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Kingston waterfront news: July 2007

WELL OVER 800 PEOPLE took advantage of boat rides on Saturday and Sunday during the Kingston Discover Boating Event. See also the related article in today's Whig-Standard.

Posted July 29 2007
Category: Boating

NEW MOORING FIELD on the South side of Kingston Harbour, just off the The Island Grill on Wolfe Island, just East of the Wolfe Island Ferry dock.

A total of 10 moorings, available free for now, though the plan is to eventually charge overnight, monthly, or yearly rates.

Outer moorings have a depth of 14 feet, shallowing to 7ft for the inner ones. No reservations are currently required.

See also our Island Grill topic, and the Anchoring topic, still a work in progress, is updated to reflect these new moorings.

Posted July 27 2007
Category: Anchoring

NATHAN BARON'S MINI TRANSAT SLOOP arrived in Kingston yesterday and was launched at Collins Bay Marina. Lots of photos on Flickr.

Nathan hopes to compete in the 2009 Mini Transat race between France and South America.

July 27 2007 UPDATE: Front-page story in The Whig-Standard.

Posted July 25 2007
Category: Racing

It's been a while since we've featured the THE LATEST GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS FORECAST by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Lake Ontario levels are about six inches below normal for this time of year, so beware.

Posted July 23 2007
Category: The environment

There are still SOME AVAILABLE SAILING CAMP SPOTS in August at the Kingston Yacht Club Sailing School and at the Collins Bay Yacht Club Sailing School. Pass the word.

Posted July 23 2007
Category: Sailing schools

TUESDAY'S COUNCIL AGENDA includes an additional $60,000 operating grant to the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.

See also Exhibit 'A' - Marine Museum of the Great Lakes 2007 Business Plan which is interesting, and underscores that the Museum needs your support too.

Posted July 22 2007
Category: Marine Museum

THE FINAL DAY OF RACING AT THE VOLVO YOUTH SAILING ISAF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS saw just one race as planned. Winds were very shifty from the Nortwest that, at times when competitors were on water, gusted to thirty knots and above. Results here.


Boys One Person Dinghy: Laser (Pavlos Kontides, Cyprus)
Girls One Person Dinghy: Laser Radial (Gabrielle King, AUS)
Boys Two Person Dinghy: 29er (Henrik Sogaard, Soren Kristensen, DEN)
Girls Two Person Dinghy: 29er (Emily Dellenbaugh, Briana Provancha, USA)
Boys Windsurfer (Pierre Le Coq, FRA)
Girls Windsurfer (Laura Linares, ITA)
Open Multihull: Hobie Cat 16 Race Spinnaker (Richard Glover, Andrew Glover, GBR)

Our List Of Major Regattas In Kingston has been updated with these seven new world champions.

Posted July 21 2007
Category: Racing

PHOTOS OF THE FAIR JEANNE FIRE from the Clayton Fire Department. The vessel shown responding in the photos is one built by MetalCraft Marine of Kingston.

Posted July 19 2007
Category: Safety

Kingston Ontario waterfront wind graph for the IASF Youth Worlds, Day 4 A DAY ON THE LIGHT-SIDE: Here's what iWindsurf.com recorded for wind on Day 4 of the ISAF Volvo Youth Worlds.

If you are in VHF radio range of Kingston Harbour, and are able to listen-in, here are the channels for Volvo Youth Worlds regatta.

  • Orange course (VHF 10): Skiffs and Cats.
  • Blue course (VHF 72): Boards
  • Yellow course (VHF 69): Lasers

Results here.

Highlight of Day 4: A bullet and a 2nd for Isabella Bertold of Canada in Girls Laser Radial who sits in 5th with three more races to sail.

Canada is tied for 13th overall for the Volvo Trophy which, at the top, is a 3-way race betweem Australia, Denmark, and New Zeland. Looking down from there, the UK is 6th and the USA is 7th.

