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Kingston waterfront news: February 2011

UNDER THE RADAR,, to say the least, is the apparent done-deal about the future of the 122-acre waterfront KPH property on King Street West.

So typical too: An imminent public meeting, and absolutely no details about plans are online.

To paraphrase: Come to the meeting to read all about our done-deal, presented to you on poster-boards. Queue before each one, 5 to 10-deep, and read 'em.

This is bullshit. This form of "Community Engagement" ought to be unlawful. This is exactly how we ended-up with our ruined, inaccessible, and screwed-up waterfront.

Public meetings should occur only after ALL plans are posted online for review and citizens have had sufficient time to prepare for the meeting.

Must hand it to them: it's a perfect way to run a railroad.

Here's the project page on the Ontario Realty website.

Posted February 21 2011
Category: KPH

SANTANDER SPAIN, not Kingston, will host the 20104 ISAF World Championships.

Posted February 21 2011
Category: Racing

ONTARIO stops offshore wind power development from The Globe yesterday and from The Whig today.

Here are details and diagrams of the proposed Main Duck Island wind farm, which consequently is now on hold.

Posted February 12 2011

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