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Kingston waterfront news: August 2009

IDIOTIC BEACH REPORT from the KFLA Public Health Unit. Idiotic beach report

Go ahead, read it.

Who writes this crap? Who is it written-for? Er, which beaches are open, or closed, or what? This is bullshit.

Hey, KFLA Public Health unit, give us obvious in-context links to the complete list of beaches in the KFLA area posted as unsafe for swimmers.

Just like that.

Not long confusing link-free paragraphs then, far from there, a link that doesn't-look-like-a-link, out-of-context, which few people will scroll-to and find, and fewer will click. Can you find it? Look again.

Seriously, how hard could that be? This is so basic.

This isn't news. For too long the KFLA Public Health Unit has been an embarassment to our waterfront.

Dr Ian Gemill, enough self-serving verbiage about beaches. Do us a favour: either clean-house or retire.

Posted August 31 2009
Category: Beaches
Lovely forecast for Kingston

Just as summer holidays are over.

Posted August 31 2009

LIST OF MAJOR REGATTAS IN KINGSTON has just been updated with CORK results from the past week.

This year is notable because it's apparently the first time sailors from Asia have won major regattas here.

Terence Choo from Singapore won the Byte CII Canadians and, just this week Darren Choy, also from Singapore, won the Byte CII Worlds. Actually, Singapore dominated both events, placing four sailors in the top-5 in both events.

Posted August 28 2009
Category: Racing

IAN BRUCE featured in The Whig yesterday.

Posted August 28 2009
Category: Racing

GEOFF WEBSTER HAS NOW POSTED 801 CORK PHOTOS, and he's evidently not done. We're barely passed the halfway point.

See photos from the Hobie-16 North Americans (57 shots) in July, and more recently CORK INT (256 shots) and CORK OCR (488 shots and counting), all on Smugmug.com.

Web 2.0, meet CORK.

Posted August 26 2009
Category: Racing


At Lemoine Point, an orange lifesaving ring and rope hang from a steel post below a sign.

The sign warns that swimming is unsupervised and cautions that "strong winds and high waves cause dangerous conditions."

The sign and ring, however, are located roughly 100 metres from the waterfront, next to the gravel access road at the north end of the conservation area.

Posted August 26 2009
Category: City of Kingston
Bill Steenbakkers founds Collins bay Marina

BILL STEENBAKKERS, a Kingston waterfront pioneer who passed-away earlier this month, was the subject of a 1972 Kingston Whig-Standard article about the founding of Collins Bay Marina.

Reading the article, evidently Bill Steenbakkers' original vision for the marina remains intact nearly forty years later.

The suceess of Collins Bay Marina was never assured -- it's interesting that there were already two other marinas on the Bay when Collins Bay Marina was built.

Posted August 24 2009
Category: History

CORK 2009 PHOTOS are being posted by Geoff Webster. What's great is these can be zoomed to various sizes and the quality of the photos, regardless of size, is amazing.

Day-1 photos are all from the Byte C-II Canadian Championships.

Also, CORK IS STILL LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS. There are many different volunteer jobs available for sailors and non-sailors alike. Get out and have some fun! Contact the CORK office for more information: 613.545.1322 / sail@cork.org / www.cork.org.

Posted August 20 2009
Category: Racing
Major Kingston Regattas

CORK 2009 gets underway in earnest today.

There's been zero-fuss about this, but this year is CORK's 40th anniversary.

The first four days are all about youth development classes. There's one Canadian Championship at stake, in the Byte CII class.

But starting Sunday August 23rd, the focus shifts to older sailors, with one World Championship, four North American Championships, and one Canadian Championship at stake.

Here's how the whole summer shakes-out compared to past years'. Kinston's never hosted so many North American Championships before.

Posted August 18 2009
Category: Racing
POC testing at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

PLEASURE CRAFT OPERATOR CARD TESTING, a government scam if ever there was, is available at the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes on Thursdays.

You have four weeks left to get yours. The deadline is September 15, 2009.

Email Ian Hood, the museum's congenial test proctor, to book yourself in.

Posted August 13 2009
Category: Boating
Great forecast!

The last time this happened was in February and, back then, these Environment Canada forecasts looked-ahead only 5-days.

Posted August 12 2009

BILL STEENBAKKERS, patriarch of Collins Bay Marina which he founded in 1971, passed away on Sunday. He was 82 years old.

Posted August 11 2009
Category: Obituary

CALLING ALL MARINE MUSEUM AND ALEXANDER HENRY FRIENDS - Plan to join us for a taste of 'Icebreaker Ale' on Monday, 17 August 2009, beginning at 6 pm, upstairs at the Kingston Brew Pub, 34 Clarence Street.

The Kingston Brewing Company has very generously agreed to brew a celebratory libation for the Alexander Henry's 50th, and it will be unveiled/untapped, or whatever one does to launch a beer, on the 17th. Fifty cents from the purchase of each glass of Icebreaker Ale will be donated to the Marine Museum.

Posted August 11 2009
Category: Marine Museum
Posted August 10 2009
Category: Poker run

INSTRUCTIONS FOR POKER RUNS AMERICA BOATS makes for interesting reading.

You have to call it for what this truly is: a gig monopolized into four downtown hotels -- Radisson, Holiday Inn, Confederation Place Hotel and Four Points Sheraton -- all of these are owned by the usual suspects.

Most meals and the entertainment package appear to be monopolized into those four hotels as well.

Read the whole thing.

Posted August 7 2009
Category: Poker run

LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS are currently above average, almost exactly where they were last year at this time.

The good news is the big-lakes upstream are replenishing. You may recall that upper-lake levels were bleak back in 2007. Lake Superior was about 18" below average in August 2007 and Lakes Michigan and Lake Huron were about 23" below average in December 2007.

Lake Superior has been, for most of the summer, above last-year's levels, generally about 5 to 7" below its long-term average levels. Lakes Michigan and Huron are a full 5 to 10" above last summer's levels, and currently within 6" of long-term averages.

Lake Ontario Levels

More history in the K7 Water Levels topic.

Posted August 5 2009
Category: Water levels
2009 Cassidys Bay Regatta

229 PHOTOS from last weekend's Cassidys Bay International-14 Regatta.

Did you know... volunteering to help run sailing regattas is a great way to get yourself on-water, or involved shore-side, and it's a ton of fun too.

Posted August 5 2009
Category: Racing

TOKEN PARK DETAILS have been published.

Note the tumble-rock perimiter. No connection to water whatsoever. Why???

All this sits behind the massive Confederation Basin tumble-rock breakwall already! A breakwall behind a breakwall; Brilliant!

The effing idiots who have screwed-up our waterfront for decades haven't learned a damn thing.

Read more on Token Park.

Posted August 4 2009
Category: Block D
Posted August 4 2009
Category: Racing

GEOFF WEBSTER, longtime local sailing photographer, has just placed 23 photos from the 2009 Soling Bath Bowl and 57 photos from the Hobie-16 youth NA's online.

Posted August 4 2009
Category: Racing

RESULTS from the 2009 Shark Canadian championships, hosted by KYC, are posted.

Also the K7 List Of Major Regattas In Kingston has been updated.

Posted August 4 2009
Category: Racing

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