Posted July 19 2007
Category: Racing

There are three interesting waterfront-related items on the CITY'S PLANNING COMMITTEE AGENDA for Thursday, July 19 2007.

Lots of interesting diagrams in all three of these documents.

Posted July 17 2007
Category: City Council

A reminder: THE CFB KINGSTON DOLPHIN SCUBA CLUB BLOG regularly covers another great aspect of Kingston's waterfront, its underwater world. The Dolphin SCUBA Club is active all year 'round (link to photos on Flickr), which is amazing.

Posted July 17 2007

YOUTH WORLDS DAY 3 started looking good for lighter crews but, in the end, Kingston Harbour served-up something for everyone.

The first race on Yellow Course (Cats and 29ers) was set at 240 degrees and later settled in the 200-220 degree range.

The Yellow Course committee still didn't place itself according to plans. As a result the reach legs are susceptible to nasty blasts, funneled by the Boat Channel South of Simcoe Island (whose axis is oriented about 230 magnetic) and fans-out, mixing with overland air, upon reaching the harbour.

Wind, IASF Worlks Kingston 2007, day 3

Posted July 16 2007
Category: Racing

AFTER RACING DAY TWO AT THE ISAF YOUTH WORLDS, we can start to say the regatta's eventual winners will have really earned it.

Winds started West and fair but it picked up and backed suddenly around 11:30am and, by first guns at noon it was snorting. It mostly built from there.

Yellow Course was set at 245 degrees, and that never changed. By session's end around 2:30pm, with gusts close to 30 at times and with carnage looming, they called it a day. Another good call.

Results here. Best Canadian after Day 2 is David Hayes of Toronto, currently in a podium position in Boys Windsurfer thanks to a bullet in the last race today.

Posted July 15 2007
Category: Racing

RACING DAY ONE AT THE ISAF YOUTH WORLDS was cloudy with shifty, diminishing and, eventually, backing breezes to below 180 degrees.

There was a notable discrepancy between the planned and actual location of the Yellow Course (Hobie Cat and 29er classes).

Results here.

Posted July 14 2007
Category: Racing

IT WAS AN UNUSUAL DAY WIND-WISE for the Volvo Youth Worlds practice races, which were supposed to happen on three race circles in early afternoon.

A heck of a cell went through just before 9am, and it looked to be a fair day after that. But a sequence cells passed through around mid-day, and the wind built dramatically throughout the afternoon.

It turned into a classic Kingston buster, with the wind sensor at Kingston Yacht Club recording gusts to 40 knots. The competitors were on water for a short while, blasting around, but the practice races never happened. Good call.

Here is the trace of average wind from the Kingston Yacht Club. Anybody know why the pre-9am squall shows distinctively on the iWindsurf.com sensor, but not the Kingston Yacht Club sensor? Both sensors are mounted at the end of the pier of the Kingston Yacht Club. Maybe the squall was so brief there that it doesn't factor when averaged?

Posted July 13 2007
Category: Racing

There's a NEW ALL-PURPOSE JUNIOR SQUADRON SHED at Kingston Yacht Club close to being complete. It will be used as a workshop for boat repairs on KYC's impressive dinghy fleet, sail storage, and can also serve as an activity room when the weather's poor.

Last year KYC renovated the boathouses on the East side of the property, along Simcoe Street.

It's good to see visible signs of upgrades on the waterfront.

Posted July 13 2007
Category: Sailing schools

THE KINGSTON DISCOVER BOATING EVENT returns to Confederation Basin Marina, Saturday and Sunday July 28th and 29th between 10am and 5pm.

Free boat rides for all who wish to give boating a try.

This event is courtesy of many volunteer boat owners and several of our local marinas: Collins Bay Marina, Ed Huck Marine (of Rockport), Kingston Marina, Treasure Island Marina, River Rat Marine (in Landsdowne, ON) with space and dockage provided by the City of Kingston's Confederation Basin Marina.

