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Kingston waterfront news: January 2007

A REMINDER: The Friends of the Phoebe's mid-winter special event is Sunday from 2.00 to 4.30 PM in the Kingston Public Library, Johnston Street.

Posted January 31 2007


The Notice of Race is now online. Expect Section 12 to generate considerable flak from team leaders, coaches and parents.

Which doesn't appear to square with Section 15:

Posted January 29 2007
Category: Racing
MEET THE BLOODY RED MYSID, the shrimp invading Lake Ontario.

Posted January 25 2007
Category: The environment

LEVELS ARE SERIOUSLY ABOVE NORMAL IN LAKE ONTARIO. About 17" above normal, in fact, which is huge. Surprised? Normally Lake Ontario is at its lowest right now. But right now we're very close to last year's high water mark in August.

Conversely the big lakes upstream -- Lakes Michigan, and Huron and Superior -- are still at way below average levels.

Posted January 23 2007
Category: Water levels

MARINE MUSEUM WATCH: AN ARTICLE AND AN EDITORIAL in today's Whig Standard. Also, here's a link to tonight's Council motion in support of the Marine Museum.

Posted January 23 2007
Category: Marine Museum


Typical Whig, the online version of the story doesn't provide the URL for the petition. It's here at ipetitions.com.

Posted January 20 2007
Category: Mainstream media
Posted January 18 2007
Category: Marine Museum

More info about the operations of the CANADA BORDER SERVICES AGENCY OFFICE IN KINGSTON has been added to our topic on Customs.

It's interesting that Treasure Island Marina, which is just 6 NM East of downtown Kingston, and all points further East are under the jurisdiction of the much larger Landsdowne (Thousand Islands Bridge) CBSA office, which is about 30 NM from downtown Kingston.

Posted January 17 2007
Category: K7Waterfront

DAVID MORE SPEAKS OUT about apparent shenanigans at the City of Kingston involving the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes.

It seems that by November 2007, The Marine Museum has to vacate its premises and dispose of the icebreaker Alexander Henry. And nobody is saying why. Read the whole thing.

Posted January 16 2007
Category: Marine Museum
FRIENDS OF THE PHOEBE have announced a mid-winter special event in support of the new Phoebe Exhibit Shelter

Sunday February 4, 2007, from 2.00 to 4.30 PM in the Kingston Public Library, Johnston Street. Admission $5.00 in support of the Friends of the Phoebe building fund for tickets phone 546-4154 or at the door.

In the Wilson Room: Live music, exhibits, meet old and new friends in a welcoming environment

In the Boucher Room: Cruise the Thames between Oxford and Windsor with well known photographer and raconteur Bob Fleming

In the Foyer: Enjoy the spectacular silent auction. There are special tables with tools, gift certificates, antiques, jewelry, practical household items, toys and much, much more; a true smorgasbord. While you do the bidding, munch on some delectable refreshments

See also the Friends of the Phoebe web site

The Phoebe in 1982.

Posted January 14 2007
Category: History
Posted January 10 2007
Category: Working waterfront
Posted January 9 2007
Category: The environment

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