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Kingston waterfront news: September 2006

LAKE ONTARIO WATERKEEPER argues water is not just another commodity.

Posted September 20 2006

GENERAL BROCK ON THE ROCKS: Today The Whig Standard published this front page story about the 100-passenger tour boat General Brock III, operated by 1000 Islands Seaway Cruises, that ran aground South of Seeleys Bay. No passengers were on board, no injuries were sustained, and apparently damage to the vessel is minimal.

Posted September 20 2006

UPPER GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS ARE VERY LOW, and there's no relief in sight. Huron and Michigan are at their lowest levels since the 1960s and Lake Superior is at its lowest since 1926.

Posted September 18 2006

THE COLLINS CREEK GREENBELT CORRIDOR will be one step closer to reality following the Planning Commitee meeting next Thursday.

Most people don't realize the immense size of the Collins Creek watershed. You barely notice Collins Creek driving over its mouth on Bath Road. Click the diagram below for a larger version.

Posted September 17 2006

BOUNCING BOATS are hard on your back.

Posted September 16 2006

WORTH ANOTHER LOOK: The Kingston Boardsailing Association has a great clickable chart of Wave Sailing Spots In the Kingston Harbour with brief descriptions.


For example:

Snake Shoal Break

6-8ft; Straight onshore conditions and nice long rides straight downwind. Jumps on either tack. This shallow shoal is good even in the early season high water. At low water, I wouldn't try to sail straight across this shoal. Instead, ride the surf down either side.

Sounds wild.
Posted September 14 2006

THE WHIG REPORTS on the three options presented by the International Joint Commission for regulating Lake Ontario water levels. See the commission's 162 page report, including some fascinating annexes.

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper endorses Plan B+:

Plan B+ represents a favorable compromise between pre-dam ideal environmental conditions and human uses of the Lake and River waterways. LOW notes that this is the only candidate plan that is directed towards the goals of the study, that is improving the Lake and River ecosystem. By permitting a greater range of fluctuations, meadow marsh habitat in Lake Ontario will be significantly improved. Plan B+ does more than any other plan to address species at risk, with notable improvements to populations of least bittern, black tern, yellow rail, and king rail.
Posted September 14 2006

VICKI SCHMOLKA writes about getting involved in The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, a 2-week country-wide effort organized and tallied by the Vancouver Aquarium.

We need this.

Posted September 11 2006

GOOGLE HAS ANNOUNCED UPGRADED IMAGERY for Google Maps and Google Earth. Large parts of North America are upgraded, and though the Kingston region is not included, Gananoque, Western Howe Island, the Admiralty Islands, and the Lake Fleet Islands are.

Western Camelot and Eastern Niagra Islands from Google Maps.

Posted September 8 2006

FIVE PEOPLE DIE at a poker run on Lake Texoma near Willis, Oklahoma.

Posted September 3 2006
LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS PEAKED IN EARLY AUGUST and have since receded. This year's peak was about four inches below, and about three months later, than last years'. Upstream the big lakes -- Lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior, are at way below average levels.

Posted September 2 2006

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