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Kingston waterfront news for 2010

2011 FISHING REGULATIONS are online.

Of local interest are Zone 18 covering the inland lakes of Eastern Ontario, and Zone 20 covering all of Lake Ontario and the St-Lawrence River including the Great Cataraqui River south of Kingston Mills.

There's a great fish identification chart as well.

Posted December 21 2010
Category: Fishing

The EVENT IMPACT ANALYSIS for the 1000 Islands Poker Run will be meekly accepted by Kingston's new Council on Tuesday night.

Read the whole thing, and judge for yourself.

It never seems to matter how transparently ridiculous these reports are, they always get forwarded, and are always accepted by Kingston City Council.

Sad thing is, it's far from the worst report on the evening's agenda. That honour could go to the Economic Impact of Kingston Airport which says, brace yourself:

Total gross revenues generated by activities at Kingston Airport during 2009 are estimated to be $49.5 million.

That's a hair under a million dollars a week.

Apparently there's nothing pushover-commissioners Cynthia Beach and Denis Leger won't endorse to Council. The LVEC fiasco held no visible consequences for these two, and it evidently taught them nothing, so today the flow of bull continues unabated.

Posted December 20 2010
Category: City Council

OPPOSITION to the Wellington Street Extension project makes The Whig's front page on Saturday.

Is Kingston's waterfront not ruined enough? The destruction has got to stop sometime. Maybe it will finally stop when all of it is ruined.

The misguided and disastrous Harvey Rosen era is supposed to be over.

Here's are links to the Facebook group referenced in the Whig article and the group's photos that show the extent to which the park would be clobbered by roadway.

Posted December 19 2010

The latest WATER LEVEL REPORT gives insight into what to expect come Spring.

Looks like, for the second year in a row, we'll be facing low water levels again.

But what's worse is the forecast for the big lakes upstream; that's not good at all.

Posted December 17 2010
Category: Water levels

LETTER AND ARTICLE in the Saturday Whig about the excessive number of red flashing tower lights on Wolfe Island.

The request to tone-down the lighting seems reasonable. There isn't much, if any, civil aviation in the region, especially at night.

Consider too that mariners have been negotiating the very treacherous approaches to Kingston Harbour with a minimum and decreasing level of lit buoyage for decades now.

Posted December 12 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

ABLE SAIL FUNDRAISER: An evening with Paul Tingley on November 18, 2010 at 7pm at Sydenham United Chuch.

Paul Tingley is Canada's first Olympic Gold Medalist in Sailing. He'll be in Kingston to share his experiences and raise funds for Able Sail Kingston. Tickets are $25, $15 for students.

Posted November 4 2010
Category: Racing

Paul Wash just posted an interesting photo of Anglin Bay in the early 1970's. View it large.

Posted October 22 2010
Category: History
Power Squadron Navigation Course

Take an ELECTRONIC NAVIGATION COURSE from the Power Squadron on Thursday evenings between November 4th and December 2nd at Lasalle High School.

For info either download this one-page.DOC file or see the course page on he Canadian Power Squadron website.

Posted October 10 2010

COAST GUARD STATION RELOCATION is still a threat, according to the Fall 2010 Portsmouth Community Newsletter

There's a whiff of arrogance from the feds here. Anne Milina Park, on the water, is definitely threatened.

PDCA has been disappointed that the Coast Guard (Department of Fisheries and Oceans-DFO) has shown no interest in discussing the matter with municipal representatives.

As citizens, we might want to consider working to kaibosh the whole relocation plan.

Posted October 8 2010
Category: Parks

The WOLFE ISLAND TRANSPORTATION STUDY is the subject of a City Planning Committee Report for its next next meeting on October 7th.

The report is woefully incomplete. For example, the only Exhibit contains this statement which overlays the drawing.

Alternatives C1-C3 and C5-C17 are also carried forward for further consideration

For more on the 16 glossed-over alternatives, see page 14 of the public meeting display boards which include a bunch of non-bridge options.

That said, it certainly appears that several evidently ridiculous bridge route options remain on the table.

Posted October 4 2010
Category: City Council

HERE'S THE LINK to the City and KEDCO reports asking Council to back CORK's bid for the 2014 International Sailing Federation World Championships.

It's good to see the City and KEDCO finally pulling together for regattas and sorely-needed regatta-related improvements to our aging ( crumbling?) marina infrastructure.

