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GCRT Segment Causeway To Rowing Club

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Trail segments:
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Children cycling in Doug Fluhrer Park
Doug Fluhrer Park
Historic Woolen Mill on the Waterfront

Segment Description

From the La Salle Causeway, the trail may proceed:

Plan A: west through DND property to the fire route by Frontenac Village, then along the fire route to the OHIP parking lot, or

Plan B: continue on Ontario St, right on Place d'Armes and right again on King St to the OHIP parking lot.
From the OHIP parking lot, north on Wellington St to Doug Fluhrer Park.

North along the waterfront to the Woolen Mill and then either:

Plan A: along the Woolen Mill waterfront trail, or

Plan B: left and back to Wellington St, north along Wellington St, then right on Cataraqui St to the Rowing Club.

Exciting Features

This section of the trail was the site of several industries on the 19th century as well as the turntable for one of the old railways and the site of one of the many wrecks in the harbour.

We wish to celebrate Kingston's industrial heritage on land as well as in the water by creating a walking tour with displays of some sort pointing out past industrial locations with possibly a small circular amphitheatre at the site of the railway turntable, and an account of the visible wreck as well as those further out under the water.

Key Difficulties

Proposed Wellington Street Extension may take up much of Doug Fluhrer Park

List of properties or permissions to acquire

Possibly permission required by DND for passage through the property on the north west side of the La Salle Causeway.
Possibly permission required for use of the waterfront pathway by the Woolen Mill

Cost estimates for trail conversion

To be determined

Timeline for conversion

To be determined
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