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Kingston waterfront news: January 2010

A "SAFETY AT SEA" SEMINAR is open to all sail or power boaters on April 10, 2010 at the OISE Auditorium in Toronto.

This information-rich, one day seminar, provides the training necessary to handle emergencies away from land and is an asset for offshore or short handed crews.

Presented and endorsed by, among others, the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, US Sailing, and the Lake Ontario 300.

Posted January 26 2010
Category: Safety

BUD GORMELY, past chairman of CORK, is to be inducted into the Kingston District Sports Hall of Fame later this Spring.

Quoting from the story in last week's Kingston EMC:

Marsha Gormley was happy to hear that her husband Russell "Bud" Gormley had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. She just wished that he could have been there to enjoy the honour.

Indeed. This honour is probably 20-years overdue.

Bud Gormley is remembered as a pioneer of the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston (CORK). During the 1976 Olympic Games, Gormley was known as the unofficial mayor of the Olympic Village at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. He was a key organizer of many other international sailing events in Kingston. Later in his life, Gormley carried out several humanitarian missions in the Dominican Republic.

Here's more on Bud Gormley.

Have a look at this sortable list of past HOF inductees. Rowing and sailing combined account for just six of 111 inductees. Baseball accounts for 28.

Posted January 26 2010
Category: Racing


Here is the status of online marketing efforts by several prominent waterfront-related organizations for the summer of 2010.

That's pathetic, no?

For the most part, 2010 dates should be posted within two weeks of the end of the 2009 boating season.

It's long-past the point of anybody caring about your Summer 2009 calendar.

Posted January 14 2010

HERE'S A LINK to a 44-page pollution report you may be hearing about over the next few days in the mainstream media.

Protecting the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin and Drinking Water Sources.

It's scary what gets dumped upstream and upwind of here.

Posted January 14 2010
Category: The environment

THE KINGSTON ROWING CLUB let their internet domain lapse and dodgy squatters have taken it over. No link because, well, you get the picture.

Posted January 9 2010
Category: Rowing

K.E.A.F. SPEAKS OUT about the Poker Run on the Council agenda for next Tuesday.

That's another report that's not available online for the public.

Posted January 3 2010
Category: Poker run

NOTHING SAYS "KINGSTON" like the document titled City of Kingston Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions which is part of the upcoming January 7th Planning Committee meeting agenda.

Firstly, the document is borderline unreadable! When did it ever become OK to post unreadable documents for the public? This has been going-on for years.

Secondly, the online document is incomplete.

Exhibit 'A' -- 'Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions' which forms part of this report is being circulated under separate cover.

The public needn't concern itself with the specific contents of the "approximately 40 studies and reports (that) were undertaken during the past 30 years".

Thirdly, get this:


That the "Waterfront Strategy - Past Directions" document be accepted as background information for the Waterfront Strategy, which will assist in the development of policies and recommendations to conserve and manage the City's waterfront.

Well, duh!

Progress on the waterfront file is here masquerading in the form of this totally obvious "report" from Cynthia Beach (Commissioner, Sustainability and Growth) that supposedly lists the details of 40 waterfront-related studies conducted over the past 30-years, suggesting that the Planning Committee should take time to accept the recommendation to consider recommendations arising from these studies when planning for the waterfront.

And so it goes.

Ever wonder how Kingston ended-up with a wasted waterfront? One reason is we have a Planning Committee that doesn't expect very much from City staff.

This endless visionless wheel-spinning helps ensure that money for the Downtown will indeed be amply available whenever needed. So, over time, we all end-up with, among other things, our fat-cat downtown and a shamefully wasted derelict waterfront.

Skeptical about that? Flashback to January 19th 2009. Read the whole thing.

Posted January 3 2010
Category: City of Kingston

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