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Kingston waterfront news for 2011

A LASALLE CAUSEWAY Lift Bridge Marine Traffic Survey is underway at http://www.lasallebridge.ca.

The purpose of the survey is to help us to better understand the use and economic value of the lift bridge.

Take a moment to fill-this-out if this matters to you.

Posted December 11 2011

INTERESTING AGENDA ITEM for the November 1st Council meeting.

City staff is recommending the addition of Pay and Display parking on the west side of Emily Street. This is a prime parking area for Kingston General Hospital patients and visitors. The additional parking spaces will also accommodate waterfront park users, particularly windsurfers at Richardson Beach.

This is great because recent renovations to the Richardson Beach area eliminated some parking, and the west side of Emily street has been a no-parking zone for many years. It looks like this is about to change.

Posted October 31 2011
Category: Accessibility

THE OCTOBER 11th Environment, Infrastructure & Transportation Policies Committee Meeting has the proposed Multi-Purpose Trail on the West Side of the Greater Cataraqui River on its agenda.

More on the Great Cataraqui River Trail.

Posted October 11 2011
Category: Accessibility

KINGSTON ROWERS Rob Gibson and Will Crothers won a bronze medal in the Men's Eight finals at the world championships in Bled, Slovenia.

In the process, the team also qualified for the 2012 London Olympics by placing in their semi-final heat.

Here's Mike Koreen's Whig Standard story about it.

Posted September 2 2011
Category: Rowing

WHAT GOES UP, it is said, must come down.

The latest LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVEL FORECAST shows the extent to which Lake Ontrio levels have dropped since late spring.

Right now we are about the long term average.

As for the big lakes upstream, they are still well below long-term averages, but higher than predited earlier this year.

Water level forecast for Lake Ontario
Posted August 16 2011
Category: Water levels

THE LINK to the Bypass Log For The City of Kingston.

It's improved; you can page back in history.

Posted August 11 2011
Category: The environment

THE CITY has posted its July 2011 City Priority Matrix.

Here's K7's summary of waterfront-related priorities found in the document.

Of the 86 items in the matrix, only seven concern waterfront.

Just three of those would improve access and two of those are actually being implemented: Lake Ontario Park and Richardson Beach. The third item, the proposed Cataraqui River Trail Project, is citizen-led and still a long way off.

Nothing has changed since the April 2011 Priority matrix except the Richardson Bath House and landscaping work is complete.

Very disappointing overall.

Posted July 15 2011
Category: City Council

THE JULY EDITION of the Thousand Islands Life e-zine is now online with a couple of interesting local stories.

Posted July 15 2011
Category: The region

POKER RUNS AMERICA final 2011 schedule is more modest than the one published last January.

Back then there were six poker runs scheduled in the immediate region or closeby.

Evidently the events in Valleyfield, Gananoque, and Muskoka have been scrubbed.

The 1000 Islands Poker Run (labeled "THE BIGGEST, MEANEST and BADDEST") stinks-up Kingston Harbour August 5-7, which is one day longer than originally advertised.

Posted June 30 2011
Category: Poker run

A SECOND FERRY for Wolfe Island? The Ontario Ministry of Transportation thinks so.

Posted June 29 2011
Category: The region

"A WONDERFUL SHOWPIECE ON THE CITY'S WATERFRONT!" are words historically uttered by Kingstonians with absolutely no clue.

Posted June 28 2011
Category: Diving

LINK to the Whig article about a recent Provincial grant to MetalCraft Marine.

Posted June 27 2011
Category: Working waterfront

GOOD VIDEO of Hub Steenbakkers of Collins Bay Marina explaining to CKWS-TV all about wisely using new-style inflatable life jackets.

This was part of a recent event to educate the public about boating and life jacket safety.

Video of Hub Steenbakkers explaining the finer points of inflatable lifejackets
Posted May 26 2011
Category: Safety


Posted May 20 2011
Category: Water levels

HUB AND MICHELLE STEENBAKKERS at Collins Bay Marina have won the Natural Marine National Environment Award

Posted May 20 2011
Category: The environment


Posted May 15 2011

KINGSTON'S DAVIS FAMILY has recently posted some great regatta results.

Paul Davis the father just won his third Soling World Championship in Chiemsee, Germany.

