far from civilization in the middle of the city!

Key Difficulties

The fences on either side of the Sewage Pumping Plant that reach right down to the water and bar access to the waterfront will have to be removed and replaced with a fence closer to the actual plant parallel to the water and close to the building thus freeing up the land on the waterfront to provide room for the trail.

The status of the old Tannery property is undetermined at this point. Considerable environmental clean up may be needed both on land and in the water nearby.

We will need to combat urban myths such as the idea that feral pit bulls range around the property.
None has ever actually been documented! Just pet dogs of hikers!

A bridge will need to be built connecting the old Tannery property with Belle Park.

The old railway may be taken over with the construction of the Wellington St Expressway if and when that happens.

List of properties or permissions to acquire

As described above, the status of the old Tannery property is undetermined.

Cost estimates for trail conversion

To be determined

Timeline for conversion

To be determined
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