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Kingston waterfront news: August 2006

ABLE SAIL KINGSTON is a dymanic and remarkable piece of our waterfront. You may be impressed with all they are doing, and amazed by the depth of Kingston's Able Sail capabilities. Here are the beginnings of our Able Sail Kingston topic.

Posted August 30 2006

CORMORANTS TAKE A BITE OUT OF FISH STOCKS, which confirms what local fishermen have been observing for a long while.

Posted August 28 2006

TALL SHIP IN TOWN: The dock of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes will be graced by the 179-foot barque Picton Castle between Aug 31st and Sept 4th. The barque will be hosting a cargo sale Friday and Saturday 11-7, and Sunday and Monday 10-6.

Posted August 28 2006

FUNDRAISING CONCERT: GORD DOWNIE will be performing a "Heart of a Lake" tour in three cities between September 18 to 21, 2006. All proceeds from the tour will be used to help communities win back their rights to safely swim, drink, and fish in Lake Ontario.

He'll be performing in Kingston on Thursday, September 21st, 8pm at Sydenham Street United Church, 82 Sydenham Street, Kingston. Tickets $18, fees extra. Available online at www.maplemusic.com and www.grandtheatre-kingston.com, at the Grand Theatre Box office, the John Deutsch University Centre and The Grad Club, and by phone at 613.530.2050

Posted August 27 2006

BEACH INFORMATION WHERE? Wondering if a particular local beach is open or closed? The KFL&A Health Unit website is no help. First you must guess that their news page is where this information is kept, and then you must guess if a news item is current since their items are not dated. What's worse, the beach information is buried in a narrative paragraph which must be interpreted, and some of the beach-closure related news items mention some beaches while omitting others.

Searching for "Beaches" or "Beach Closing" on the City of Kingston website yields dysfunctional results.

What this city needs is a web page that clearly shows us the status of all local beaches at a glance.

Posted August 25 2006

LYME DISEASE TICS HAVE ARRIVED: Tics carrying Lyme disease have established a presence on Thwartway Island, also know as Leek Island.

UPDATE: Wednesday's Whig reports that a park worker has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, and we can assume that the tics have infested all of the Thousand Islands.

Posted August 19 2006

KYC'S 110 YEARS interesting story yesterday at CKWS-News about the celebration at Kingston Yacht Club marking its 110th anniversary, and the 30th anniversary of hosting the sailing competition of the 1976 Olympic Summer Games.

Posted August 19 2006


Here's a scanned copy of the 11-page City of Kingston Request For Information (RFI) No. CS-AM-2006-02 on the future of Confederation Basin and Portsmouth Olympic Harbour that describes itself as

"Partnering opportunity with the municipality in the provision of capital investment in marina infrastructure and delivery of marinas operations and marketing services"

Read the whole thing.

[Updated]: Click here to view the July 25th 2006 City of Kingston website announcement of the matter. Click here to see the interesting and detailed documents submitted to Council to approve this move in late March, 2006.

Various questions arise from all this:

  • Why hasn't this document been widely circulated? It was advertised once in Kingston This Week. Pick-up only from the Midland St office. It was never publicly posted online by the City. Was a notice of this forwarded to, say, the Ontario Marina Operators Association? Were players from the wider marina industry approached? Why such a short leash?

  • What is the linkage between this RFI and the Request For Proposals, which apparently would soon follow? Why the rush? The RFI packs onerous production requirements into a short time, and reserves all rights to plans and intellectual property conveyed by respondents. The period for questions, for example, has already expired, just three weeks into this.

  • What's in place to protect taxpayers, protect access for boating residents and events, and for equitable treatment for other local waterfront-related interests, both commercial and public?

  • Why does all this appear to not pass a basic stink-test? Last April, for example, the The Kingston Brewing Company was precipitously given the task of running #6 Clarence Street, which is now the marina office, in what was the restaurant nearest to Confederation Basin.
What next?
Posted August 16 2006
Category: City Marinas

VICKI SCHMOLKA, who is running for Kingston City Council in Trillium District, notes that the Waterfront Trail is finally, but slowly, being posted.

Posted August 16 2006

LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS ARE UP, now about four inches above average. Upstream, Lake Superior is 10 inches below average, and Lakes Michigan and Huron are 20 inches below average water levels.

Posted August 15 2006

POKER RUN: Today's Whig Standard lead story, complete with colour photo, proclaims: " Big boats lead to new business".

The Thousand Islands Poker Run proved (sic) it is good for more than electrifying crowds and breaking speed limits over the weekend.

For the first time in its 19-year history, the motorsport spectacle was parlayed into a showcasing weekend for companies looking to expand.

A company in town for the event, which Kingston Economic Development Corp. general manager Jeff Garrah would not name ahead of an official announcement, committed to building a 15,000-square-foot facility that will create about 16 new jobs.

To put this into perspective, your average freestanding fast-food franchise represents as many full-time equivalent jobs as this. This is evidently front-page KEDCO-lauding news in this town.

Lower down:

"We had spectator boats lining both sides of the river from Kingston all the way to Prescott," Taylor said. "That's the magnitude of this event."

Yeah, like a sunny Saturday in August wouldn't otherwise be busy with boat traffic throughout the Thousand Islands.

Our friends at KEDCO and Poker Runs America would be well advised to curb their collegial self-congratulations, and recognize the other boats standing clear for what it really was.

Posted August 14 2006

CORMORANTS: The Syracuse Post Standard today ran a story titled Give cormorants credit for goby diet. Cormorants have become a huge problem on some islands near Kingston. Gobies (see also here) are an invasive species currently threatening many native fish populations.

Posted August 13 2006
Posted August 10 2006

CORK STARTS: Today is the first day of CORK, and it starts with the CORK Offshore event for larger keelboats.

Posted August 10 2006

CKWS-TV yesterday carried this story about the 110-foot long tall ship Fair Jean, currently operating in Kingston, and its planned year-long return trip to the Caribbean. Apparently there are still crew positions available.

Posted August 8 2006

Here's another recent article about the deadly virus killing fish in Lake Ontario.

Posted August 8 2006

Here's a Utilities Kingston Tender posted August first, closing August 16th, for work that must be done before December 15th 2006. Therein:

  • Landscaping of the on-shore areas of the east and west shores of the Great Cataraqui River - the naturalization of 5,800m2 on the west shore, the restoration of the east shore and landscaping in the vicinity of the River Street Sewage Pumping Station, including Douglas L. Fluhrer Park.

  • In-water fish compensation works in the Great Cataraqui River - construction of an artificial reef on the east shore of the Great Cataraqui River and the installation of ten (10) root wads on shoreline areas.
  • All this seems ridiculously short-notice and cross-diciplinary. The City of Kingston stumbles on without sense or vision for the Cataraqui River.
    Posted August 2 2006

    On August 1st, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper published a short piece about three local beaches that are presently closed because of E.coli.

    Meanwhile, at Richardson Beach, which wasn't closed, on the hottest, muggiest, and smoggiest August 1st in Kingston history, there were very few swimmers, doubtless due to the general confusion over which beaches were, or wern't, safe.

    Posted August 2 2006

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