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Kingston waterfront news: December 2010

2011 FISHING REGULATIONS are online.

Of local interest are Zone 18 covering the inland lakes of Eastern Ontario, and Zone 20 covering all of Lake Ontario and the St-Lawrence River including the Great Cataraqui River south of Kingston Mills.

There's a great fish identification chart as well.

Posted December 21 2010
Category: Fishing

The EVENT IMPACT ANALYSIS for the 1000 Islands Poker Run will be meekly accepted by Kingston's new Council on Tuesday night.

Read the whole thing, and judge for yourself.

It never seems to matter how transparently ridiculous these reports are, they always get forwarded, and are always accepted by Kingston City Council.

Sad thing is, it's far from the worst report on the evening's agenda. That honour could go to the Economic Impact of Kingston Airport which says, brace yourself:

Total gross revenues generated by activities at Kingston Airport during 2009 are estimated to be $49.5 million.

That's a hair under a million dollars a week.

Apparently there's nothing pushover-commissioners Cynthia Beach and Denis Leger won't endorse to Council. The LVEC fiasco held no visible consequences for these two, and it evidently taught them nothing, so today the flow of bull continues unabated.

Posted December 20 2010
Category: City Council

OPPOSITION to the Wellington Street Extension project makes The Whig's front page on Saturday.

Is Kingston's waterfront not ruined enough? The destruction has got to stop sometime. Maybe it will finally stop when all of it is ruined.

The misguided and disastrous Harvey Rosen era is supposed to be over.

Here's are links to the Facebook group referenced in the Whig article and the group's photos that show the extent to which the park would be clobbered by roadway.

Posted December 19 2010

The latest WATER LEVEL REPORT gives insight into what to expect come Spring.

Looks like, for the second year in a row, we'll be facing low water levels again.

But what's worse is the forecast for the big lakes upstream; that's not good at all.

Posted December 17 2010
Category: Water levels

LETTER AND ARTICLE in the Saturday Whig about the excessive number of red flashing tower lights on Wolfe Island.

The request to tone-down the lighting seems reasonable. There isn't much, if any, civil aviation in the region, especially at night.

Consider too that mariners have been negotiating the very treacherous approaches to Kingston Harbour with a minimum and decreasing level of lit buoyage for decades now.

Posted December 12 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

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