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Kingston waterfront news: April 2011


No surprise; the latest LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVEL FORECAST is up sharply over what was predicted earlier this spring.

Right now we are about 8 inches higher, just above long-term average, and the outlook for the first half of the summer looks about 4 inches higher than forecast six weeks ago. That's great news.

Water level forecast for Lake Ontario

As for the big lakes upstream, no tangible change in their forecast levels; still well below long-term averages.

Posted April 28 2011
Category: Water levels

THE SNOWBIRDS OVER RMC on May 21 and 22 2011.

Posted April 20 2011
Category: The Snowbirds
Major Kingston Regattas

KINGSTON'S 2011 MAJOR REGATTA PICTURE looks light this year.

No Worlds' and four North American Championships booked so-far.

Our last Worlds' was the Byte CII Worlds in 2009.

Not included in the 2011 tally is the Canadian Lightning Class Pan-Am Trials, July 1-3 hosted by KYC, which is the summer's first and possibly most hotly contested.

More details in our list of major regattas in Kingston.

Posted April 18 2011
Category: Racing
Fenced dock along Kingston Waterfront.

ACCESS DENIED in the Wednesday Whig about the fenced-off dock behind KPH.

Here's a growing list of Kingston waterfront's currently fenced-off locations linking to photos.

Missing any?


Posted April 7 2011
Category: Accessibility

THE CITY has posted its April 2011 Priority Matrix.

It's not a long document but it's one of those PDFs rotated such that you can't easily read it.

Here's a summary of waterfront related priorities found in the document.

In short, 78 items in the list, seven concern waterfront, but just three would improve access and two of those are actually being implemented: Lake Ontario Park and Richardson Beach.

The third item, the proposed Cataraqui River Trail Project, is citizen-led and a long way off.

VERY slim pickings.

Posted April 4 2011
Category: City Council

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