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Kingston waterfront news: March 2010

HIGH LEVELS OF MERCURY found in sediment of the Cataraqui River, according to a Queen's University study.

Most of the western shore of the Cataraqui River south of Belle Park and above the LaSalle Causeway Bridge had levels of contamination, with the worst area around the Cataraqui Canoe Club, just south of the former Davis Tannery.

We're talking levels more than twice the federal government's most severe effect limits.

Here's a link to the report's abstract and the report itself can be purchased for US $31.50.

Oddly our once-venerable Whig gave this a completely different spin on March 18th. Their headline was: No longer a threat

CKWS-TV News gave us an apparently more balanced protrayal of the Queen's University report.

Posted March 30 2010
Category: The environment

SEVEN WEEKS AFTER THE FACT the Whig finally reports on Kingston's 118 million litre sewage dump into local waterways.

Posted March 20 2010
Category: The environment
THIS YEAR'S BOAT SHOW is in Gananoque.
Posted March 16 2010
Category: Working waterfront
PRESERVE OUR WRECKS' spring newsletter is online.
Posted March 11 2010
Category: Diving

KINGSTON FIGURES PROMINENTLY in the latest Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Podcast (in iTunes) and also avaiable here on their website

A comparison to previous years suggests that Kingston may be on its way to one of its worst sewage pollution years yet.

Posted March 10 2010
Category: The environment

METALCRAFT MARINE is featured in today's Report on Business.

Posted March 10 2010
Category: Working waterfront

SLOW, FRUSTRATING PROGRESS on deferred maintenance at Richardson Beach, in today's Whig.

Posted March 9 2010
Category: Beaches

THE FORECAST for spring water levels remains bleak.

Posted March 7 2010
Category: Water levels

LARGELY LOST IN THE EXCITEMENT of the recent Olympic coverage was the release of the City of Kingston's Official Plan.

Not much has changed since this post from January 2009, about the draft-version of this.

Waterfront doesn't factor for much beyond cursory platitudes. That's a shame.

Posted March 5 2010
Category: City Council
Paul Rushton

PAUL RUSHTON, perennial CORK volunteer and good friend of the waterfront, has passed away.

The memorial reception will be held on Saturday, March 6 from 5-7 pm at James Reid on Counter Blvd.

Posted March 4 2010
Category: Obituary
WHIG: RESIDENTS CRITICAL of the third-crossing proposal at the public meeting last night.
Posted March 4 2010
Category: City of Kingston

THE MARINE MUSEUM is on Facebook. This is a good thing because, like many organizations, it has been struggling with its website.

The best improvement is the coherent events page.

Posted March 2 2010
Category: Marine Museum

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