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Kingston waterfront news: July 2009

2009 Hobie 16 North Americans in Kingston

PHOTOS from the 2009 29er Canadian Championships and the 2009 Hobie-16 North Americans have been posted to Flickr.

Here are the 29er Canadian Championship results. Danielle Boyd of Kingston, sailing with Emily Hill, finished third, ending the 10-race regatta with three bullets. Ellie Clark and Rachael Boyd of Kingston finished 8th in the 26-boat fleet.

Posted July 27 2009
Category: Racing

THE HOBIE-16 NA'S ARE DONE and Enrique Figueroa with crew Victor Aponte of Puerto Rico won-it convincingly.

Up next: the 29er Canadian Championships hosted by KYC on Saturday and Sunday.

Posted July 24 2009
Category: Racing

HOW MANY COLOURFUL CATS do you think are required to make some people realize that there's a championship competition going on, and so it might be sensible to stay clear?

Below, some wanker in a large cruising sailboat, crossing, blanketing, and eventually splitting a 54-boat Hobie 16 North American Championship fleet a few moments after the start of race 2.

Other than that, the championship is going-off pretty well. Some more wind would be nice. Today (Monday) was saved by the usual Kingston Harbour sea breeze.

Photo: Christina Black
Posted July 20 2009
Category: Racing

VERY TIGHT 3-WAY TIE after day-1 at the Hobie 16 Women's North American Championship, and similarly there's a two-way tie at the top of the Youth division.

Posted July 17 2009
Category: Racing

EIGHT DAYS OF HOT CATS IN THE HARBOUR starting Friday as the 39th Hobie 16 North American Championship takes-over.

The event is hosted by CORK and sailed out of the Portsmouth Olympic Harbor.

The event starts with three days of racing for the Youth and Women's Championship followed by five days of racing for the Open Championship.

Competitors from six countries and eleven US states will take part in the event. The entry list includes five former Olympians and four past Hobie 16 North American Champions. The defending champions from Puerto Rico, Francisco Figueroa and Jolliam Berrios, will be defending their title.

Posted July 16 2009
Category: Racing

FILM REVIEW of Waterlife, a documentary by Kevin McMahon. Grim.

Posted July 10 2009
Category: The environment


Posted July 8 2009
Category: Kiteboarding

COMMENT ONLINE on the city website about the proposed renaming of Breakwater Park in honor of Lt.-Col John Bradstreet.

Renaming the park after John Bradstreet is a stupid idea. Here's why:

  • Bradstreet's troop-strength ratio was about 25-to-1, a significant fact the city never mentions in its 'comment-online' background information.
  • Bradstreet's troops quickly took Fort Frontenac, trashed it, then they departed.
  • Bradstreet never spent a single eighteenth-century winter here.
  • There's no evidence John Bradstreet ever built a damn thing here.

Any questions? See the Battle of Fort Frontenac and John Bradstreet's 2-paragraph article in Wikipedia.

Posted July 7 2009
Category: Parks

THE 8-PAGE SUMMER 2009 NEWSLETTER from Preserve Our Wrecks Kingston is now available.

Posted July 5 2009
Category: Diving

PAVING PARADISE, TO PUT UP A FAKE PARK is an interesting letter in the recent Kingston This Week about the proposed extensive Lake Ontario Park re-vamp.

Posted July 5 2009
Category: City of Kingston


A cursory check of City Planning Committee agendas shows the project has been in abeyance for quite some time. In other words, documents have not been filed.

Here are some photos of that proposed (er, stalled) development.

Posted July 3 2009
Category: City Council

OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF CANADA announced today for Ian Bruce of Dorval, QC.

For his contributions to the sport of sailing in Canada and abroad, notably for the design and development of high-performance crafts for young sailors.

OC is the 2nd highest rank. That's the same level among sportsmen as the likes of Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Steve Podborski, and Alex Bauman so this is a very big deal.

Update: Nice summary of Ian Bruce's career courtesy of the Montreal Sailing blog.

Posted July 2 2009
Category: Awards

FOUR DEAD AT KINGSTON MILLS in a car discovered in a lock Tuesday morning that was finally hoisted-out on Tuesday evening. More at CKWS-TV and The Whig also here and here.

As of 9:15 AM today there has still been no boat traffic through Kingston Mills locks since yesterday morning.

Posted July 1 2009
Category: Tragedy

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