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Kingston waterfront news: July 2012

The 2012 PRIORITY MATRIX - Q2 update is presented to Council at the July 17, 2012 meeting.

Before reading further, please see my comments on the 2012 Priority Matrix as presented to Council in February 2012.

Disregard that the table on Page 3 of the latest report is festooned with glaring naming and tallying errors.

As in the February report, there's nothing waterfront-related in Exhibit A - 49 (actually 52) initiatives due for completion by 2012 year end.

Exhibit B - 27 (actually 67) initiatives due for completion by year end (sic) contains the same two waterfront items as in February, no progress to report. These are:

  • Item #1 labeled "Study: Lakefront/waterfront plan" and has STILL has no due date or shows any comments.
  • Item #38 labeled "Visioning for Douglas R. Fluhrer Park" and has a compeletion date of Q1 2014 which is a ridiculously long timeline. You can tell there is no will to do this.

Question: how does the 2012 priority matrix Exhibit B, mislabeled and mistallied as it is, grow from 42-items in February to 67-items in July?

Answer: because nobody at City Hall has any balls, and because nobody really vets this shit.

Exhibit C - 33 (actually 77) initiatives due for completion in 2013 and 2014 contains the same singular waterfront item, Lake Ontario Park. This projet is minimally about its waterfront, addressing there some grievous deferred maintenance more than anything truly new or better since 1950.

So there you have it. An out-of-control priority matrix that, on balance, has fuck-all for waterfront.

Posted July 17 2012
Category: City Council

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Last Updated: July 17, 2012