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Kingston waterfront news: June 2010

THE OPTIMIST NORTH AMERICANS get underway today. Very impressive list of 195 competitors from all over the world.

They will be racing on Course Alpha in Kingston Harbour. Here's a link to the sailing instructions.

Posted June 27 2010
Category: Racing

SATURDAY FOR KIDS each Saturday morning at the Marine Museum throughout the summer.

Posted June 25 2010
Category: Marine Museum

STALE SEWAGE BYPASS LOG, three months out of date, on the Utilities Kingston website.

See also our archive of sewer bypass news items. Utilities Kingston is a disgrace when it comes to reporting and disclosure.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: The environment

HIGH MUCKY-MUCKS set to unveil Token Park on Monday.

Presumably there will be much collegial back-slapping amongst those who've done a great job recently ruining Kingston's waterfront.

More details on the whole Token Park waterfront accessibility and functionality downgrade.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: Block D

A FIFTH of all Lake Ontario Beaches are currently posted unsafe according to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper.

Meanwhile, here in Kingston, there is still no beach report avaiable from our lard-ass Health Unit.

Posted June 24 2010
Category: The region

RECENTLY IN THE WHIG: Plans at CORK, Laser sailor Robert Davis, and a letter calling for more public waterfront access.

Posted June 19 2010
Category: Racing
Kingston's Lard Assed Health Unit
Posted June 14 2010
Category: The region

SEVERAL SPOTS still available at the Kingston Yacht Club Sailing School, even the July sessions, for both kid's and adult programs. This includes some openings on their well-known racing team.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Sailing schools
High wind farm mortality on Wolfe Island

WINDFARM TURBINES on Wolfe Island are "shockingly" deadly for birds, bats from Wednesday's Globe and Mail.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

SCOOP: The Brown's Bay Inn was recently sold and apparently it's going to become a yoga resort.

Posted June 10 2010
Category: Working waterfront

NEARLY A THOUSAND LIGHTHOUSES declared surplus by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Kingston-area lights at Nine-mile Point on Simcoe Island, Quebec Head on Wolfe Island, False Duck Island, Main Duck Island, Nicholson's Point, and Pigeon Island are all on the list..

The surplus lighthouses are those that Canadian Coast Guard officials determined "could be replaced with simpler structures whose operation and maintenance would be more cost-effective..."

Posted June 8 2010
Category: Working waterfront



STILL no beach report from our lard-ass Health Unit.

NAVAL RE-ENACTMENT this weekend.

KINGSTON'S FIREBOAT is named the Thomas H. Patterson.

Posted June 8 2010
Category: Working waterfront

RON BROWN on Kingston: catastrophe on the Cataraqui.

In his view, Kingston is a prime example of how not to treat a shoreline.

Posted June 8 2010
Category: City of Kingston

PHOTOGRAPHER IAN CORISTINE, who has made a career photographing the Thousand Islands region from the air, was featured in the Brockville Times Recorder last week.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: The region

KINGSTON ROWERS perform well at last weekend's World Cup event in Bled, Slovenia.

Bled, Slovenia, is the site of next year's World Rowing Championships.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: Rowing

700 KIDS is reportedly the turnout to last weekend's Perch Derby at Pourtsmouth Olympic Harbour. Excellent!. This event is surely one of the greatest things about Kingston waterfront.

Cute photos in The Whig.

Posted June 1 2010
Category: The region

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