Son Robert Davis just placed second at the 2011 Laser Atlantic Coast Championships at Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Posted May 3 2011
Category: Racing


No surprise; the latest LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVEL FORECAST is up sharply over what was predicted earlier this spring.

Right now we are about 8 inches higher, just above long-term average, and the outlook for the first half of the summer looks about 4 inches higher than forecast six weeks ago. That's great news.

Water level forecast for Lake Ontario

As for the big lakes upstream, no tangible change in their forecast levels; still well below long-term averages.

Posted April 28 2011
Category: Water levels

THE SNOWBIRDS OVER RMC on May 21 and 22 2011.

Posted April 20 2011
Category: The Snowbirds
Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2011 MAJOR REGATTA PICTURE looks light this year.

No Worlds' and four North American Championships booked so-far.

Our last Worlds' was the Byte CII Worlds in 2009.

Not included in the 2011 tally is the Canadian Lightning Class Pan-Am Trials, July 1-3 hosted by KYC, which is the summer's first and possibly most hotly contested.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted April 18 2011
Category: Racing
Fenced dock along Kingston Waterfront.

ACCESS DENIED in the Wednesday Whig about the fenced-off dock behind KPH.

Here's a growing list of Kingston waterfront's currently fenced-off locations linking to photos.

Missing any?


Posted April 7 2011
Category: Accessibility

THE CITY has posted its April 2011 Priority Matrix.

It's not a long document but it's one of those PDFs rotated such that you can't easily read it.

Here's a summary of waterfront related priorities found in the document.

In short, 78 items in the list, seven concern waterfront, but just three would improve access and two of those are actually being implemented: Lake Ontario Park and Richardson Beach.

The third item, the proposed Cataraqui River Trail Project, is citizen-led and a long way off.

VERY slim pickings.

Posted April 4 2011
Category: City Council
Third crossing concept drawing

HERE'S A PHOTO of one of the concept drawings for the third crossing of the Cataraqui River.

Click for a larger version.

The project page is here: http://www.cityofkingston.ca/residents/transportation/thirdcrossing/.

The minimum clearance for fixed links over navigable stretches of the the Rideau Waterway is 22 feet.

Posted March 24 2011
Category: The third crossing

As you might expect given recent rains, LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS are up sharply.

The latest WATER LEVEL REPORT now shows insight into what to expect throughout the Summer: slightly higher levels than last year, and slightly higher than last December's forecast, but still about 5" below long-term averages.

Water level forecast for Lake Ontario

As for the big lakes upstream, their forecasts have been revised downward since we last looked; so bleaker.

Water level forecast for lakes Superior and Michigan-Huron
Posted March 11 2011
Category: Water levels

UNDER THE RADAR,, to say the least, is the apparent done-deal about the future of the 122-acre waterfront KPH property on King Street West.

So typical too: An imminent public meeting, and absolutely no details about plans are online.

To paraphrase: Come to the meeting to read all about our done-deal, presented to you on poster-boards. Queue before each one, 5 to 10-deep, and read 'em.

This is bullshit. This form of "Community Engagement" ought to be unlawful. This is exactly how we ended-up with our ruined, inaccessible, and screwed-up waterfront.

Public meetings should occur only after ALL plans are posted online for review and citizens have had sufficient time to prepare for the meeting.

Must hand it to them: it's a perfect way to run a railroad.

Here's the project page on the Ontario Realty website.

Posted February 21 2011
Category: KPH

SANTANDER SPAIN, not Kingston, will host the 20104 ISAF World Championships.

Posted February 21 2011
Category: Racing

ONTARIO stops offshore wind power development from The Globe yesterday and from The Whig today.

Here are details and diagrams of the proposed Main Duck Island wind farm, which consequently is now on hold.

Posted February 12 2011

POKER RUNS AMERICA has five event weekends planned nearby this summer:

  • Alexandria Bay (June 17th - 18th),
  • Ottawa (June 24th - 26th),
  • Valleyfield, QC (July 1st - 3rd),
  • Gananoque (July 22nd - 23rd), and
  • Kingston (August 5th - 6th)

They also stink-up Muskoka (July 15th - 17th), so six of nine announced locations are in Canada, five of them in Ontario.

Which tells you something.

Posted January 8 2011
Category: Poker run

REALLY nice overview of Lake Ontario Park and Area.

Posted January 8 2011
Category: Parks

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