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Kingston waterfront news: April 2009

SMALL VESSEL REGULATIONS are being re-vamped. The Canada Gazette published the Small Vessel Regulations on April 25th. There is a 30 day comment period which ends May 25.

Here are some of the notable changes in the pleasure craft section of the proposed regulations:

  • A heavy-duty a marine emergency first-aid kit will be required.
  • Fire extinguishers will only be acceptable for a period of 6 years after date of manufacture.
  • Only Canadian approved PFDs and/or lifejackets are allowed - this is currently the case, a fine point that many don't realize.
  • A copy of a boat license must be on board. (This assumes a proper boat licensing system)
  • Boat licenses will have to renewed every 10 years.
  • If you are under 16, your lifejacket must be inherently buoyant (disallowing inflatables?)
  • You will need to have a magnetic compass.
  • They are making changes in the different size categories.
    • currently: <6, 6<8, 8<12m (3-categories)
    • proposed: <6, 6<9, 9<12, 12<24m (4-categories)

Read the proposed new regulations.

Posted April 29 2009
Category: Safety

AT COUNCIL TONIGHT, one of the In Camera items:

(b) Advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose - Clean-up of contaminated sites in the Inner Harbour

Anybody know what this might be about? The dump? Rosen-lands? Third-crossing-related?

Posted April 21 2009
Category: City Council

COLLINS BAY MARINA is again first in the region to commence serious boat launching operations.

This is just 5-days later than in 2006 which was the earliest-ever launch.

Posted April 16 2009
Category: Working waterfront

HERE'S THE LINEUP of exhibitors for the Kingston Boat Show this upcoming weekend at the Cataraqui Community Centre.

The number of exhibitors appears down somewhat, but not nearly as much as you might expect.


For comparison, here's last-year's K7 news item about the 2008 show, and the Official 2008 exhibitor's list is still online.

What's different this year? Commercially the show appears nearly as strong as last year. The difference between 2008 and 2009 is almost entirely due to local marinas, clubs and several non-profit organizations who are no-shows this year.

Posted April 14 2009
Category: Working waterfront

A NAUTICAL ARCHEOLOGY COURSE is being hosted by Preserve Our Wrecks Kingston on May 2-3 at the Military Sportsplex.

More information available from info@powkingston.org or by calling 613-767-7446

Posted April 10 2009
Category: Diving

HOLLY MORRISON is apparently the new Acting Supervisor of Kingston's municipal marinas, replacing Ed Leeman.

Posted April 7 2009
Category: Marinas

First-ever report from diving at the HIGHWAY 15 (CRUICKSHANK) QUARRY.

Posted April 6 2009
Category: Diving

ART PARK and ENVIRO PARK concept plans for Lake Ontario Park have (finally) been posted by the City.

See the City's project page. For now it's just diagrams, no details.

Posted April 2 2009
Category: City of Kingston

THE HIGHWAY 15 DIVE QUARRY is Kingston's newest recreational dive site.

The quarry also known as Pittsburgh quarry and Cruickshank quarry is just north of Gore Rd on Highway 15. It has a gravel bottom and crystal clear water. It is fairly well protected from any wind. It will be open for all types of diving and people are encouraged to come and enjoy the site for relaxation and training.

Posted April 1 2009
Category: Diving
Service from MarineTraffic.com

LOCAL SHIP TRAFFIC, live and online.

For the moment in the region it's just the Wolfe Islander III and the tug Vigilant I which is in-service on the Wolfe Island wind project.

You can zoom-out and pan to the St-Lawrence Seaway, whose activity is rapidly picking-up since yesterday's seaway opening at Montreal.

Posted April 1 2009
Category: The region

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