Also interesting is the 21-page ISAF Guidelines for the 2014 Worlds. Read the whole thing; it involves very significant on-water assets, concessions to ISAF micro-management, and deference to an expensive IOC-style "V.I.P." culture. Almost all of this excess is supposedly on the host committee's tab.

Do all aspects or European-style sport-federation dictates fly here in North America, specifically here in Kingston? Certainly not.

These time-sensitive reports go before Council for approval on Tuesday evening. Any delay means Kingston misses deadlines to bid. The last-minute nature of this is almost entirely due to the ISAF, who recently decided to hold the event in 2014, not 2015 as originally expected.

The 2011 ISAF Worlds are in Perth, Australia in December 2011.

"Perth 2011 is expected to be three times bigger than the America's Cup Defence."

See quote.

Posted September 7 2010
Category: City Council

THE PROPOSAL for an 8-km multi-purpose trail on the West Side of the Greater Cataraqui River is on the City Council Agenda for Tuesday September 7th.

Unfortunately the agenda is so packed that they likely won't get to it. For years Harvey Rosen has been a miserable failure at chairing Council meetings such that now Council's backlog is beyond laughable.

For more information there's a detailed article, with video, in the Saturday Whig. Also the video and transcript from CKWS-TV News on July 14th is still available online.

Posted September 4 2010
Category: Shoreline

"WATERFRONT ACCESS" FINALLY appears to mean more than a future proximate footpath in a City of Kingston planning document.

This may be the first time that accessibility for shore diving is mentioned in a City of Kingston planning document.

The latest Comprehensive Planning Report to Planning Committee about the proposed Queen's Performing Arts Building at the Tett Centre says the following:

...the residents of the City of Kingston have enjoyed access to the water from this location for many decades for both passive enjoyment and active recreation, such as scuba diving. The wreck of the HMS St. Lawrence, largest War of 1812 battleship to sail the great lakes is located in 2 metres of water in front of this property and has a close post war association with the subject property.

The easement for public access along the waterfront will be included as part of the Site Plan Control process.

It's one thing to compel others, like Queen's University in this case, to build-in waterfront access. It would be nice if The City of Kingston did likewise for its own waterfront properties.

Posted September 1 2010
Category: Diving

GREAT FORTNIGHT for Kingston's Berg Ellmers, 12-years old, who along with Ali Tenhove finished 12th overall in the 96-boat 420-class at CORK (for youth 19-and-under) and finished 10th overall at the 76-boat Optimist Canadian Championships (for youth aged 15-and-under) which just concluded in Hamilton.

Posted August 28 2010
Category: Racing

DETAILS AND DIAGRAMS of the proposed Main Duck Island wind farm.

Posted August 17 2010
Category: The region

CORK International gets underway this week, Monday through Thursday inclusive.

This is the youth portion of CORK, the first of three major CORK events this month. The forecast for the first two days is windy.

Here's how the race areas are split along the waterfront. Click the image below for a larger annotated version.

CORK Race Areas
  • The 420 class is on Course Bravo.
  • Laser, Laser 4.7 and all Byte classes are on Course Golf.
  • Optimist and O'Pen Bic are on courses Mike and Alpha
  • The 29er North Americans, this week's premier event, is on Course Echo.
  • The Laser Radial class is on Course Charlie.
Posted August 16 2010
Category: Racing

OPEN HOUSE at MetalCraft Marine on Friday August 20th 2010 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. The theme is working waterfront.

If you haven't seen what goes on this part of the Inner Harbour, you really should.

Posted August 6 2010
Category: Working waterfront


If you find anything in there related to improving swimming at Richardson Beach, do tell.

Posted August 5 2010
Category: Beaches

BRACE YOURSELF: Waterfront accessibility appears to take significant importance in the Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment for the Tett Centre which is on the Cily's Planning Committee agenda for tonight, August 5th.

Unfortunately there is no mention of accessibility for SCUBA diving, given that the Tett Centre property has been used for years to access one of Kingston's best shore dives.

Posted August 5 2010
Category: Diving

DETAILS of the 2nd stage of the Third Crossing environmental assessment which will commence shortly.

Posted August 5 2010
Category: City Council

The latest WATER LEVEL REPORT from the US Army Corps of Engineers is up..

