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GCRT Segment Belle Park To Apartments

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Trail segments:
Causeway To Rowing Club - Kingston Rowing Club To Belle Park - Belle Park To Apartments - Apartments To Aboriginal Site - Aborignal Site To 401 - 401 To Kingston Mills

Walking on a northerly maintenance road in Belle Park. Apartment complex in background.
Existing waterfront pathway in front of the apartment complex
Near possible bridge site from Belle Park to Apartment Complex

Segment Description

Trail will proceed north on the most westerly of the current maintenance roads going northward. Where the road ends, it will be extended to the river. A bridge will be constructed crossing a small creek. The bridge will connect the trail in Belle Park with the existing waterfront pathway on the water side of the Village on the River Apartment Complex. The trail will continue north to the end of the waterfront pathway to a currently existing sidewalk that goes around the parking lot and exits north onto John Counter Blvd.

Exciting Features

There are actually deer up on what is known as garbage mountain - right in the city!
The top of garbage mountain offers an amazing view south towards the city of Kingston.

Key Difficulties

No significant difficulties. The city owns Belle Park and also the waterfront pathway in front of the Apartment Complex.
Construction of two bridges will be required.
Sidewalks and current waterfront trail at the Apartment Complex will need to be expanded.

List of properties or permissions to acquire

Possibly permission of the apartment complex owner for expansion of sidewalk area.

Cost estimates for trail conversion

To be determined

Timeline for conversion

To be determined
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