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Cedar Island

Cedar Island

Cedar Island is one of the most westerly islands of St. Lawrence Islands National Park. It lies only 250m offshore of Cartwright Point, a short paddle from Kingston Harbour. The pink granite cliffs lining the steep southern slope of the island are a striking contrast to the limestone shelf that lines the islandís northwest shore. Paddlers will find the 2 sheltered dock sites on the northeastern corner of Cedar Island the easiest spots to disembark. From here trails leads through an old hardwood forest of oak, ash and hickory, leading to Cathcart Redoubt. The islandís proximity to Kingston, abundant picnic sites, and numerous trails make it a popular destination for a leisurely day on the water. Four campsites on the island allow paddlers on extended trips to spend a night under towering pines surrounded by the waves of Lake Ontario. Cedar Island boasts a spectacular view of Fort Henry and historic Kingston Harbour, best enjoyed in the early morning light or fading sunset.

Source: Thousand Islands Water Trail, Route 1

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