Levels are much better; we're at the the long-term average, still about 5" below last year at this time.

Posted August 5 2010
Category: Water levels

KINGSTON IN A NUTSHELL: you mismanage maintenance at Confed, then you fail to respond to a visitor, then the visitor runs aground, then the local rag puts him on the front page, complete with photo.


Posted July 24 2010
Category: City Marinas
SERIOUS CASH CRUNCH at the Marine Museum.
Posted July 24 2010
Category: Marine Museum


"Poker boats bring three to five million bucks to the city in three days."

-- Bob Ackley, muscle boat owner.

There's your stereotype, right there.

Read the whole thing.

Posted July 23 2010
Category: Poker run

PRO-AM BASS DERBY IN TOWN through Saturday, from CKWS-TV News.

It's the Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing, also on Facebook.

Posted July 22 2010
Category: Fishing

CHALLENGES of shipwreck preservation.

Posted July 22 2010
Category: Diving

COVERAGE of last Saturday's fire at Rideau Marina that destroyed their maintenance shop from The Whig, CKWS-TV News, and MetalCraft Marine.

Posted July 21 2010
Category: Kingston Marina

WATERFRONT TRAIL PROPOSAL from downtown to Kingston Mills on the western shore of the Cataraqui River according to CKWS-TV News last week.

Never going to happen, at least not to the extent they imply in the news item. The Great Cataraqui Marsh is inviolable.

See for yourself the relationship between the water, the Marsh, and the CN tracks.

Posted July 21 2010
Category: Shoreline
NINE MILE POINT LIGHT in The Whig. Apparently it's the oldest Canadian lighthouse on the Great Lakes.
Posted July 15 2010
Category: The region

THE POKER RUN is on the FOCUS Kingston Steering Committee Agenda for their July 15th meeting.

It's amazing that a KEDCO report that KEDCO itself says is inaccurate and statistically insignificant is nonetheless touted, again, by City Staff apparently desperate to supinate for the BIA, greenwash the event, and give all this a positive cultural and historical spin.

Still no word on requiring Poker Runs America to purchase obnoxious-offset-credits.

Posted July 13 2010
Category: Poker run


KINGSTONIST on Token Park.

METALCRAFT MARINE just splashed a 69-foot red fireboat equipped with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defenses. It's destined for Jacksonville but you'll be seeing its sea trials here in Kingston Harbour over the next few months.

The rather windy OPTIMIST NORTH AMERICANS, which wrapped last Sunday, was swept by Americans including two brothers, Christopher and Duncan Williford, who finnished top-two in the very strong 196-boat fleet. How strong? The top Canadian was 35th.

PHOTOS from the World Robotic Sailing Championships, which went under-the-radar in Kingston this Spring.

Posted July 6 2010

Lovely forecast for Kingston

Last time this happened was mid-May and it didn't turn out that way.

Posted July 2 2010

GREAT REGATTA so far at the Optimist North American Championships.

See over 3,000 photos by Geoff Webster and David Hein. Wow.

Posted July 1 2010
Category: Racing

THE OPTIMIST NORTH AMERICANS get underway today. Very impressive list of 195 competitors from all over the world.

They will be racing on Course Alpha in Kingston Harbour. Here's a link to the sailing instructions.

Posted June 27 2010
Category: Racing

SATURDAY FOR KIDS each Saturday morning at the Marine Museum throughout the summer.

Posted June 25 2010
Category: Marine Museum

STALE SEWAGE BYPASS LOG, three months out of date, on the Utilities Kingston website.

See also our archive of sewer bypass news items. Utilities Kingston is a disgrace when it comes to reporting and disclosure.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: The environment

HIGH MUCKY-MUCKS set to unveil Token Park on Monday.

Presumably there will be much collegial back-slapping amongst those who've done a great job recently ruining Kingston's waterfront.

More details on the whole Token Park waterfront accessibility and functionality downgrade.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: Block D

A FIFTH of all Lake Ontario Beaches are currently posted unsafe according to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

Meanwhile, here in Kingston, there is still no beach report avaiable from our lard-ass Health Unit.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: The region

RECENTLY IN THE WHIG: Plans at CORK, Laser sailor Robert Davis, and a letter calling for more public waterfront access.

