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Kingston waterfront news: September 2010

HERE'S THE LINK to the City and KEDCO reports asking Council to back CORK's bid for the 2014 International Sailing Federation World Championships.

It's good to see the City and KEDCO finally pulling together for regattas and sorely-needed regatta-related improvements to our aging ( crumbling?) marina infrastructure.

Also interesting is the 21-page ISAF Guidelines for the 2014 Worlds. Read the whole thing; it involves very significant on-water assets, concessions to ISAF micro-management, and deference to an expensive IOC-style "V.I.P." culture. Almost all of this excess is supposedly on the host committee's tab.

Do all aspects or European-style sport-federation dictates fly here in North America, specifically here in Kingston? Certainly not.

These time-sensitive reports go before Council for approval on Tuesday evening. Any delay means Kingston misses deadlines to bid. The last-minute nature of this is almost entirely due to the ISAF, who recently decided to hold the event in 2014, not 2015 as originally expected.

The 2011 ISAF Worlds are in Perth, Australia in December 2011.

"Perth 2011 is expected to be three times bigger than the America's Cup Defence."

See quote.

Posted September 7 2010
Category: City Council

THE PROPOSAL for an 8-km multi-purpose trail on the West Side of the Greater Cataraqui River is on the City Council Agenda for Tuesday September 7th.

Unfortunately the agenda is so packed that they likely won't get to it. For years Harvey Rosen has been a miserable failure at chairing Council meetings such that now Council's backlog is beyond laughable.

For more information there's a detailed article, with video, in the Saturday Whig. Also the video and transcript from CKWS-TV News on July 14th is still available online.

Posted September 4 2010
Category: Shoreline

"WATERFRONT ACCESS" FINALLY appears to mean more than a future proximate footpath in a City of Kingston planning document.

This may be the first time that accessibility for shore diving is mentioned in a City of Kingston planning document.

The latest Comprehensive Planning Report to Planning Committee about the proposed Queen's Performing Arts Building at the Tett Centre says the following:

...the residents of the City of Kingston have enjoyed access to the water from this location for many decades for both passive enjoyment and active recreation, such as scuba diving. The wreck of the HMS St. Lawrence, largest War of 1812 battleship to sail the great lakes is located in 2 metres of water in front of this property and has a close post war association with the subject property.

The easement for public access along the waterfront will be included as part of the Site Plan Control process.

It's one thing to compel others, like Queen's University in this case, to build-in waterfront access. It would be nice if The City of Kingston did likewise for its own waterfront properties.

Posted September 1 2010
Category: Diving

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