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Kingston waterfront news: October 2006

AN 8-STORY PARKING GARAGE for Kingston's waterfront?

Posted October 28 2006
LAKE ONTARIO SAFETY ZONES, as proposed by the United States Coast Guard for occasional shooting practice, will have negligible impact on Kingston's boating, diving, fishing, and tourism trade. Zilch.

American boaters, on the other hand, are rightfully pissed at the idea since it affects them far more than it will ever affect Kingston.

If this goes through, it's just one more reason why the northern shore of Lake Ontario is a nicer place for boating, and for quality of life. On this so-called "issue" Kingston's current mayor, Harvey Rosen, would be well advised to zip it.

Click the chart below for a larger view or, better yet, see the US Homeland Security page. The box outlined with "blue" dots is the five-mile distance from the U.S. shores and/or U.S.-Canada maritime border. The boxes outlined with "yellow" dots, here shaded pinkish, are the proposed safety zones on Lake Ontario.


Posted October 17 2006
Category: The environment

THE LAKE ONTARIO WATERKEEPER/ WOLFE ISLAND WILDLIFE ASSOCIATION WETLAND CORRIDOR PROPOSAL has been released. This is all about cleaning up and renewing the Wolfe Island Canal.

See the very interesting 40-page, 19 Mb PDF document, which includes some fascinating appendices including an inventory of fish, plant, and wildlife on Wolfe Island.

Posted October 12 2006
Category: The region

FOUR LARGE CHRONICALLY MALFUNCTIONING LIGHT BUOYS in the lower Cataraqui River were replaced this week with much smaller spar buoys.

Posted October 7 2006
Category: Navigation

WATERKEEPER HIGHLIGHTS two recent Whig articles: Ontario sewage standards stink and Spineless over sewage.

The reaction of Kingston's current mayor, Harvey Rosen, is interesting. The fact is, the city of Kingston only started cleaning up its act after it was left with no other recourse. Ref: the Belle Park Dump.

Posted October 6 2006
Category: The environment

HERE"S AN INTERSTING ITEM involving an agreement with First Nations involving Belle Island at the Oct 3rd Council meeting.

Posted October 1 2006
Category: Parks

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