Posted June 19 2010
Category: Racing
Kingston's Lard Assed Health Unit
Posted June 14 2010
Category: The region

SEVERAL SPOTS still available at the Kingston Yacht Club Sailing School, even the July sessions, for both kid's and adult programs. This includes some openings on their well-known racing team.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Sailing schools
High wind farm mortality on Wolfe Island

WINDFARM TURBINES on Wolfe Island are "shockingly" deadly for birds, bats from Wednesday's Globe and Mail.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

SCOOP: The Brown's Bay Inn was recently sold and apparently it's going to become a yoga resort.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Working waterfront

NEARLY A THOUSAND LIGHTHOUSES declared surplus by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Kingston-area lights at Nine-mile Point on Simcoe Island, Quebec Head on Wolfe Island, False Duck Island, Main Duck Island, Nicholson's Point, and Pigeon Island are all on the list..

The surplus lighthouses are those that Canadian Coast Guard officials determined "could be replaced with simpler structures whose operation and maintenance would be more cost-effective..."

Posted June 8 2010
Category: Working waterfront



STILL no beach report from our lard-ass Health Unit.

NAVAL RE-ENACTMENT this weekend.

KINGSTON'S FIREBOAT is named the Thomas H. Patterson.

Posted June 8 2010
Category: Working waterfront

RON BROWN on Kingston: catastrophe on the Cataraqui.

In his view, Kingston is a prime example of how not to treat a shoreline.

Posted June 8 2010
Category: City of Kingston

PHOTOGRAPHER IAN CORISTINE, who has made a career photographing the Thousand Islands region from the air, was featured in the Brockville Times Recorder last week.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: The region

KINGSTON ROWERS perform well at last weekend's World Cup event in Bled, Slovenia.

Bled, Slovenia, is the site of next year's World Rowing Championships.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: Rowing

700 KIDS is reportedly the turnout to last weekend's Perch Derby at Pourtsmouth Olympic Harbour. Excellent!. This event is surely one of the greatest things about Kingston waterfront.

Cute photos in The Whig.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: The region
Blank Beach Report

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK because there's no beach report avaiable from our lard-ass Health Unit.

It's only 31 degrees outside today. This has been forecast for quite some time.

There's been no signal that the KFLA Health Unit will be making-up the miles they are behind Toronto in beach report timeliness and data quality.

Posted May 26 2010
Category: Beaches

WATER WARNING in last Saturday's Whig, about the police state that has become our local waterways.

How bad could this get? Remember this law enforcement theatre from early July 2007. That was pretty damn bad.

Posted May 26 2010
Category: The region
WIND INDUSTRY threatens navigable waters in today's Whig Standard letters to the editor.
Posted May 21 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

134-PAGE KERFUFFLE for just one item on the Planning Committee agenda for May 20th. Baxter Farm Subdivision

It's about an Official Plan Amendment, a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision for Baxter Farm Subdivision on Hwy 15.

The western edge of this proposed subdivision would approach the Cataraqui River.

What's hilarious is the degree to which our country-bumpkin' politicians, staff, and some other morons are so conveniently, or so easily, UNESCOed.

Posted May 17 2010
Category: City of Kingston
NO SNOWBIRDS AIRSHOW for Kingston this year.
Posted May 16 2010
Category: The Snowbirds

Lovely forecast for Kingston

Last time this happened was last August.

Posted May 16 2010
Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2010 REGATTA PICTURE looks good again this year.

No world championships this year, but seven North American Championships.

Here's how 2010 shapes-up compared to previous years.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted May 13 2010
Category: Racing

REVISED DOWNWARD for May and June. Ouch!

Posted May 7 2010
Category: Water levels

REMINDER that April 30th is the deadline to fill-out the City of Kingston's truly asinine Poker Run Feedback form.

Posted April 29 2010

$1.5 BILLION is allegedly the cost of the proposed offshore wind project, in today's Whig. It's to be centred on Pigeon Island.

The article is actually funny, especially the the parts about KEDCO. Read the whole thing.

One possible interpretation of the article: arrogant city-slickers chatting-up a hick-town newspaper reporter.

Posted April 28 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

STILL BLEAK is the spring water level forecast.

Posted April 26 2010
Category: Water levels

PLEASURE CRAFT OPERATOR TESTING is available at the Marine Museum in partnership with the Kingston Power and Sail Squadron.

