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Kingston waterfront news: October 2010

Paul Wash just posted an interesting photo of Anglin Bay in the early 1970's. View it large.

Posted October 22 2010
Category: History
Power Squadron Navigation Course

Take an ELECTRONIC NAVIGATION COURSE from the Power Squadron on Thursday evenings between November 4th and December 2nd at Lasalle High School.

For info either download this one-page.DOC file or see the course page on he Canadian Power Squadron website.

Posted October 10 2010

COAST GUARD STATION RELOCATION is still a threat, according to the Fall 2010 Portsmouth Community Newsletter

There's a whiff of arrogance from the feds here. Anne Milina Park, on the water, is definitely threatened.

PDCA has been disappointed that the Coast Guard (Department of Fisheries and Oceans-DFO) has shown no interest in discussing the matter with municipal representatives.

As citizens, we might want to consider working to kaibosh the whole relocation plan.

Posted October 8 2010
Category: Parks

The WOLFE ISLAND TRANSPORTATION STUDY is the subject of a City Planning Committee Report for its next next meeting on October 7th.

The report is woefully incomplete. For example, the only Exhibit contains this statement which overlays the drawing.

Alternatives C1-C3 and C5-C17 are also carried forward for further consideration

For more on the 16 glossed-over alternatives, see page 14 of the public meeting display boards which include a bunch of non-bridge options.

That said, it certainly appears that several evidently ridiculous bridge route options remain on the table.

Posted October 4 2010
Category: City Council

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