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Kingston waterfront news: May 2006

Kingston Mills Locks opened today and a number of American boats passed through. Also today, barely in time for the long weekend, Parks Canada was repositioning marks in the Great Cataraqui River, several of which had been dragged by winter ice.

Posted May 19 2006

The Snowbirds precision aerobatic air show is scheduled for 5:45 PM this Wednesday afternoon.

Update: In Kingston the 35-minute Snowbird show started exactly on time and included several 9 plane formations.

Posted May 16 2006

Parks Canada is inviting the public help them develop the first management plan for the Kingston Fortifications, in particular to ensure their commemorative integrity. They are concerned with Cathcart Tower, Shoal Tower, Murney Tower and Fort Frederick.

Read the excellent 12-page illustrated brochure here and a comment form is here. All are invited to an open house in Memorial Hall, Kingston City Hall, on May 25 2006 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

French brochure here and comment form here.

Posted May 16 2006

This week the City tabled a transportation report that suggests, among other things, the re-routing of King Street South of the heating plant to improve flow and alleviate Kingston General Hospital parking issues. This would require some infilling. Most of this park exists because of prior infilling.

Photo by Wavespire.

Posted May 11 2006

At long last, the boathouses at Kingston Yacht Club are being renovated.

Posted May 10 2006

As of this weekend the Brown's Bay Inn on Wolfe Island (website here) is open for dining.

Posted May 6 2006
Last June Kingston's MetalCraft Marine landed a contract to provide a 49' CBRNE (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive) fast attack fireboat for the Seattle Fire Department. Yesterday MetalCraft Marine conducted some of their first preliminary tests on the vessel, which looks very good.

Click here for a large-sized diagram of the vessel., and see more MetalCraft Marine fireboat pictures here.

Posted May 4 2006

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