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Brown's Bay Inn

Updated June 10 2010: The Brown's Bay Inn has been sold and plans are to turn it into a yoga resort.
The Brown's Bay Inn is a restaurant and lodge located just 3.4 nautical miles from Confederation Basin on the shore of Brown's Bay.

The Inn offers both indoor and patio dining, as well as a small bar. The best summer sunsets in the area are seen from the Brown's Bay Inn patio. You can overnight in one of several rooms and cabins, including one with private dock and deck that extends into the bay.

Their website: http://www.brownsbayinn.com/

The Inn has a great dock that always has a protected side, and Browns Bay is in the lee of Kingston's prevailing winds, making it an ideal all-weather destination for boaters in the Kingston region. Brown's Bay is relatively shallow, and powerboats are fine as long as you stay in the centre of the bay leading in to Brown's Bay. Watch your depth as you get to the dock.

Here's a view of an early-season sunset over one of the docks and decks at the Brown's Bay Inn.

Here's where it is, as nautical charts currently don't show the Inn's dock.

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