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Kingston waterfront news: September 2007

MIKE KALIN OF KINGSTON won the 40-boat Laser class at the 3-day CORK Fall Regatta which wrapped-up today.

Update: With a 10th place overall and top youth finish, Robert Davis of Kingston qualifies to represent Canada at the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship, July 10-19th 2008, in Aarhus, Denmark.

Robert finished 14th at this summer's Youth Worlds here in Kingston.

Update: Read CYA head coach Ken Dool's regatta report.

Posted September 30 2007
Category: Racing

ACCESS DENIED. The management of Fort Henry, which is heavily taxpayer-subsidized, decided during Summer 2007 to declare dozens of acres on Kingston's waterfront out-of-bounds.

We've collectively lost and ruined most of Kingston's Waterfront just like this: one step at a time.

Posted September 29 2007
Category: Accessibility
1976 Olympics Sailing (Yachting) Courses Chart

A SCAN FROM THE PAST: You are looking at a small-sized scan of the navigation chart created for the 1976 Olympic Sailing events (or Yachting as it was then known).

Olympic sailing was hosted in Kingston and it remains, 31 years later, the pinnacle of Kingston's impressive regatta history.

Click to see:

The chart shows several very interesting things:

  • The sailing events were held way out in Lake Ontario, southwest of Simcoe Island. The racing area was a full 5-miles from P.O.H., and Course Charlie, used for Tornado class catamarans, was another 5-miles beyond that.

  • The racing area was bounded by 52 orange spar buoys.

  • Within the racing area, near its southern edge, there was something called Bedford Tower which isn't there anymore. Whatever it was, there was a 300m exclusion zone around it.

  • Note the detailed bathymetry of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, and the layout of the site for the Olympic event.

  • Also see how, prior to the 1984 expansion of Confederation Basin, Kingston Harbour was dotted with many spar buoys leading to the Lasalle Causeway along Carruthers Shoal. Old-time dinghy sailors will remember these well, as they served as ideal boathandling practice marks.

Thanks to David Page, KYC archivist, who supplied the chart used to create these digital versions.

Posted September 25 2007
Category: History
Sketch of the Phoebe Boathouse soon to adorn the Kingston, Ontario waterfront

A TIMBER FRAME EXHIBIT SHELTER FOR THE PHOEBE is a project that was approved by Council last week.

It will be located behind the Pump House Steam Museum on Ontario Street, and build by local students with some financial assistance from the City.

Here's the Whig Standard Story from September 20th.

See also the Phoebe restauration project website and the Friends of The Phoebe website.

Posted September 22 2007
Category: History

PAST SEWAGE OVERFLOW REPORTS have been understated, according to this Whig-Standard article by Jennifer Pritchett.

The City of Kingston has installed new monitors on its sewers that has revealed the municipality spews millions more litres of untreated sewage into area waterways each year than previously documented.

Read the whole thing.

For what it's now worth, here's a link to the Bypass Log For The City of Kingston.

Posted September 21 2007
Category: The environment
2007 IOM Eastern Championships on the Kingston Ontario Waterfront

THE IOM CLASS EASTERN CHAMPIONSHIP REGATTA was hosted by KYC this weekend. It was a 42-race event involving 17 competitors from Ontario, Quebec, and northeast USA.

Due to the concurrent World Championships in France, participant numbers were such that they made just one fleet for all competitors.

Check out this 40-second YouTube video showing the start of race 42.

Make no mistake: radio controlled sailboat racing is serious stuff. See the See Kingston Yacht Club Radio Controlled Racing page for local information and, on a national level, see the The Canadian Radio Yachting Association website.

Posted September 16 2007
Category: Racing

BLUE WOODS MARINA IS FOR SALE. Blue Woods is on the north shore of Collins Bay.

Posted September 12 2007
Category: Working waterfront

ALWAYS WORTHY OF NOTE, especially now that the big breezes of autumn are evidently with us. The Kingston Boardsailing Association has a great clickable chart of Wave Sailing Spots In the Kingston Harbour with brief descriptions.


For example:

Snake Shoal Break

6-8ft; Straight onshore conditions and nice long rides straight downwind. Jumps on either tack. This shallow shoal is good even in the early season high water. At low water, I wouldn't try to sail straight across this shoal. Instead, ride the surf down either side.

In case you're wondering: yes, we are in low-water conditions with levels a full 5-inches below average for this time of year, about 15-inches above chart datum.

Posted September 12 2007
Category: Boardsailing

THE GREENPEACE VESSEL ARCTIC SUNRISE is in Kingston for the next few days. The former ice breaker is traveling along the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Toronto. They are promoting alternatives to coal and nuclear energy, and highlighting the indiscriminate logging of the Boreal Forest.

There is a public open ship tour planned for Saturday. Word is she will be moored at the P.U.C. dock, at the foot of Beverly Street.

Posted September 6 2007
Category: The environment
Admirals Walk Development on the Kingston, Ontario Waterfront

On the Agenda of the September 6th Planning Committee meeting there's a 62-PAGE ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT DOCUMENT for the Admirals Walk project proposed for Cataraqui Bay (AKA Elevator Bay).

There are several issues therein, including parking which appears inadequate for what's proposed.

There's mention of a possible marina, but they apparently don't know which side of the pier, west or east, any future marina will be placed.

One point is crystal clear: there will be no off-season vessel storage on the site -- there simply isn't space -- which means that any marina there risks being a money-loser.

Note that a marina is clearly shown on The Forrest Group's website and the yachting theme is central to the project's advertising so far. All this apparently doesn't add-up.

There are also questions about what the developer can and cannot do with the water lot.

Read the whole thing.


Posted September 3 2007
Category: City Council

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