Further information: Ann Blake, Executive Director 613 542-2261 or ablake@marmuseum.ca.

Posted April 26 2010
Category: Boating

GONE WITH THE WIND by Waterkeeper Mark Mattson in The Mark.

The short takeaway: lobbying by industry has become much too powerful in the decision-making "process" in Ontario.

Posted April 26 2010
Category: The environment

THE APRIL ISSUE of the Thousand Islands Life e-zine is online. It includes an interesting story about phone service on Wolfe Island.

Posted April 16 2010
Category: The region

MOORING SEASON is off to a great start according to the Preserve Our Wrecks blog.

Posted April 16 2010
Category: Diving

DIRECT LINK to the City of Kingston's multiple-choice Poker Run Feedback survey.

It's a shame that the environmental aspect of the Poker Run seems to have singularly hijacked the conversation. "The environment" has always been a side-issue, and everybody knows it.

The survey offers no selection akin to "the Poker Run is OBNOXIOUS" which would be close to the median viewpoint on the matter.

Posted April 15 2010
Category: Poker run
STAGE-1 ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT for the third crossing.
Posted April 15 2010
Category: City Council

UNCHARTED TERRITORY: the province is supposedly working on standards for offshore wind projects, in today's Whig.

Posted April 14 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

300 MW WIND PROJECT APPROVED offshore of Wolfe Island in today's Globe and Mail.

Er, what??

Apparently this has been approved but nobody seems to know where, or any other details for that matter. For comparison, the existing wind turbines are rated at 197.8 MW.

Posted April 9 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills


...gauge community views regarding the cultural and social impacts of the Poker Run at 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 22, in Memorial Hall, City Hall, 216 Ontario St.

A funny coincidence: April 22nd is Earth Day.

Given past Downtown Kingston shenanigans, it will be interesting to see who chairs the meeting.

Certainly the meeting location, and meeting start-time, are ideal for our self-serving report-publishing Downtown Kingston friends.

Posted April 9 2010
Category: Poker run

COLLINS BAY MARINA reports they started launching boats last Thursday, on April 1st.

That's ten-days earlier than their previous record of April 10th, back in 2006.

Posted April 6 2010
Category: Marinas

GOOD ATTENDANCE -- some 6,000 visitors -- at the first 1000 Islands Boat Show, from Boating Business.

Posted April 5 2010
Category: Working waterfront

SAVE KINGSTON'S WATERFRONT! is a new Facebook group you can join.

Currently the group appears focused on saving Douglas Fluhrer Park from the Wellington Street Extension though, certainly, there's more to save.

Posted April 5 2010
Category: Parks

AN ILLUSTRATION of something that's so-wrong with our waterfront. The shoreline is a continuous physical barrier, with no breaks with access in mind.

Posted April 3 2010
Category: Accessibility

CATHCART REDOUBT on Cedar Island is looking very, very good after its repointing and renovation.

Posted April 3 2010
Category: History

ESTIMATED ECONOMIC IMPACT ASSESSMENT of the 2009 Thousand Islands Poker Run is on Council's next agenda. KEDCO report cover page

The KEDCO report is based on a survey (conducted by the Downtown BIA) and phone interviews (with spokespersons for Poker Runs America and Power Boating Canada).

All strong proponents of the Poker Run.

Despite the claim of attracting 14,500 spectators, KEDCO and the BIA could gather only 91 survey responses. These are noted as follows:

It should be noted that conclusions based on 91 results is "statistically insignificant" and does not adequately reflect the overall economic impact of the event. In this case, the economic impact report is inaccurate and would not be considered as part of a post-analysis report.

So the survey results are not reliable and are of no value. However, this doesn't prevent KEDCO from extrapolating conclusions and tabling them with six- and seven-digit precision.

Does the report contain some reliable information?

Apparently not. The report doesn't tell us how many boats were in in the 2009 Poker Run.

The number of boats according to The Whig last August, was "more than 60" which is far less than the hundred or hundreds usually touted by organizers.

Wouldn't you expect KEDCO to provide, at a minimum, data that could be used, for future comparisons?. By omitting the number of boats from this economic impact report -- one of the only available objective measures of event quality and scale -- KEDCO effectively delivers a report with little future-reference value.

