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Kingston waterfront news: August 2007

The CFB KINGSTON DOLPHIN SCUBA CLUB is a great example of how many local organizations could better interact with their members and the public at large: by blogging.

Consider these accounts of three recent dive excursions, all posted yesterday.

Makes you want to do a lot more diving, doesn't it?

Consider too the cost of all this: zero dollars, just three paragraphs in total.

Posted August 27 2007
Category: Diving

NOT SINCE APRIL 19th have we seen this:

Sunny forecast for the Kingston area

Posted August 27 2007
Waterfront property recently purchased by the City of Kingston

CITY PURCHASES LAND adjacent to Grass Creek Park.

That's good, but the announcement is prefixed with:

...in accordance with municipal policies for developing and sustaining public access to the City's waterfront.

... which is baloney, also here, citing two much closer and pertinent counterexamples from just last week alone.

Also, looking at the photo, there's really not much new waterfront there. So the whole waterfront angle to this story appears a little overblown.

Update: A report from the August 24th edition of the Whig Standard, which leads with:

Kingston has taken one more step toward securing the public use of its waterfront by purchasing 45 acres of riverside property on the city's far east side.

Posted August 24 2007
Category: City Council
Kingston Ontario waterfront beach report


It's on the City of Kingston website, under "Residents", then "Recreation". At the moment apparently two beaches, Lake Ontario Park and Rotary Park, are posted.

The information is not date-stamped, so you'll have no idea of information freshness. Let's hope this isn't another web page the city has no time to maintain.

Posted August 24 2007
Category: City of Kingston

CORK BLOGGING: Here are links to competitors, volunteers, and spectators blogging about CORK. This beats the Kingston Whig Standard, which has had almost zero coverage so far, and the CORK website, which has a "News" link with no recent news to be found there.

Volunteers are so important to Kingston's many waterfront events...
Posted August 17 2007
Category: Racing

THE LACK OF SHORELINE FISHING SPOTS is the subject of an interesting front-page story in today's Whig. It highlights a big problem with the waterfront in the City of Kingston: accessibility.

We've got:

Posted August 13 2007
Category: Fishing

THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Time for a management shakeup at Fort Henry?

Fort Henry officials are cracking down on pedestrian traffic on the perimeter of the property, which has become a popular spot for dog-walkers and picnickers.

Posted August 10 2007
Category: Accessibility

Two new topics are now prominently linked on the home page:

THE HIGHWAY TRAVELLER'S HOME PAGE seeks to brief Highway 401 travelers, who might otherwise bypass Kingston, about economical and time-efficient options involving Kingston's waterfront.

THE RESIDENT'S HOME PAGE seeks to brief most Kingston residents who, on balance, don't participate in their waterfront as much as they could.

Like all topics here, these topics are subject to incremental improvement, so suggestions and contributions are welcome.

Posted August 8 2007
Category: K7Waterfront
Shark 2007 North American Championships held on the Kingston Ontario waterfront


Update: Winners are David O'Sullivan, David Foy, and Jamie Foy of Ottawa's Britannia Yacht Club. Top Kingston boat is Peter VanRossem, Gord Greer, and Peter VanRossem Jr in fourth position. Results here.

Posted August 5 2007
Category: Racing

A UNESCO VIBE at tonight's Sunset Ceremony at Fort Henry, from The Toronto Star.

Posted August 1 2007

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