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Kingston waterfront news: February 2008

SILVER for Canada's Oskar Johansson and Kevin Stittle at the Tornado Worlds in New Zeland.

Ahead: Hyeres (April), Medemblik (May), Kiel (June) and Qingdao for the Olympic regatta in August.

Posted February 29 2008
Category: Racing


KYC is hosting EYC for keelboats in July, and CORK has posted this list of 2008 regattas booked so far:

World Championships
Contender Worlds (August 16 - 23)
North American Championships
Laser (August 16 - 20)
Laser Radial (August 16 - 20)
29er (August 16 - 20)
470 (August 17 - 20)
Flying Dutchman (August 21 - 24)
49er (August 21 - 24)
Canadian Championships
Contender (August 16 - 17)
F18 (August 21 - 24)
Albacore (September 19 - 21)
49er (August 21 - 24)

The last time Kingston hosted so many North American Championships was in 1999.

Is there a city in Canada that hosts more international sporting championships than Kingston?

Posted February 29 2008
Category: Racing
A Challenge from Collins Bay Marina

A CHALLENGE FROM COLLINS BAY MARINA in support of the International Water Levels Coalition (IWLC).

The IWLC is a citizens group that acts as a watchdog and advocate on water level issues to the International Joint Commission (IJC) and International St. Lawrence River Board of Control (ISLRBC).

The IWLC mission is tremendously important, but their membership, especially in Canada, is quite small. This year, Collins Bay Marina took steps to help expand that membership and strengthen their voice on our behalf.

The challenge is to other marinas and clubs to urge their members to support the IWLC.

We would like to challenge each marina, association, boating business and yacht club on the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario to mount a similar membership drive for the IWLC. Aware citizens, active in making our needs known to government, are the only route we have to protecting our waters, our recreation and our businesses.

Read the challenge and sign-up to become a IWLC member (Cost: $10).

Posted February 29 2008
Category: The environment

THE 1000 ISLANDS POKER RUN is currently scheduled for Friday and Saturday August 8-9.

That's just two days, compared to last year's 3-days.

As usual, it overlaps with the CORK PHRF and One-Design Keelboat Regatta, which makes no sense whatsoever.

It is also immediately prior to the CORK Optimist Dinghy Championship, when lots of youth sailors are on the water practicing. For many young sailors and their parents, it's an obnoxious introduction to Kingston's waterfront.

Posted February 26 2008
Category: Poker run
LAKE ONTARIO WATERKEEPER IN KINGSTON on Friday and Saturday. Live at the barricades
  • This Friday, February, 22, 2008, from 2:00-3:00pm, Waterkeeper brings its weekly radio show - Living at the Barricades - to The Grad Club in Kingston, ON. Very special guests and musicians will join hosts Mark Mattson and Krystyn Tully for an exciting and inspiring live broadcast entitled: "Beyond the Barricades: The promise of a swimable, drinkable, fishable Kingston."

    Free Admittance. Please join us!
    162 Barrie St. in Kingston, 2:00-3:00pm
    Contact: Avi Grand (Producer)

  • Saturday February 23, Waterkeeper will have a booth at the Kingston Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre where The Tragically Hip will play the venue's first live concert. Enter a draw for a signed Kingston Frontenacs jersey, pick up a copy of At the Barricades: Volume 1, chat with Waterkeeper staff, and enjoy the show!
Posted February 20 2008
Category: The environment
Spy satellite track

DECAYING SPY SATELLITE USA 193 was shot-down by the US military on Wednesday night.

Just two and a half orbits prior to its scheduled demise, USA 193 had a 1.3 magnitude visible pass almost directly over Kingston.

To the right is USA 193's location just after the pass.

Posted February 20 2008
Category: The sky
Thousand Islands Life

THE FEBRUARY 2008 EDITION OF THOUSAND ISLANDS LIFE is online with, as usual, some stunning photographs.

Notable articles this month include Ghosts of Fort Henry, Elusive Eels, and Island Names.

Looking back in the archive we see in January: Sinking a Scuba Mecca about HMCS Terra Nova, New Gananoque Boat Museum which is on hold, and Low Water.


Posted February 16 2008
Category: The region

LAKE ONTARIO WATER LEVELS are looking good again, especially considering all the snow on the ground in the Great Lakes basin.

Currently Lake Ontario levels are about average for this time of year, after a period of abnormally low water last fall.

The good news is Lake Ontario levels are 10-inches above predictions from three months ago.

The bad news: the big lakes upstream are still far below their seasonal averages. Lake Superior is 10-inches below average, and lakes Michigan and Huron are about 20-inches low. Lake Ontario Water Levels, February 2008 Upper Great Lake Water Levels, February 2008

Posted February 14 2008
Category: The environment
Cartright Point

CARTWRIGHT POINT IS ON COUNCIL AGENDA for the Tuesday February 5th meeting.

The purpose of the application is to allow the adjustment of property boundaries with the effect of reducing the number of lots from 37 lots to 14 parcels in order to recognize the location of homes, water wells, septic systems and vehicle paths. Lots are being merged, lot lines are being adjusted and rights-of-way are being created. No new homes or building lots are being created. However, the legal descriptions of the properties will result in a form that is suitable for convenient conveyance.

That's really sweet waterfront, right there.

There's a sweetner involved, though why it's there isn't mentioned. Moreover its location isn't marked in the exhibits.

The Owner also proposes to donate a parcel of land to the City in order to allow access to the shore line of Deadman's Bay. The site is acceptable to the Parks Department.

Posted February 2 2008
Category: City Council
Contender World Championships 2008 in Kingston

CONTENDER WORLDS 2008 is a new blog about the International Contender Class world championship regatta which will be held here this August.

Their dates are:

  • August 16-17 - Contender Canadians
  • August 18 - Measurement
  • August 19-23 - Contender Worlds

Here are the results for the 2001 Contender Worlds in Kingston which was a 31-boat event won by Arthur Brett of Australia, with the top North American finishing 14th.

Posted February 1 2008
Category: Racing

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