The report claims that the 2009 event had 304 participants, or 360 participants depending on whether you read paragraph 3, or paragraph 4, on page 7 ( page 11 of the council PDF). How "more than 60-boats" turns into KEDCO's "304 participants" or "360 participants", including spouses and children, we do not know..

In view of the non-disclosure of the number of boats, the lumping of driver's spouses and children to inflate the number of "event participants", this all appears very suspicious.

Furthermore there's no mention of any negative survey responses. Several survey questions have "good" at the low-end of multiple-choice responses but a possible response of "poor" was only related to the questions related to "music quality" and "the variety of events".

In many respects this KEDCO report, as tabled, tells us a lot about KEDCO and the BIA in the Rosen-era.

In effect, the report says "we have no reliable data" and "we don't tell you even the easiest objective metrics" but, nonetheless, "the poker-run generates MILLIONS".

Related to that, the report's cover-page is notable because of its Disclaimer and the Release of Liability Statement, which we haven't seen before from KEDCO.

Do you think this might be, partly, because of fallout from KEDCO's Economic Benefits of the LVEC report from 2005?

Posted April 1 2010
Category: Poker run

HIGH LEVELS OF MERCURY found in sediment of the Cataraqui River, according to a Queen's University study.

Most of the western shore of the Cataraqui River south of Belle Park and above the LaSalle Causeway Bridge had levels of contamination, with the worst area around the Cataraqui Canoe Club, just south of the former Davis Tannery.

We're talking levels more than twice the federal government's most severe effect limits.

Here's a link to the report's abstract and the report itself can be purchased for US $31.50.

Oddly our once-venerable Whig gave this a completely different spin on March 18th. Their headline was: No longer a threat

CKWS-TV News gave us an apparently more balanced protrayal of the Queen's University report.

Posted March 30 2010
Category: The environment

SEVEN WEEKS AFTER THE FACT the Whig finally reports on Kingston's 118 million litre sewage dump into local waterways.

Posted March 20 2010
Category: The environment
THIS YEAR'S BOAT SHOW is in Gananoque.
Posted March 16 2010
Category: Working waterfront
PRESERVE OUR WRECKS' spring newsletter is online.
Posted March 11 2010
Category: Diving

KINGSTON FIGURES PROMINENTLY in the latest Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Podcast (in iTunes) and also avaiable here on their website

A comparison to previous years suggests that Kingston may be on its way to one of its worst sewage pollution years yet.

Posted March 10 2010
Category: The environment

METALCRAFT MARINE is featured in today's Report on Business.

Posted March 10 2010
Category: Working waterfront

SLOW, FRUSTRATING PROGRESS on deferred maintenance at Richardson Beach, in today's Whig.

Posted March 9 2010
Category: Beaches

THE FORECAST for spring water levels remains bleak.

Posted March 7 2010
Category: Water levels

LARGELY LOST IN THE EXCITEMENT of the recent Olympic coverage was the release of the City of Kingston's Official Plan.

Not much has changed since this post from January 2009, about the draft-version of this.

Waterfront doesn't factor for much beyond cursory platitudes. That's a shame.

Posted March 5 2010
Category: City Council
Paul Rushton

PAUL RUSHTON, perennial CORK volunteer and good friend of the waterfront, has passed away.

The memorial reception will be held on Saturday, March 6 from 5-7 pm at James Reid on Counter Blvd.

Posted March 4 2010
Category: Obituary
WHIG: RESIDENTS CRITICAL of the third-crossing proposal at the public meeting last night.
Posted March 4 2010
Category: City of Kingston

THE MARINE MUSEUM is on Facebook. This is a good thing because, like many organizations, it has been struggling with its website.

The best improvement is the coherent events page.

Posted March 2 2010
Category: Marine Museum

CONCEPT PLAN for Richardson Beach and Bath House in Tuesday's Council agenda. It's a 4-page PDF.

Posted February 26 2010
Category: Beaches

TWO TIER ENVIRONMENTALISM, the latest Lake Ontario Waterkeeper podcast, is excellent, excellent, excellent.

Posted February 16 2010
Category: The environment

NINE OPTIONS for the third crossing in the EA update to Council next Tuesday night.

But that's probably theatre.

Tentatively, a report recommending the preferred option for the third crossing will be presented to Council on April 20th along with a staff briefing.

