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Kingston waterfront news: November 2008

HOPE FOR A BRUTAL WINTER because, if current forecasts hold, we may be facing low water in the spring, about a foot lower than in recent years.

Lake Ontario Levels

Moreover the water-level news from the big-lakes upstream isn't great. Throughout most of 2008 water levels on Lake Superior were rebounding towards normal. Now that gap appears to be widening again.

Downstream from Lake Superior, Lakes Michigan and Huron are still a full 15-inches below normal levels.

Lake Ontario Levels

Posted November 28 2008
Category: Water levels

LAFARGE LOSES APPEAL, which clears the way for a Environmental Review Tribunal hearing on burning tires at its cement plant in Bath.

So what does Lafarge plan to do? Rather than finally facing serious environmental scrutiny, and stepping-up to years of is own rhetoric, apparently Lafarge is scrapping its plans.

How whacked is that?

Posted November 27 2008
Category: The environment

K7 TURNS THREE this week.

Here's a big Thank You to some of the folks who've helped along the way with great photos, information, insight, scoops, concerns and corrections.

Amy Allcock
K Allo
David Athersych
Nathan Baron
Miranda Beninger
Ann Blake
Doug Burget
Craig Butler
Ross Cameron
Gord Campbell
Christopher Canning
Daniel Chamberlain
Bob Clark
Rob Colwell
Ian Coristine
Sandy Crothers
John Curtis
Gillian Dagg-Foster
Marianne Davis
Paul Davis
Robin Dawes
Diana Duerkop
John Duerkop
David Fairbairn
Didier Follain-Grisell
Jim Foster
Ted Goldring
Susie Hamberger
Phil Harvey
Chris Haslip
Wayne Hiebert
Michael Hill
Tim Irwin
Ted Ison
George Jackson
Jochebed Katan
Tom MacMillan
Stephanie Mah
Paul Malo
Mark Mattson
David Mody
Alida Moffatt
David More
Larry Newitt
Frances O'Neill
Lito Ochotorena
Carmen Olsen
David Page
Greg Pucher
Bruce Rand
Tom Rutledge
Vicki Schmolka
Keith Schneider
Greg Scott
Barry Smith
Maurice Smith
Sharon Snider-Wilkinson
Hub Steenbakkers
Miche Steenbakkers
Douglas Stewart
Mary Syrett
Ross Trethewey
Krystyn Tully
David Tyner
Jim Vance
Bill Visser
Evan Walmsley
Geoff Webster
Henk Wevers
Matt White
Shirley Wildenbeest
Tom Wroe
Anonymous (several)
Posted November 25 2008
Category: K7Waterfront
Preserve Our Wrecks Stacked Hulls Brochure

GUIDE TO THE STACKED HULLS WRECK has just been posted by Preserve Our Wrecks, Kingston.

The 2-page PDF explains how to find the 3 wooden steamer hulls with a shore-dive off KPH.

Related to local diving is the upcoming Talk on the War of 1812 Wrecks. Jonathan Moore, a well-known author on the topic and member of Parks Canada's Underwater Archaeology Service, will be speaking at the Marine Museum in Kingston on Sunday, November 30th at 2 pm to launch his new book on "Shipwrecks from the War of 1812 at Kingston: A Look Beneath the Waves".

Posted November 24 2008
Category: Diving
Richardson Beach


Public consultation, Kingston-style: 1) Quickly conjure a single plan with no options, 2) pretend to listen to input, then 3) execute the plan.

Name a recent Kingston waterfront development that didn't follow this pattern, or this pattern minus step-2.

Posted November 22 2008
Category: Beaches

A NEW FORMAT FOR CORK is announced today.

According to the press release, CORK 2009 will play-out ike this:

  • August 19 - 22: CORK International Event for Youth and Development dinghy classes.
  • August 23 - 27: CORK Olympic Classes Event for high-performance competition in Olympic and invited "development" dinghy classes.
  • August 28 - 30: Offshore and One Design Keelboat and Dinghy Classes for Offshore (PHRF) classes, one design Keelboats, Able Sail, and international dinghy classes.

This is great news on a number of levels.

For example, for the first time in many years, there is no overlap between CORK events and the obnoxious 1000 Islands Kingston Poker Run, currently scheduled for August 7-8 2009.

Another plus: better segmenting the events means better cohesion amongst participants. Youth and young sailors together; high-performance sailors together; and keelboat with international-class dinghies all together. This makes planning the all-important social packages more straightforward.

Another plus: dates for the Keelboats and international-class dinghies -- generally older adult sailors -- dovetail with the 2009 Kingston Blues Festival.

Another plus: CORK 2009 spans just 12-days of competition, compared to 18-days for CORK 2008. This will be much easier on the volunteer-base, so better regattas for all-concerned are likely to result.

Any downsides? It's hard to quibble with any of this.

Also booked for 2009 so far: cats!

  • July 17-19 - Hobie 16 Women and Youth North American Championship
  • July 20-24 - Hobie 16 Open North American Championship
Posted November 10 2008
Category: Racing

THE 2015 PAN-AM GAMES BID goes to Toronto's City Council today.

If (Toronto) council endorses the bid, a more detailed report is expected in February that will help lay out a venue plan and a detailed look at the financial, social, economic and infrastructure implications of the 2015 games. A formal bid must be submitted to the Pan American Sports Organization by April.

So KEDCO is running out of time to get the Sailing event for Kingston.

Here's the 6-page City of Toronto Staff Report on the matter.

The (Toronto) City Manager recommends that (Toronto) City Council:

1. Endorse the City of Toronto's role as the host city and participant in a bid to be submitted by the Bid Corporation to host the 2015 Pan American/ParaPan American Games in Toronto and communities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region.

It's not looking good.

Posted November 10 2008
Category: KEDCO

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