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Kingston waterfront news: November 2007


Here's the current home page.

Note the adult and two kids, in a what appears to be a 15-foot canoe, mid-Harbour at dusk in imminent weather. Seriously, how improbable is that? How wise is that?

International-14 class sailboats haven't actively sailed here for quite some time. The boat pictured here is Toronto-based, shown in no-wind, flat calm conditions.

Underwater here isn't blue, it's green or, if anything, it's dark green.

Adding just one more link-button to that web page looks very expensive. Guess how many files you'd need to touch to add another little box to the left of the canoe.

Is the KEDCO "blue belt" website like another website KEDCO isn't able to maintain?

Update Saturday Dec 1st: Inter Kingston Web Design has taken the website offline. Evidently the "blue-belt" website project, as currently conceived, has some serious content, presentation, and governance issues.

Posted November 29 2007
Category: KEDCO

A GLANCE AT LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS tells us that sometime on Thursday November 22nd levels measured at Kingston dipped below chart datum.

Currently we're a full 2-feet below last year's levels.

Here is a historical graph of Great Lakes' water levels dating back to 1918. Here's the same data in tabular form. The last time Lake Ontario was below datum was in 1965, though we've been very close to chart-datum twice in the past 8-years.

Lake Ontario Water Levels, Nov 2007 Lake Ontario Water Levels, Nov 2007 Graph of historic Lake Ontario water levels
Posted November 24 2007
Category: Water levels
Posted November 19 2007
Category: Marine Museum


There are several very interesting attachments to the report. Among them:

Posted November 18 2007
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

Nathan Baron: ONE LAST LAP.

Posted November 18 2007
Category: Racing

THE FINAL OF THE WFN 2008 BASS TOUR, THE CANADIAN OPEN, IS COMING TO KINGSTON, September 19-21 2008. There is $1,000,000 in prize money up for grabs.

Here's a press release with the fishing tournament's prize structure.

The lead-up events are in Georgina (Jul 4-6), Sarnia (Jul 25-27), Port Colborne (Aug 22-24), and Gravenhurst in the Muskokas (Sep 5-7), before the final in Kingston September 19-21.

Unlike the Poker Run, which occurs on an August weekend that would be sold-out in any event, this event is in mid-fall, when our waterfront facilities and accommodations in town have lots of excess capacity. Smart!

WFN.TV is a slick operation, and entering the event is not cheap. A professional angler, competing only in Kingston, must pay a $3,500 entry fee, while amateur anglers are in for $850 apiece.

If you're in, register here.

Posted November 15 2007
Category: Fishing
Comet Holmes is easily visible in the North East

COMET 17P/HOLMES, which recently brightened from magnitude 17 to magnitude 2.5 in just a few hours, is an easy sighting with binoculars, or with the naked-eye from darker viewing sites.

After sunset, look for it in the north-east sky, one and a half palm-widths up from bright star Capella. It is currently the third brightest "star" in the constellation of Perseus. It's visible all night.

Comet Holmes was first discovered in 1892 and has an orbital period of 6.9 years. It's interesting that Holmes reached perihelion in early May, and is currently on its way away from the Sun. It's distance from the Earth is at its minimum now, at 1.62 AU, so this is likely as good as it will get. Here's an interactive orbit diagram from NASA.

Posted November 3 2007
Category: The sky

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