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Anglin Bay

Anglin Bay

Anglin Bay is a small bay on the South Western shore of the Great Cataraqui River.

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Wrecks in Anglin Bay

January 31, 2006

With low water levels (January 2006) various wrecks in the Kingston area become more visible. Among these are shipwrecks located just outside Anglin Bay.

In the mid-19th century, the area outside Anglin Bay became a graveyard for abandoned wooden ships. Many of these ships were later raised, and taken to new graveyards off Wolfe and Amherst Islands. Ones that were too badly damaged by fire or ice were left. A 1994 survey found approximately 12 wrecks in this part of the Cataraqui River.

Parts of hulls (particularly ribs) can be seen slightly above the ice surface today. At least two are visible off Douglas L . Fluherer Park, and two are visible off the end of Molly Brant Point.

Many of these ships belonged to the Montreal Transportation Company whose shipyard used to be at the entrance to Anglin Bay, and Canada Steamship Lines (CSL), headquartered in Montreal.

The wrecks are not to be disturbed as they are archeological sites under the Ontario Heritage Act. See also Regulation to Define Archaeology Terms in the Ontario Heritage Act and Underwater Archaeology: Ontario's Marine Heritage

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