Posted July 12 2007


Posted July 11 2007
Category: The environment

METALCRAFT MARINE IS FRONT-PAGE NEWS in yesterday's Whig Standard.

"The truth of the matter is there is no one doing it better right now than MetalCraft"

That's saying something.

Posted July 11 2007
Category: Working waterfront

AT NEXT TUESDAY'S COUNCIL MEETING, City staff seeks to declare the property at 5 Brock Street as surplus, paving the way for its sale to the Hotel that surrounds it.

This is primo commonwealth property on the waterfront, adjacent to our downtown docks, and across the street from City Hall, Confederation Park, Confederation Basin, and historic Market Square.

Or is it, potentially, Starbucks'?

Posted July 7 2007
Category: City Council

UP TO THE GILLS -- POLLUTION IN GREAT LAKES FISH is a 15-page report by Environmental Defence released on July 5th, 2007.

In short:

  • Toxic chemicals in Great Lakes fish are alarmingly high and becoming more serious over time.
  • Lake Ontario is the worst of all the Great Lakes.
  • Toxins that once only surfaced in big fish are making their way down the food chain, to smaller fish.

Here's Recommendation 1 (of 8 in total) which is interesting:

RECOMMENDATION 1: In order to provide a more realistic representation of the state of fish contamination in the Great Lakes and improve fish advisories as an indicator of Great Lakes health, provincial, state and national partners in the U.S. and Canada must develop and maintain a publicly accessible record of information on the current status, evolution and historical levels of chemical contamination of fish in the Great Lakes, including information on the toxicity levels in and around the Great Lakes basin.

In other words: That's not happening now.

Posted July 7 2007
Category: The environment

RESULTS FROM THE 505 Canadians, Kingston's first notable sailing regatta of 2007, are finally up. Winners were Americans Tyler Moore and Jessie Falsone.

More: Kingston's regatta history is updated.

Posted July 6 2007
Category: Racing

GEOFF WEBSTER has been photographing sailing in Kingston, including CORK, for over 25 years.

He's just self-published a booklet of 50 photos, taken from over 80,000+ in his collection, titled SAIL KINGSTON -- Fresh Water Sailing Capital Of The World.

He also has collections of photos from CORKs-past available on DVD, and these may be purchased by contacting Geoff at

Geoff Webster

Posted July 6 2007
Category: Racing

LAW-ENFORCEMENT THEATRE Wednesday night at Collins Bay Marina as the OPP Marine Unit books a sailor from a group of several yachts from Rochester NY traveling together.

The individual was in small tender, simply going from C-Dock to A-Dock, from one docked yacht to another, while impaired.

Word around the marina is there was no party going on, sleeping boaters on "C" and "A" docks heard nothing unusual, and the guy apparently wasn't lippy with the cops.

There are, of course, two ways to view this.

But there are lessons here:

  • Should you be operating a vessel while impaired? No.
  • Is the Kingston OPP Marine Unit over-zealous? Apparently so. But then again, nobody witnessed the arrest, and few of us can list hauling corpses out of the water among our duties, so it's hard to say.
  • What might this incident cost in American tourism terms? That's incalculable.

    Moreover: How does this story come to find its way onto CKWS-TV News?

You decide. It's all about choices people make, on both sides of the badge.

Posted July 6 2007
Category: Working waterfront

THE PROVINCE PROVIDES $80,000 FOR THE ISAF VOLVO YOUTH WORLDS REGATTA, just two weeks before the start of the event, which is cutting it pretty close.

Posted July 4 2007
Category: Racing

Now ROTARY PARK BEACH IS POSTED CLOSED due to high E. coli levels (again from The Whig Standard, and not the Health Unit website).

Last year, Rotary Park Beach was closed in late July, which at the time was Kingston's first beach closure in 14 years. That closure forced the nearby Collins Bay Yacht Club to stop in-water instruction until the beach re-opened.

What the heck is polluting our west-end beaches?

Posted July 4 2007
Category: Beaches

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