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Kingston waterfront news: May 2010

Blank Beach Report

SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK because there's no beach report avaiable from our lard-ass Health Unit.

It's only 31 degrees outside today. This has been forecast for quite some time.

There's been no signal that the KFLA Health Unit will be making-up the miles they are behind Toronto in beach report timeliness and data quality.

Posted May 26 2010
Category: Beaches

WATER WARNING in last Saturday's Whig, about the police state that has become our local waterways.

How bad could this get? Remember this law enforcement theatre from early July 2007. That was pretty damn bad.

Posted May 26 2010
Category: The region
WIND INDUSTRY threatens navigable waters in today's Whig Standard letters to the editor.
Posted May 21 2010
Category: Wolfe Is windmills

134-PAGE KERFUFFLE for just one item on the Planning Committee agenda for May 20th. Baxter Farm Subdivision

It's about an Official Plan Amendment, a Zoning Bylaw Amendment and Draft Plan of Subdivision for Baxter Farm Subdivision on Hwy 15.

The western edge of this proposed subdivision would approach the Cataraqui River.

What's hilarious is the degree to which our country-bumpkin' politicians, staff, and some other morons are so conveniently, or so easily, UNESCOed.

Posted May 17 2010
Category: City of Kingston
NO SNOWBIRDS AIRSHOW for Kingston this year.
Posted May 16 2010
Category: The Snowbirds

Lovely forecast for Kingston

Last time this happened was last August.

Posted May 16 2010
Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2010 REGATTA PICTURE looks good again this year.

No world championships this year, but seven North American Championships.

Here's how 2010 shapes-up compared to previous years.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted May 13 2010
Category: Racing

REVISED DOWNWARD for May and June. Ouch!

Posted May 7 2010
Category: Water levels

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