Can anyone imagine any recommendation other than the original route between Counter (Elliott) and Gore Road?

Posted February 13 2010
Category: City of Kingston

COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING REPORT for the River Park Subdivision on the Cataraqui River at Counter Blvd is before Council at the February 2nd meeting.

Looking at the document, is there a waterfront park planned for the River Park Subdivision? Not seeing it.

Posted February 2 2010
Category: City Council

THE POKER RUN is Bill Hutchins' subject in last week's issue of Kingston EMC. (Does anyone cover the Council beat better than Bill Hutchins?)

Posted February 2 2010
Category: Poker run

A "SAFETY AT SEA" SEMINAR is open to all sail or power boaters on April 10, 2010 at the OISE Auditorium in Toronto.

This information-rich, one day seminar, provides the training necessary to handle emergencies away from land and is an asset for offshore or short handed crews.

Presented and endorsed by, among others, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, US Sailing, and the Lake Ontario 300.

Posted January 26 2010
Category: Safety

BUD GORMELY, past chairman of CORK, is to be inducted into the Kingston District Sports Hall of Fame later this Spring.

Quoting from the story in last week's Kingston EMC:

Marsha Gormley was happy to hear that her husband Russell "Bud" Gormley had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. She just wished that he could have been there to enjoy the honour.

Indeed. This honour is probably 20-years overdue.

Bud Gormley is remembered as a pioneer of the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston (CORK). During the 1976 Olympic Games, Gormley was known as the unofficial mayor of the Olympic Village at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. He was a key organizer of many other international sailing events in Kingston. Later in his life, Gormley carried out several humanitarian missions in the Dominican Republic.

Here's more on Bud Gormley.

Have a look at this sortable list of past HOF inductees. Rowing and sailing combined account for just six of 111 inductees. Baseball accounts for 28.

Posted January 26 2010
Category: Racing


Here is the status of online marketing efforts by several prominent waterfront-related organizations for the summer of 2010.

That's pathetic, no?

For the most part, 2010 dates should be posted within two weeks of the end of the 2009 boating season.

It's long-past the point of anybody caring about your Summer 2009 calendar.

Posted January 14 2010

HERE'S A LINK to a 44-page pollution report you may be hearing about over the next few days in the mainstream media.

Protecting the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin and Drinking Water Sources.

It's scary what gets dumped upstream and upwind of here.

Posted January 14 2010
Category: The environment

THE KINGSTON ROWING CLUB let their internet domain lapse and dodgy squatters have taken it over. No link because, well, you get the picture.

Posted January 9 2010
Category: Rowing

K.E.A.F. SPEAKS OUT about the Poker Run on the Council agenda for next Tuesday.

That's another report that's not available online for the public.

Posted January 3 2010
Category: Poker run

NOTHING SAYS "KINGSTON" like the document titled City of Kingston Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions which is part of the upcoming January 7th Planning Committee meeting agenda.

Firstly, the document is borderline unreadable! When did it ever become OK to post unreadable documents for the public? This has been going-on for years.

Secondly, the online document is incomplete.

Exhibit 'A' -- 'Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions' which forms part of this report is being circulated under separate cover.

The public needn't concern itself with the specific contents of the "approximately 40 studies and reports (that) were undertaken during the past 30 years".

Thirdly, get this:


That the "Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions" document be accepted as background information for the Waterfront Strategy, which will assist in the development of policies and recommendations to conserve and manage the City's waterfront.

Well, duh!

Progress on the waterfront file is here masquerading in the form of this totally obvious "report" from Cynthia Beach (Commissioner, Sustainability and Growth) that supposedly lists the details of 40 waterfront-related studies conducted over the past 30-years, suggesting that the Planning Committee should take time to accept the recommendation to consider recommendations arising from these studies when planning for the waterfront.

And so it goes.

Ever wonder how Kingston ended-up with a wasted waterfront? One reason is we have a Planning Committee that doesn't expect very much from City staff.

This endless visionless wheel-spinning helps ensure that money for the Downtown will indeed be amply available whenever needed. So, over time, we all end-up with, among other things, our fat-cat downtown and a shamefully wasted derelict waterfront.

Skeptical about that? Flashback to January 19th 2009. Read the whole thing.

Posted January 3 2010
Category: City of Kingston

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Last Updated: July 17, 2012