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GCRT Segment 401 To Kingston Mills

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Trail segments:
Causeway To Rowing Club - Kingston Rowing Club To Belle Park - Belle Park To Apartments - Apartments To Aboriginal Site - Aborignal Site To 401 - 401 To Kingston Mills

Final Destination of the Trail: The locks at Kingston Mills
Looking South
Marshlands North of 401
Old private railway underpass
Run-off through old stone culvert

Segment Description

This section of the trail is two privately owned lots together comprising about 50 acres. Most of the terrain is high ground although a drainage culvert was put in over 100 years ago to drain the farmland between the railway and Kingston Mills Road.

Exciting Features

The most interesting feature of this section is the old stone house built in 1930 by Thomas Burrowes who was the clerk of the lower section of the Rideau Waterway. The house was originally built by prisoners and there are six rooms in the basement that served as prison cells at the time of building. Burrowes was also a wonderful water colour painter. His paintings are currently buried in Ontario Archives. This house could in the distant future be a wonderful museum displaying his paintings as well as featuring interesting things about the building of the lower section of the Rideau Waterway.

Key Difficulties

One part of this section of the trail is wet and would require a bridge. See photo of run-off under old stone culvert.
The rock here is Precambrian and there are outcrops. So the trail would have to wander around the outcrops to avoid unnecessary expense.

List of properties or permissions to acquire

An easement through private property would be needed.
Permission from CN to use the trail under the old railway bridge might possibly be needed.

Cost estimates for trail conversion

To be determined

Timeline for conversion

To be detrmined
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