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Kingston waterfront news: July 2010

KINGSTON IN A NUTSHELL: you mismanage maintenance at Confed, then you fail to respond to a visitor, then the visitor runs aground, then the local rag puts him on the front page, complete with photo.


Posted July 24 2010
Category: City Marinas
SERIOUS CASH CRUNCH at the Marine Museum.
Posted July 24 2010
Category: Marine Museum


"Poker boats bring three to five million bucks to the city in three days."

-- Bob Ackley, muscle boat owner.

There's your stereotype, right there.

Read the whole thing.

Posted July 23 2010
Category: Poker run

PRO-AM BASS DERBY IN TOWN through Saturday, from CKWS-TV News.

It's the Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing, also on Facebook.

Posted July 22 2010
Category: Fishing

CHALLENGES of shipwreck preservation.

Posted July 22 2010
Category: Diving

COVERAGE of last Saturday's fire at Rideau Marina that destroyed their maintenance shop from The Whig, CKWS-TV News, and MetalCraft Marine.

Posted July 21 2010
Category: Kingston Marina

WATERFRONT TRAIL PROPOSAL from downtown to Kingston Mills on the western shore of the Cataraqui River according to CKWS-TV News last week.

Never going to happen, at least not to the extent they imply in the news item. The Great Cataraqui Marsh is inviolable.

See for yourself the relationship between the water, the Marsh, and the CN tracks.

Posted July 21 2010
Category: Shoreline
NINE MILE POINT LIGHT in The Whig. Apparently it's the oldest Canadian lighthouse on the Great Lakes.
Posted July 15 2010
Category: The region

THE POKER RUN is on the FOCUS Kingston Steering Committee Agenda for their July 15th meeting.

It's amazing that a KEDCO report that KEDCO itself says is inaccurate and statistically insignificant is nonetheless touted, again, by City Staff apparently desperate to supinate for the BIA, greenwash the event, and give all this a positive cultural and historical spin.

Still no word on requiring Poker Runs America to purchase obnoxious-offset-credits.

Posted July 13 2010
Category: Poker run


KINGSTONIST on Token Park.

METALCRAFT MARINE just splashed a 69-foot red fireboat equipped with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) defenses. It's destined for Jacksonville but you'll be seeing its sea trials here in Kingston Harbour over the next few months.

The rather windy OPTIMIST NORTH AMERICANS, which wrapped last Sunday, was swept by Americans including two brothers, Christopher and Duncan Williford, who finnished top-two in the very strong 196-boat fleet. How strong? The top Canadian was 35th.

PHOTOS from the World Robotic Sailing Championships, which went under-the-radar in Kingston this Spring.

Posted July 6 2010

Lovely forecast for Kingston

Last time this happened was mid-May and it didn't turn out that way.

Posted July 2 2010

GREAT REGATTA so far at the Optimist North American Championships.

See over 3,000 photos by Geoff Webster and David Hein. Wow.

Posted July 1 2010
Category: Racing

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