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Kingston waterfront news: November 2005

Vector Wind Energy Inc. of Ottawa has detailed web pages about its proposed developments on Carruthers Point, Taylor Kidd West, and Amherst Island.

Of the three projects, Amherst Island looks to be the most intensive. Click here and here for larger, full-size images.

Posted November 29 2005

From the United States Army Corps of Engineers:

All of the Great Lakes, except Lake Ontario, are 4 to 6 inches below the levels of a year ago. ; Lake Ontario is 6 inches higher than it was a year ago.... Lakes Erie and Ontario are expected to fall 2 and 3 inches, respectively, over the next 30 days. Levels over the next few months on all the Great Lakes, with the exception of Lake Ontario, are expected to remain lower than 2004/2005. Evaporation rates this fall may be higher than average due to warmer surface water temperatures. See our Daily Levels web page for more water level information.

If this forecast holds then spring 2006 levels look to be about a foot below 2005 levels.

Posted November 27 2005

The Kingston Yacht Club has posted a list of its 2006 board of directors.

Posted November 26 2005

From the October KYC Log: The Kingston Yacht Club has been awarded the William Abbott Senior Trophy for 2005. The award goes to the top LTS program in Canada each year. This is a first for a learn-to-sail program in the Kingston area since the award was created in 1991. Clubs from Ontario have won this award 10 times in those 15 years.

Posted November 23 2005

A heavy rainfall in early April 2005 caused Kingston to dump 52 million liters of waste water into the Cataraqui River. Total fine? Zilch.

Posted November 23 2005

The Kingston-based Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) is seeking a new National Team Coach responsible for coaching athletes engaged in high performance sailing activities. Closes December 2, 2005.

Posted November 23 2005

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