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Trail segments:
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The so-called "Outer Station" Native Archaeological Hunting and Fishing Site
East end of John Counter Blvd. Location of the proposed Third Crossing. Music Marina in background on left.
Old railway connecting with current CN track just north of the Outer Station site.
Walking through the The River Park Housing Complex located on the northeast corner of Montreal St and John Counter Blvd.
Looking across the water from the Outer Station Archaeological site.

Segment Description

If and when the third crossing happens, the proposed trail will be integrated with it and proceed across to the east side of the Great Cataraqui River to integrate with the existing cycling paths there.

Plan A: The proposed trail would proceed from John Counter Blvd. along the waterfront through what is currently the Music Marina. It would then proceed north along the waterfront through the Outer Station Archaeological Site.

Plan B: If the marina route is not available, the trail would proceed from John Counter Blvd. through the River Park Housing Complex and its playground and then proceed north along the waterfront through the Outer Station Archaeological Site.

Exciting Features

The views across the river are lovely.
The Native hunting and fishing site was used by five tribes prior to contact with western civilization.
This site could be a wonderful place to celebrate our Native heritage with the possible construction of an interpretive centre.
This centre could also serve as a place to house the artifacts currently in storage with the Cataraqui Archaeological Research Foundation. CARF is looking for a place to display these artifacts.

Key Difficulties

If the marina is sold for development, the city will take 5% of the land along the waterfront allowing for the trail to proceed through this property. If the marina remains in private hands, an easement might be required.

Negotiations are currently taking place between the city and the five Native tribes concerned. There is a ban on any development until a protocol has been created and decisions regarding this land have been made. In addition, it is not known whether or not a Native Interpretive Centre can be built on this land at some time in the future. There is also concern about preserving the integrity of this site. In our opinion, a gravel trail would preserve the site.

List of properties or permissions to acquire

Possibly acquisition of the Music Marina. This will not be necessary if this land is sold for development.

Cost estimates for trail conversion

To be determined.

Timeline for conversion

To be determined

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