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Kingston waterfront news: April 2007

Seeing as boats are being launched across the region, THE LATEST GREAT LAKES WATER LEVELS FORECAST by the US Army Corps of Engineers predicts plenty of water. Currently we're above last season's max.

Posted April 29 2007
Category: Water levels

CANADIANS WIN HYERES!, via Montreal Sailing, a very good blog.

Posted April 27 2007
Category: Racing

FLICKR HAS BEEN GEO-TAGGING and the results so far are great.

2,297 photos of K7 already, of over 15 million worldwide. Viewable as either "Most recent" or "Most interesting", or scroll them.

Posted April 25 2007
Category: Photography

THE FRIGATE HMCS HALIFAX will be paying a call to Kingston this week as part of its Great Lakes Tour. She's expected Wednesday April 25th, departing Thursday.

While in Kingston, visits of the frigate are by invitation only, whereas all the other ports of call are open to all visitors. This is no doubt because, unlike the other ports of call, Kingston doesn't have an adequate dock for her.

HMCS Halifax is 442ft 10in (134.2 m) long overall, and draws 15ft 4in (4.9 m), and she carries 234 officers and crew.

Posted April 23 2007
Category: Large vessels
COLLINS BAY MARINA is again the first local marina in spring launch operations.

Posted April 20 2007
Category: Marinas
Posted April 19 2007
Posted April 18 2007
Category: The environment

Well worth reading each spring: SHOCKING NEWS ABOUT COLD WATER.

- nine elite marines, water survival instructors, capsized in 36 degree water wearing sweatsuits and no PFDs. None of them survived the attempted 100 yard swim to shore.

- sixteen (16) Danish fishermen jumped into the icy waters of the North Sea when their trawler sank in a storm. They were in the water for a 2 - 3 hours before being rescued. They walked across the deck of the rescue vessel and went down into the galley to warm up. Each and every one collapsed and died in the galley.

- an average adult person has a 50/50 chance of surviving a 50 yard swim in 50F water.

- a 50 year old person in 50F water has a 50/50 chance of surviving for 50 minutes.

Read the whole thing.

The water temperature in Kingston Harbour is currently about 37F.

Posted April 15 2007
Category: Safety


Should someone be made to answer for these?

Here's the project that put them there.

Also, click the various images and diagrams for larger versions.

If you read the public documents, there's apparently no reference to the ugly bunkers.

Interesting: Here is how the major pipes connect. Our sewers and our waterfront are inexorably linked.

Posted April 13 2007
Category: City of Kingston

5 SCOTS, 1000 ISLANDS is about cruising these parts in 19' Flying Scot sailboats. From the June 2005 issue of Sailing magazine.

Update: Here's another: Out Among the Islands by Sailing Canoe

Posted April 11 2007
Category: The region
Posted April 11 2007


This year there's still ice in Collins Bay.

Click for the latest web cam photos from Collins Bay Marina.

We need more waterfront web cams like this.

Posted April 10 2007
Category: The environment

EELS IN SERIOUS DECLINE from the Saturday Globe.

Posted April 2 2007
Category: The environment

THE 18-PASSENGER GEORGIAN CLIPPER is the subject of a short piece in the Sunday Chicago Tribune. The company plans 20 sailings this season, all of them based in Kingston.

But it's a reminder that Kingston lacks sufficient deep-water docking to accommodate this sort of business on a larger scale. Moreover what little we have is disintegrating.

Posted April 2 2007
Category: Tourism

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